Storage Wars

Wednesday 9:00 PM on A&E Premiered Dec 01, 2010 Between Seasons





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  • Storage Wars follow four people who bid on unpaid storage units. It's not just about the stuff they find, but about the interaction between the bidders and game theory around it.

    Some people think the buyers are bad because they are scavengers. The previous owners signed a contract and they didn't pay their bill. Simple enough.

    Dave is cocky and is a**hole. He has the biggest wallet and often flexes his muscle to intimidate other bidders. He often bids on units he doesn't want in order to run up the price. However, he often makes the most money.
    Jarrod and Brandi are a husband and wife team with awful communication. Jarrod doesn't come across as very bright, but his wife is always playing Monday-morning quarterback. Jarrod always goes over his preset estimate. Seems like bad strategy. I can't imagine how he will stay in business. Barry seems like a decent fella, but I don't think he knows enough to claim to be a "collector."
    Darrell seems to be the brightest of the bunch. I enjoy the show, but the animosity between everyone is getting a bit much. I prefer Pawn Stars and Auction Kings. Haven't seen Auction Hunters enough to really compare.