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Going Going Gone

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Little parts of our world disappear every day, and it's the job of any museum to preserve ideas and artifacts against the tide of time. Well, the curators and scientists at the Smithsonian take that project very seriously indeed - some might say they're a little obsessed. Join Tom Cavanagh for a look at what might be called "extreme conservation": the extraordinary efforts and discoveries of Smithsonian curators to preserve ideas, art works, even entire animal species, so that they'll continue to inspire for generations to come. We'll meet some of the rarest & most endangered animals in the world, including Przewalski's Horse and the clouded leopard, we'll face the problem of restoring art that was designed to fall apart, and then we'll hear fragments of a Bach concerto much as Johann Sebastian himself might have heard it as he sat down to play at his harpsichord.moreless
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