Stories of the Century

(ended 1955)




Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • L.H. Musgrove
      L.H. Musgrove
      Episode 13
      L.H. Musgrave steals a herd of horses from a railroad stockyard. He wants to use the herd as collateral in order to buy ranch land in Colorado. Matt tracks the stolen herd, while Jonesy investigates a murder at the railroad telegraph office. They begin to suspect that the two events are related.moreless
    • Jack Slade
      Jack Slade
      Episode 12
      A man helps his criminal efforts by getting a job with the Pony Express. Working there he can get information on shipments of cash and gold. When the information leads him to a shipment of railroad gold, Matt and Jonesy are sent to investigate.
    • Milt Sharp
      Milt Sharp
      Episode 11
      An escaped outlaw and a fellow convict, a murderer, stop a stagecoach and kidnap a banker riding in it. Because the stagecoach is a connection between railroad stops, Matt is assigned to the case.
    • Jim Courtright
      Jim Courtright
      Episode 10
      Jim Courtright, a former marshal, now runs an extortion and protection racket in Texas. After the murder of a railroad employee, Matt and Jonesy travel to Fort Worth. Jonesy goes undercover as a bartender to gather information.
    • Rube Burrows
      Rube Burrows
      Episode 9
      Rube Burrows, aka The Alabama Wolf, made his reputation as the first man to successfully rob a train singlehanded. When he steals 30 thousand dollars in a daring robbery of the Southwest Railroad, Matt and Jonesy go after him.
    • Sontag And Evans
      Sontag And Evans
      Episode 8
      John Sontag and Chris Evans were two San Joaquin Valley farmers who waged a bloody war of vengeance against the railroads. Matt and Jonesy are sent in to stop them.
    • Nate Champion
      Nate Champion
      Episode 7
      Nate Champion, a notorious cattle rustler, has been run out of Colorado. He travels to Wyoming, where a rich man hires him to stock his cattle ranch. Nate begins stealing from the Great Western Cattle Co., and since this is the oufit that supplies beef to the railroad workers, Matt and Jonesy are called in to investigate.moreless
    • Cherokee Bill
      Cherokee Bill
      Episode 6
      Crawford Goldsby, aka Cherokee Bill, is expelled from Carlisle Indian College. While being returned to Oklahoma by train, he kills a deputy. Matt and Jonesy capture Bill, and he's sentenced to 48 years at hard labor. Cherokee Bill escapes and joins up with the Cook Gang.
    • Augustine Chacon
      Augustine Chacon
      Episode 5
      Augustine Chacon is the most feared Mexican bandit operating along the border. While smuggling two outlaws into the U.S., he kills a couple of Texas Rangers and leaves the outlaws on the railroad tracks to die. Matt and Jonesy travel into Mexico to search for answers.
    • Kate Bender
      Kate Bender
      Episode 4
      Kate Bender lives on the Old Stage Road, where she and her brother prey on stranded travelers. When the son of the president of the railroad goes missing, Matt and Jonesy are sent to investigate.
    • Tom Bell
      Tom Bell
      Episode 3
      Matt easily tracks and captures an inept, would-be outlaw who killed and robbed a railroad surveyor. A year later the man, Tom Bell, escapes from prison, tougher, more knowledgeable, and far more ruthless. When evidence indicates that Bell has had medical training, Matt and Jonesy trace him back to a young doctor who disappeared after his girl left him for a wealthier man.moreless
    • The Apache Kid
      The Apache Kid
      Episode 2
      A young Indian who has been trained as a scout for the Army betrays the men who befriended him and goes on a killing rampage.
    • Burt Alvord
      Burt Alvord
      Episode 1
      Burt Alvord was once a deputy sheriff who discovered he was better at robbing trains than catching robbers.
  • Season 1