Storm Chasers

Discovery Channel (ended 2011)


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  • storm chasers

    Too bad the Discovery Channel elected to cancell it. This was by far the best reality show for weather enthuisiast that there was on tv. Guess now we just have to watch the weather stories they come up with on the "Weather Channel".

    Discovery Channel what were you thinking.
  • The closest thing to a perfect show.

    I don't know about you but in my books Stormchasers is somewhat at the top. This show, newest in a line of quailty discovery channel shows, is by far the most weather-related series I have ever watched. The title stays it all but one major sidenote is the fact that they dont just chase the storms, no no no they try to drive into a torando. How do they do this you might ask? Well they use a custom made vechile called the Torando Intercept Vechile or TIV for sort. The TIV is bascilly as the cast describes it, a 14,000 pound tripod on wheels. The show is a must-watch show for weather eithuests looking for a decent show!