Storm Hawks

Season 1 Episode 1

Age of Heroes Part 1

Aired Monday 7:00 PM May 25, 2007 on Cartoon Network
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Age of Heroes Part 1
Young Sky Knight Aerrow and his squadron, The Storm Hawks, are determined to become an official squadron, but they will first have to prove themselves to the Sky Knight Council. Meanwhile, the Dark Ace and his squadron are sent by the evil Master Cyclonis to steal the Aurora Stone, the most powerful crystal in the world of Atmos.moreless

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  • to be honest this isnt my favorite series in fact i didnt really find it original, some might say otherwise but let me explain why

    episode 1 started off ookay, nothing big and special to my opinion, the series remind me a little of Fable vs. Ratchet and Clank vs. Biker Mice from Mars, simple reason, the weapons and armor remind me of Fable, the leader and his sidekick Radar remind me of Ratchet and Clank and the bikes ofcourse remind me of Bikermice

    however there is also a good thing about it, it surely brings back the old flying battle scenes together with some good humor

    as for story telling, it all seems too standard, the set up has been used over and over again in other cartoons over the years and thats why i simply didnt find it original as it came to content, however the use of motorcycles with flying machines did look awsome but now that i review it, it reminded me too much of a certain episode of Biker Mice from Mars...

    one more minus to my idea, background music.. fromt ime to time it was awsome but the constant use of a bass guitar to set of dramatic tunes or as part of the jokes simply annoyed me in the end

    as for plus points, yes there are plus points;

    still ovrall, eventhough its not very original, its still a good series, the humor is great, though not new, but it is still very entertaining to watch if you have nothing to do on a sunday afternoon

    the character designs however are awsome, the rhino dude together with the green guy were awsome designs to my opinion, hwoever their voices have ben used in many other series before, they have the experiance for voice acting and thats a good plus point but Scott Mcneil has picked up another raptor role, not that i mind because his snarl is my favorite but theres nothing new to it, however i will continiue to watch this series in hope that it might change for the beter

    overall i'd say:

    its a fun eries to watch, but the originality is very lowmoreless
  • Whats purple, evil, and nasty? Master Cyclonis.

    WOO! This episode all ready seems awesome, and this is the first episode! I love it because its a mixture of humor and fighting, and I love fighting. I like Aerrow (Red hair kid), Piper (Stick pointed hair girl), Finn (Blondy boy), Junko (Rino man), and the two other people I forgot about. I like Dark Ace because hes so evil, and I love evil people, and Master Cyclonis (The big evil girl who looks alittle goth). This first episode was a very good one, the vehicals were awesome, and the weapons are just great. I give this episode a 9.9! Go Storm Hawks!moreless

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    • Stork: We are doomed!

    • Aerrow: Storm Hawks, prepare for battle!

    • Stork: In light of my imminent demise: I, Stork, do here decree that all my worldly possessions... they're all gonna be destroyed anyway.

    • Dark Ace: You're a young one. Since you're new at this, allow me to explain the ground rules... there are none! If you live, you win and just so you know... I never lose.

    • Finn: Aerrow, that's the Dark Ace. As in THE Dark Ace.
      Piper: As in never lost a Sky Duel and is single-handedly responsible for the destruction of the old Storm Hawks. Aerrow, get out of there now!
      Aerrow: I'm not running away!
      Junko: We got your back, buddy.

    • Aerrow: Just remember the plan and we'll be fine.
      Junko: Um... I forgot the plan.
      Finn: Keep 'em off that Terra.

    • Piper: We'll contact the Buff Buzzards of Terra Basteria first, then off to Tropica. And no Finn, a surfing break is out of the question.
      Finn: I don't see the big deal about some dumb crystal anyway.
      Piper: Finn, don't you know anything? The Aurora Stone is like, the very symbol of Atmos.
      Aerrow: It's also the most powerful crystal ever found. There's no telling what Master Cyclonis would do with it.
      Stork: Let's not forget the eternal darkness, plague of evil, and endless suffering that would most certainly follow. Maybe it's starting already... yep I was right.

    • Master Cyclonis: I understand Carver has failed and by the hand of a Sky Knight, who claims to lead the Storm Hawks!
      Dark Ace: It's a rumor your highness! The Storm Hawks are no more.
      Master Cyclonis: Go! Get me the stone and this time... no mistakes.
      Dark Ace: Consider it done.

    • Piper: The Aurora Stone! It's gone!
      Carver: You needn't worry...
      Aerrow: Carver!
      Carver: It'll find a good home on Cyclonia.
      Aerrow: But you're a Sky Knight.
      Carver: A Sky Knight wise enough to see which way the wind is blowing. The future is Master Cyclonis... the stone belongs to her.
      Aerrow: I will not let that happen!
      Carver: You're welcome to try and stop me.

    • Junko: The beacon tower! It's stopped... beaconing.

    • Master Cyclonis: Once upon a time, Cyclonia controlled the entire Atmos. Then along came the Sky Knights and all that got messed up. I want things back the way they used to be and as soon as our Talon squadrons clip the wings of the Sky Knights, they will.
      Dark Ace: That would be my pleasure, Master Cyclonis.
      Master Cyclonis: The Dark Ace, so glad you could join us.
      Repton: I could care less about your plan, Cyclonis. What's in it for the Raptors?
      Master Cyclonis: Untold riches to start... and I'll promise not to crush your measly little Terra Bogaton.
      Repton: I believe something can be arranged...

    • Junko: It's Carver and the Red Eagles.
      Piper: Come on! Let's go meet them.
      Dad: Now there's a real Sky Knight squadron.
      Aerrow: I'm Aerrow of the Storm Hawks. It's a real honor to meet you.
      Carver: Aren't you a little short to be Sky Knight, kid?
      Aerrow: Come on, let's go.
      Piper: That could have gone worse.

    • Sky Knight Councilman: The council will be most pleased to learn the new Storm Hawks squadron has formed. Your predecessors were greatly admired. You have much to live up to Aerrow.
      Aerrow: We're ready.
      Sky Knight Councilman: Sign here, please... Wait just a minute! How old are you?

    • Sky Knight Councilman: I'll need your names and positions for the registry.
      Aerrow: Aerrow. Sky Knight and leader.
      Finn: Finn. Wingman and sharp-shooter.
      Junko: Junko. Flight engineer and um... heavy ballistics.
      Piper: Piper. Navigation and tactics.
      Stork: Stork. (Sneezes) Carrier pilot.
      Radarr: ...
      Sky Knight Councilman: What is that, some kind of pet?
      Radarr: Grrrr!
      Aerrow: He prefers mission specialist and we just call him Radarr.

    • Sky Knight Councilman: Well it seems that everything is in order.
      Piper: See? It's just a formality.

    • Aerrow: Radarr, hold on! Ha ha, you missed.
      Finn: He may have, but Finn never missed!

    • Finn: If you ask me, this is all a big waste of time.
      Piper: Finn first, we didn't. And second, even though Aerrow went through the trials and was rightfully knighted, we still have to register with the Sky Knight Council to be an official squadron. It's just a formality.
      Junko: But they don't make us take tests do they, because I'm lousy at tests.
      Stork: If it's a lab test, I vote him.
      Radarr: Grrr!

    • Piper: Face it, Sky Knight, you've been caught. You're surrounded. The only way out is if you were crazy enough to... dive into the Wastelands.
      Finn: So much for your big flanking maneuver.
      Piper: I know a shortcut! Follow me.

    • Street Kid: Hey look dad! It's the Storm Hawks!
      Dad: Those aren't the Storm Hawks...
      Aerrow: Huh!
      Dad: not the real ones.
      Aerrow: (to the group) Come on guys, we're here to do something about that... remember.
      Stork: Maybe we can do something about this strange rash, too.

    • Finn: (touches tree) Ha! Yes! I did it, I'm the winner!
      Aerrow: Actually, that would be me.
      Finn: Ahhh!
      Aerrow: Which means last one to the tree has to wash all the dishes on The Condor for a month.

    • Piper: I just wish people would take us seriously, we're not just kids. We have the skills, we have the gear...
      Finn: We have Finn!

    • Aerrow: Not bad, Radar, you think we lost him? (missile flies by) I guess that's a no.

    • Aerrow: So we may not be official, but I'm still a Sky Knight, you're still my squadron and we're still friends. Right?!
      Stork: Oh, I'm only with you 'til something better comes along.

    • Piper: Here they come! Open fire... just don't hit anyone we know.

    • Stork: Shields are down! We're getting clobbered by that cruiser's cannons! Piper, if we don't run now, we're going to lose The Condor!
      Piper: Stork, what about the others?
      Stork: Um, they should run, too.

    • Aerrow: So, nobody believes in us. Well, now is the time to prove them wrong. But this isn't like when we play "Stuff the Sky Knight" or "Last One Lands Does the Dishes." This is the real deal, so whatever you do... try... not... to... mess... up.
      Finn: Dude, worst motivational speech ever.
      Aerrow: You know what I mean. Let's do it!

  • NOTES (9)


    • Finn's personality throughout the series is reminiscent of the Warner Brothers character Daffy Duck.

    • Skies of Arcadia:
      Storm Hawks appears to be based in the same genre as the Dreamcast and Gamecube video game, Skies of Arcadia. The game is generally about islands of land from a destroyed planet floating in the atmosphere, upon which people live and work, the society being of an ocean going type, filled with people with the desire to explore their world and chart it. There are flying boats and ships that battle each other and other creatures living in the clouds, which can get bigger and better weapons and engines. The weapons are powered by crystals that give the weapons different effects depending on the crystal used. The characters can power up for an ultimate move like Aerrow's double blade attack. And the game is done in cel shades like the cartoon.

    • The 'X' shaped wings on the stormhawks' vehicles are similar to wings on X-wings from the film Star Wars .