Storm Hawks

Season 1 Episode 2

Age of Heroes Part 2

Aired Monday 7:00 PM May 25, 2007 on Cartoon Network
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Age of Heroes Part 2
With the Aurora Stone now in the hands of Master Cyclonis, Atmos is in serious trouble, and the only ones left to save the world are the Storm Hawks. They have to go to Cyclonia to retrieve the crystal, but with all of Cyclonis' forces set to stop them, it won't be easy.moreless

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  • The Storm Hawks vs. the otherside, who will win?

    I loved this episode, plenty of action, flying, and some explosives, VERY NICE! I liked this episode because of all the bad guys and the flying actions, it rocked! My favorite part was when it was Master Cyclonis vs. Starling. hat part probably had the most action in it, but hey, others think differently, but personally, I liked the part. Master Cyclonis gots some moves, and a temper problem... It was pretty dumb to destory the stone, but hey, maybe atmos will be saved, or maybe, things just got alittle worst. Who knows, you will have to tune in to the next episode and see it for yourself.moreless
Scott McNeil

Scott McNeil


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Cathy Weseluck


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Nicole Oliver


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Colin Murdock


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Goof: While Stork is speaking about "eternal darkness and plauges of suffering." while he holds up the skull, he only has one earring in his left ear.

    • Goof: Master Cyclonis's mole on her left cheek disappears and reappears a few times throughout this episode.

  • QUOTES (17)

    • Dark Ace: You're determined, I'll give you that, but it takes much more to be a Sky Knight. I should know, I've defeated more of them than anyone. So tell me Sky Knight, are you just pretending?
      Aerrow: Let's find out.

    • Piper: It's the Raptors! Stork, we've got to outrun them.
      Stork: Any faster and the Condor will most definitely get scratched.
      Piper: Any slower and we're gonna get blasted.
      Stork: I'm just saying.

    • Starling: Take it easy. I'm a Sky Knight. The name's Starling.
      Aerrow: You mean Starling of the Interceptors? I've read about you.
      Starling: I've been here undercover. Cyclonis is preparing to unleash a storm to end Atmos.
      Aerrow: How?
      Starling: She's built a machine from the Aurora Stone... also has a Wallop and a squirrelly kid inside it. Do they belong to you?

    • Stork: Oh yeah, they've found us.
      Piper: What about the shields?
      Stork: Knocked out by the Cyclonians in our last battle... permanently.
      Piper: Okay, this is bad.

    • Master Cyclonis: Both Ravess and Snipe? We must be dealing with a Sky Knight.
      Finn: That's our boy.
      Dark Ace: Leave this one to me.

    • Stork: I hate tailgaters.
      Piper: Good flying, Stork.
      Stork: Yeah, well...

    • Piper: This place is really giving me the creeps.
      Stork: I think it's kind of homey.

    • Piper: Cyclonia, it looks just as ugly below.
      Stork: It does have a certain... dark charm. I wonder how they decorate the dungeons?

    • Junko: Come on, Finn, grab it!
      Master Cyclonis: You might want to rethink that. And you are...
      Finn: ...busted!

    • Junko: What are we looking for again?
      Finn: A grate in the floor. We climb down and the Condor should be waiting... No way! Dude that's it, the Aurora Stone is inside that big thingy! Let's just grab it and split.
      Junko: Well I don't know Finn, that's not part of Piper's plan.
      Finn: She's always making things too complicated. Just think of all the time and danger we'll skip.
      Junko: ... Let's do it!

    • Stork: "Find Cyclonia" is bad enough Piper, but did we really have to get their through the... Wastelands?
      Piper: It's the only way Stork. All we need to worry about is that Finn and Junko finished their part of the mission.

    • Master Cyclonis: It's called a Storm Engine. Imagine 1,000 terras wiped clean in a single blow. It's about to happen. In a few hours, this will be the only safe place on Atmos.

    • Master Cyclonis: Storms made us. Storms tore us apart. Now storms will help us rebuild, my way.
      Aerrow: Or we could do it my way.
      Master Cyclonis: This is getting annoying.

    • Master Cyclonis: You can't win, Sky Knight. You'll do your moves and jump around, but the end result will be the same. I unleash the full fury of nature, and you, well actually, I don't really care what happens to you.

    • Junko: Finn, I just want you to know, you're my best friend.
      Finn: Thanks, buddy. And I want you to know that it was me who broke your favorite bunny lamp.
      Junko: You said it was the wind!
      Finn: Well, it was kinda windy when I tripped over it.

    • Master Cyclonis: (to Junko & Finn) If you're hoping for a rescue, prepare to be disappointed. In just a few moments, all of my Talons will be home to roost, and your atoms will be scattered across the Atmos.
      Junko: Uh, take your time.
      Finn: We're cool.

    • Junko: (burps) I never thought I'd say this, Finn, but I don't ever want to see another donut again.
      Finn: Well you didn't need to eat half of them.
      Junko: Well we needed the room!
      Finn: So, this is Cyclonia.
      Junko: Hum... kind of evilly.

  • NOTES (3)