Storm Hawks

Season 1 Episode 24

Calling All Domos

Aired Monday 7:00 PM Dec 06, 2007 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

Stork is having a hard time piloting The Condor and everyone else can't seem to get the ship under control. Finn asks if they're under attack by Cyclonians, but Aerrow tells them they've got a much worse problem: Junko has a toothache and is screaming and smashing everything around him due to the pain. Aerrow wants to get Junko to Terra Wallop so he can see a dentist, but Junko hates the dentist and starts running around the ship so the others won't take him there. But Aerrow and Finn are able to hold him down long enough so that Piper can use her Hypnosis Crystal on him to calm him down and put him to sleep for now. Since Radarr was right next to Junko, he, too, put under hypnosis.

Since Wallops don't trust outsiders, only Aerrow and Piper will go to Terra Wallop and take a sleeping Junko and Radarr with them, leaving only Stork and Finn on The Condor. After they leave, Stork sits down to read his new book, but Finn tells him they've got the entire ship to themselves, so he should do more than just sit around. The ship's alarm then goes off, alerting them of a Cyclonian Cruiser nearby. Finn wants to blast it out of the sky, but Stork doesn't want to since there's only two of them. Stork tries to hide the ship in some clouds so they won't be seen, but they're seen anyway and come under attack. So Finn wants to do it his way and begins firing back at the Cyclonian Cruiser, but his shots don't seem to phase the ship at all. So he then tries shooting at their ship's engine, which works and the Cyclonian Cruiser is defeated.

Meanwhile, Aerrow, Piper, Radarr and Junko wait in the dentist's office so Junko can go in to see him. However, Junko is still nervous, since dentists on Terra Wallop aren't nice and kind like normal dentists. As he says this, the dentist comes out and asks for his next patient. Back on The Condor, a messenger bird gives Finn a message from King Agar stating that the people of Terra Vapos need their Domo back. Finn remembers that that was where he became a hero to everyone there. Finn tells Stork to take him to Terra Vapos, but Stork refuses, since he thinks they'll just make him sing songs all day again like last time.

Finn tells him that he can either go with him to Terra Vapos or stay where they're at and evade Cyclonians, so Stork decides to go with Finn. Once they arrive on Terra Vapos, King Agar tells Finn that the terra is held together by fragile energies, but the energies are fading and making everyone ill fading along with it, literally. Since they are mystically tied to their terra, the people can't leave. So Finn must retrieve a rare element only produced in the stomachs of a dragons called the Serpegris, which is the only thing that can cure their plague. But Stork tells the king that no one has seen any Serpegris in over 1,000 years.

King Agar shows them a map that leads to an ancient den where the last known deposit of Serpegris is held. Finn has to return with the Serpegris and place it in the flame of Vapos, or else they'll fade away forever. Stork wishes Finn luck on his mission and tries to leave, but King Agar tells him his role is to help Finn on his mission. Stork must write an epic poem to document Finn's quest so that the people can honor their Great Domo's success for generations to come. So, as Finn and Stork travel inside the dragon's den, they come across the Murk Raiders, who are stealing the Serpegris.

Finn and Stork make their way back to The Condor and start following the Murk Raiders without being seen. Stork wants to forget the whole mission, as they barely managed to get away from them last time. But Finn has a duty to fulfill and tells him they must get the Serpegris back from them. Meanwhile, on Terra Wallop, the dentist is about to start examine Junko, and Junko is even more nervous than he was before, as Aerrow, Piper and Radarr watch what is about to happen though the window.

Stork and Finn follow the Murk Raiders all the way to their hideout and disguise themselves as part of their crew when approached by Eyeball, but he doesn't believe they really are Murk Raiders. However, Stork convinces him and both he and Finn are put work doing various jobs on the ship. After a while, Eyeball then puts them work as servants while the rest of the crew have dinner. There, they hear Captain Scabulous tell his crew that they're going to sell the Serpegris for a good price and get rich. Finn tries to steal the Serpegris from Captain Scabulous while he isn't looking, but he isn't able to, so he moves on to his next plan.

Finn tries to get close to Captain Scabulous to get the Serpegris, but he's caught and asked what he's trying to do. Stork turns on some music to try and help him, and Finn tells the captain he was just trying to ask him to dance, so all the Murk Raiders begin dancing. Meanwhile, the dentist is still trying to pull out the tooth that is giving Junko problems, but he keeps pulling out the wrong one, making Junko continue to scream. As the Murk Raiders continue to dance, Captain Scabulous realizes that the Serpegris that was hanging from his neck is now gone. Stork and Finn hurry back to The Condor so they can get the Serpegris to Terra Vapos.

Stork tells Finn to go take the Serpegris to Vapos on his Skimmer while he distracts the Murk Raiders with The Condor so they won't follow him. He'll try to ditch them and meet up with Finn again on Vapos later. Finn arrives on Terra Vapos and sees everyone is fading away quickly. Soon after, Stork returns on The Condor and Finn thinks he must have already ditched the Murk Raiders. However, the Murk Raiders had jumped aboard The Condor and forced Stork to take them to Terra Vapos.

Captain Scabulous orders Finn to hand over the Serpegris to him or else he'll kill Stork. But Stork pulls out his new book he was reading earlier and pushes a button on the back, which releases a tear gas at the Murk Raiders. As they run towards the Flame of Vapos, Finn gives Stork the Serpegris so he can take it there while he keeps the Murk Raiders busy. He is able to get by most of them, but is soon confronted once again by Captain Scabulous. Stork, meanwhile, reaches the Flame of Vapos and throws in the Serpegris, but nothing happens. Soon, though, the Serpegris begins to glow and then explode, igniting the Flame of Vapos. As a result, everyone that was fading is restored again.

Finn and Captain Scabulous are still battling, and Finn is hanging and about to be killed, but King Agar arrives and tells them to stop the fighting. Captain Scabulous, however, doesn't want to leave without the Serpegris, but King Agar tells him it's impossible, but he can pay them for it. He leads Captain Scabulous and his crew to a chamber full of gold, which the Murk Raiders will gladly accept in exchange for the Serpegris. Finn tells the king not to give them the gold, as he shouldn't be paying off pirates, but he tells Finn to trust him. After the Murk Raiders leave, the messenger falcon that had disappeared earlier returns, and King Agar tells him that nothing on Terra Vapos can really leave the terra. So all the gold the Murk Raiders took with them on their ship disappears, leaving them with nothing. Afterwards, Stork and Finn each receive medals for their victory in saving the people of Terra Vapos.

Junko and the others finally return from the dentist's office, and Junko tells them it wasn't as bad as he thought it would be, since he got a balloon and a lollipop afterwards. He may have less teeth now, but they'll grow back. Aerrow then asks Stork and Finn if anything happened while they were gone, and they respond with "maybe." Before they can tell them exactly what happened, Junko starts screaming in pain again, as he now has an earache, and everyone groans.