Storm Hawks

Cartoon Network (ended 2008)




Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Cyclonia Rising Part 2
      Master Cyclonis has taken over all of Atmos and has captured all of the Sky Knights. Only the Storm Hawks remain and they must find a way to stop Master Cyclonis once and for all.
    • Cyclonia Rising Part 1
      Master Cyclonis arms her Nightcrawlers with new crystal technology from the far side and plans to take over Atmos. Meanwhile, Piper has trouble with her new binding power and fears that if she uses it too much, it will make her evil.
    • The Key
      The Key
      Episode 24
      Aerrow and Piper try to stop Master Cyclonis and the Dark Ace from finding the oracle stone which is the key to opening the far side door.
    • Payback
      Episode 23
      The Storm Hawks are scattered all around Atmos after Repton destroys the Condor. Aerrow meets up with Arygyn and the three guardians. Finn lands on a garbage truck owned by the Blizzarians. Piper ends up on Gundstaff's terra, who helps her get back to her friends. Junko meets a group of wrestlers who help him fight a bunch of Cyclonians. Finally, Stork goes after Repton to make him pay for destroying the Condor.moreless
    • A Wallop For All Seasons
      Junko goes back to his home terra to find out that the chief has decided to sign a treaty with the Cyclonians. When he can't convince the chief that the Cyclonians are evil, Junko challenges the chief to a battle to try and reason with him.
    • The Ultradudes
      The Ultradudes
      Episode 21
      While on a Western-style terra, Finn scares away a bandit and becomes the new hero of the town. He even creates his own squad known as the Ultradudes, which might come in handy when the bandit returns with his own squad, the Murk Raiders. Meanwhile, the other Storm Hawks learn more about the gate that Master Cyclonis is looking for.moreless
    • Origins
      Episode 20
      In this special flashback episode, we are shown what Aerrow and his friends were like before they became the Storm Hawks.
    • Home Movie Night
      Home Movie Night
      Episode 19
      The Storm Hawks gather together to spend a night in the Condor watching their home movies.
    • Power Grab
      Power Grab
      Episode 18
      While Master Cyclonis is off on a mission, Ravess is put in charge of Cyclonia. But Ravess lets all the power go to her head which angers Snipe, who declares mutiny on his sister and becomes the new person in charge. But he gets power hungry as well and orders everyone to shoot anything that comes near Cyclonia. However, the Raptors fly close by and they're not to happy at getting shot at.moreless
    • Shipwrecked
      Episode 17
      The Storm Hawks get stranded on Terra Tropika due to a giant tidal wave and try to figure out how to survive on the island. Meanwhile, Stork has to deal a group of natives who want to make a meal out of him and think that the Condor is their god.moreless
    • Colonel of Truth
      Colonel of Truth
      Episode 16
      The Colonel becomes the Storm Hawks servant after they save his pet as part of the gangster code. Now the Storm Hawks make him do a bunch of nice things like do community service and give away some of his money to poor people.
    • Number One Fan
      Number One Fan
      Episode 15
      The Storm Hawks meet a young kid named Noob who claims to be their biggest fan. He asks for a tour on the Condor and the Storm Hawks let him, thinking nothing can go wrong. That is until Noob causes a lot of trouble for them and they try to get rid of him without hurting his feelings.moreless
    • Dark Waters
      Dark Waters
      Episode 14
      The Storm Hawks head to Terra Aquanos to rescue the Neck Deeps who are trapped underwater. While looking for them, the Strom Hawks are attacked by a bunch of unknown sea monsters and must find a way to get rid of them before they become the monsters' next meal.
    • Energy Crisis
      Energy Crisis
      Episode 13
      The Dark Ace stumbles upon a powerful suit of armor that is powered by crystals. Now the Dark Ace goes on a power hungry rampage, sucking up every crystal he can find and it's up to the Storm Hawks to stop him. *Note: YTV airdate
    • Five Days
      Five Days
      Episode 12
      After winding up in a body cast, Aerrow must spend five days in bed while his wounds heal. This proves to be difficult when Master Cyclonis invades the Condor. *Note: YTV airdate
    • Sky's End
      Sky's End
      Episode 11
      The Storm Hawks end up at Sky's End, an uncharted part of Atmos which is believed to be home to dragons. They meet a group of young dragons and try to protect them from the Murk Raiders who want to slay them. *Note: YTV Airdate
    • Scout's Honor
      Scout's Honor
      Episode 10
      As part of volunteer work, Stork takes a group of young Merb scouts on a camping trip. But things go totally wrong when Stork and the scouts land on the wrong terra, which is full of vicious creatures. They also have a run in with Snipe, who is testing a new weapon of his. *Note: YTV airdatemoreless
    • Radarr Love
      Radarr Love
      Episode 9
      While on a trip to Terra Neon, the Storm Hawks accidentally leave Radarr at a rest stop. Now Radarr must find a way to get back to the Condor while avoiding Cyclonians and a chicken that has a crush on him. *Note: YTV airdate
    • Second Chances
      Second Chances
      Episode 8
      Carver, the former Sky Knight, claims that he has reformed and wants to join the Storm Hawks. The Storm Hawks really believe that Carver has changed, except for Aerrow, who thinks that Carver hasn't changed one bit. He's finally right when Carver tries to convince his friends that he's under Cyclonian mind control. *Note: YTV airdatemoreless
    • Royal Twist
      Royal Twist
      Episode 7
      Piper meets a princess who looks exactly like her. The princess wants some adventure in her life, so she switches places with Piper and joins the Storm Hawks. But Piper gets into trouble when the princess' kingdom is invaded by a group of creatures know as the Nightcrawlers.
    • What Got Into Finn?
      The Storm Hawks have to deliver a weird container and are told not to open it. But Finn's curiosity gets the better of him and he opens the container, which shoots out a weird gas that turns Finn into a monster. Stork creates a cure, but gets a little carried away trying to get Finn to take it. *Note: YTV airdatemoreless
    • Life with Leugey
      Life with Leugey
      Episode 5
      Stork and Leugey get stuck together when Stork swallows a Gravatron Crystal. Now the Storm Hawks must find a way to get the two unstuck without Repton knowing about it. *Note: YTV Airdate
    • The Last Stand
      The Last Stand
      Episode 4
      Stuck in the unforgiving Wastelands, the Storm Hawks must fend off an old Cyclonian rival bent on revenge. Meanwhile, Junko hopes to impress the tough as nails Wallop miners they went there to rescue.
    • Stratosphere
      Episode 3
      The space race is on, and Cyclonia has a head start. After discovering Ravess is commanding a battle platform high in the Stratosphere, the Storm Hawks must go higher, faster and farther than ever before to stop her. *NOTE: YTV Airdate
    • Atmos, Most Wanted
      Robberies have been occurring all over Atmos, and have somehow been linked to the Storm Hawks! They go looking for the culprits while desperately trying to prove to their friends that they are innocent. *NOTE: YTV Airdate
    • The Masked Masher
      To get inside Cyclonia during its "Ultimate Warrior Championships," the Storm Hawks enter Junko as one of the colorful competitors. Things quickly get out of hand - especially when Junko gets a little too much into character. *NOTE: YTV Airdate
  • Season 1