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Hawks are Back on DisneyXD!

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    [1]Mar 14, 2011
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    About a couple of weeks ago, I was watching Disney XD for some "Phineas and Ferb" antics when I came across a most welcome commercial: the channel was going to run"Storm Hawks" for its first US airing in years. All S1 reruns for now, but hopefully we'll get to see all of S2. It'll be worth surviving all the "Suite Life on Deck" and "Pair of Kings" promos, but we do need to watch it if the show hopes to live long enough to see S2 get aired.


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    [2]Mar 29, 2011
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    I was very happy to see it on the channel guide/schedule for 4pm EST Monday through Friday on Time warner digital cable but for some reason it has not been broadcasting at that time and I haven't seen a single episode yet. Has anyone actually seen Storm Hawks on Disney XD? If so what time please? Thanks!
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    [3]Sep 21, 2012
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    Well I Looked an now I think Disney Xd took them off the air. that was fast. anyways doesn't matter,were 1 drops another will pick it up,an maybe that 1 will bring it BACK this time for Another Season of Season/All New Episodes.

    I am posting because i was looking for some good Storm Hawks Collabraters of Storys I would like to write about Arrowe/Piper an Finn/Master Cyclonis in fan fictions. Im Family an Conservative- Judo-Christain-Contitutional so it wont be any nasty an vaulger stuff.

    PG-13 is As High I Go. An if Rated R then only for some Reasonablly More Violence Of War an Battle of Good Vs. Evil. an Reasonable Language. but not the F Word. That gets A NO! vote in my Book! Everytime. an dealing Of Right Adult Themes an Elements. Of Love/Romance an Love-Relationship. meaning no Scenes of skin an Sexual Scenes. just To The Line without crossing over that line. that God/Jesus would not want nore like them do I want in going over that Line.

    Spirit/Heart/Attainings/Feelings/Emotions Matters an in Cental with Women more than The Flesh an Appearaled Women Matters/should Be Cental More than Unclothed Women. Men Got That. go by that an do those things an you will have A longer lasting Relationship.

    I prefer Women in the 25+ an up even some Motherlly an Grand mother types of Spanish-Latino-Indain-Irish for Reasons/Purposes an Matters to me I find most our Closer to Conservative an Spiritual Areas/Things in Producting/Directing/Writing,Scripting ect.

    As Women just Lean more to the Spirit/Heart an Emotions an Love of the Relationship of Couples. whe'll still blancing the Action/Drama an Supence an Lite/Classic Comdey. so if you our 1 of those or know some that our please Visit me on Facebook at Joshua Morris or Write me here. thank you an God/Jesus bless,keep,aid give peace to you all.

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