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    Storm Hawks Role Playing Game (the Fifth)- Regrets

    Welcome, players, to the... fifth RPG hosted by the Storm Hawk Forum! All credits go to Drew, the one man who started it all and educated me in the ways of the RPG.
    Old and New Faces more than welcome, but please note that the players of Revenge will have to get new characters. Sorry... they died.
    On a happier note, I'm back, bigger, and better than ever. I come carrying more options, more plots, and of course... more twists.
    The show must go on...

    Terra Bordeja. A rather fancy name for such a rat-hole. That's what everyone here agrees on.
    Dark, narrow streets, oppressive tall buildings, and a lack of sewers don''t really contribute to the mood.
    The specialty around here? Smugglers, assassins, and hired hands of all types. They're not usually friendly fellows. Or so I hear.
    Terra Bordeja pretends itself "neutral", but everyone here knows it's just an excuse to trade with both sides for extraordinary sums. Why did the factions authorize this little speck on the map to stay neutral?
    They had no choice. Terra Bordeja has huge mines of Blazer crystals, and no one wants to anger their arms supplier. So it holds on to its neutrality. For now anyway...

    This is the kind of place your mama would never let you stray about when you were a little kid.
    Your mama must have been a sensible woman.

    Everyone here knows this place is only good for two kinds of people- the bandits and the lunatics.

    So which are you?


    You have to create a character first...
    This process will take a long time, due to the many additions and tweaks I've made. If you want to "save" a spot, I'll let you do that. Remember- Five is the LIMIT. If I want more players, I'll announce it. First come.... First served. Although you can reserve a place, please don't take too long in posting your character, because you'll only be dragging the game for the other players.

    *Name- First and Last
    *Age- Pretty self explanatory. From 14-45
    *male/female- Gender goes here.

    *Physical description-

    *Hair- Below are some ideas....
    Color-(brown, black, blond, red, green, or others)
    Length- (shoulder length, pixie-cut, up to the hips...)
    **** ( let down freely, up on a ponytail, bangs over eyes, etc...)

    *Facial details- Overall first impression of your character's face. Includes-
    Eye detail (slitted, almond-shaped, round, big, small...) along with Color (blue, brown, gray, green, orange, etc...)
    Nose details (crooked, straight, small, huge, cat-like, etc..)
    Mouth details (thin, full, long, short, close to nose, deep red color, pale, etc...)
    Cheekbones- (pronounced, up, non-existent, etc...)
    Overall Face Shape- (round, triangular, square-ish, sunken, etc...)

    *Body Type- Below are some ideas...
    Fitness- (muscular, thin, overweight, well-shaped, curvy, etc...)
    Height- (normal, small, tall, dwarf, giant, etc...)
    Specific Body Details- (stooped shoulders, wide hips, long legs, protruding bones, etc...)

    *Other special details- Below are some ideas...
    Basic Outline of Outfit- (long vs. short sleeved, pants, skirt, tights, etc...)
    Clothing Details- (embroideries, leather boots, collared shirt, silk overdress, knitted scarf, etc...)
    Accessories-( gauntlets, jewelry, backpack, cape, helmet, belt, etc...)
    Non-genetic Details- (tattoos, piercings, scars,make-up, etc...)
    Skin color- (green, ghostly pale, warm tan, coal black, etc...)
    Species-Specific- (gills, slits, horn color and texture, etc... for all you humanoids...)

    Picture- If you want to link to a representation of your character, so we can see what you mean more clearly appearance-wise. Completely optional, you don't have to make it yourself, as long as you give credit where it's due.

    * Human-That's you, player, unless we are sorely mistaken on your identity... Controlling the Atmos for years, humans have no special bonuses nor limitations. However, some jobs are monopolized by this race, giving them some extra choice when it comes to picking a career. (dominant race, can do all jobs)
    *Merb- The Stork we all know and love belongs to this species. Meek, pessimistic race with a natural endurance against poison, their fear of anything non-engine related, however, limits them to threeoccupation (bonus of +2 endurance, but limited to pilot, communications specialist or engineer).
    *Wallop- The race of our good old Junko. Masters when it comes to heavy balistics, they are, however, rather light on the brains portion... (bonus of +2 strength but -1 intelligence)
    *Mer-People- Triton of the Neck Deeps met in Leviathan is a fine example of Mer-People. Used to life under the sea, they have mastered a certain property of the water, which they can use to cure their wounds. However, being constantly plagued and attacked by the Leviathan, their way of life revolves more around war than diplomacy. (once per day, use "healing water" and heal themselves, although decrease of 1 charisma points.)
    *Blizzarian- Say "Hello there, mate" to the likes of Suzy Lu and her squad. After numerous banquets and pie-eating contests, the Blizzarians have developed a very social atmosphere, and toddlers learn to speak before they learn to walk. The many frequent hits which they receive from their various stunts, however, has somehow managed to break a few bones and flatten a little leg, and their brains is somehow not quite as focused after so many hits. (+2 Charisma, -1 Dexterity)
    *Terradons (thanks, Xibrei )- Shake your scales, my lizard brother, because you're part of the big, bad species of Repton and his crew. Trained since childhood in the noble arts of weaponry, especially in boomerang-lore, the Terradons are reputed to be blood-thirsty brutes, haunting the Atmos with their sporadic raids. Which is why everyone will flee on your approach and you will never be inconspicuous wherever you go. Expect no chat with the Non-Playable-Characters, as they will avoid you like the plague. (+2 Weapon Skill, and +5 if using Boomerang, but "evil aura" around you)

    Jobs- Pick one * marked with H means human only* 6 Main Categories, with 4/5 Sub-Categories Each. It is advised to read all of them before making your choice.

    *Warriors- Must have at least 5 Strength
    *Sky Knight- Protectors of the Sky Knights order, their harsh training has given them the special power of a Special Move, an awesome show of brute crystal energy that instantly takes off 50 HP if it reaches its desired target. Their weapons, however, are to be used only for the good of their order, therefore making them loyal to the Sky Knight Order. Some of them, however, easily slip into decadence, and others have been known to help rogues. Obviously, the order is not what it once was, and the sky knights can now choose any alignment.
    *Cyclonian Talon- Looking dashing in a premade, padded armor, you are proud to fight for Cyclonia, your homeland. Extremely loyal (Allegiance to Cyclonia), and efficient, you have been in for some rough training ever since you joined. But fear not! Some advantages do come your way- Because of some strange crystal *cough* completely legal *cough* experiment practiced on the new recruits, you have the ability to double yourself and inflict twice as much damage for a limited period of time (one update). The talons have also been known to be somewhat neutral, but in truth they range from do-gooders to miscreant bullies (all alignment)
    *Sharpshooter- Masters of precision and dexterity, with an extra 4 Dexterity points. As the rules of their job obliges, long-range weapons only, the preference leaning towards a crossbow.
    *(H) Martial Arts Fighter- Specialists of all that is silent and painful, the Martial Arts Fighters have been trained since childhood in the noble arts of Sky Fu, even to the point of learning a special technique called "Lullaby", used to put an opponent to sleep. They also automatically possess the skill of Self Defense in addition to their other 4 Skills (the skill will be set as medium). However, their physical way of fighting doesn't enable them to use or carry any weapons, and they must have a strong Endurance score (8 or more).
    *Fine Blades- A mysterious group composed of poor, low society folks, the adepts have learned a very special technique in which they use double swords (+2 Weapon Knowledge) in an attack known as "The Drill", in which all the defense of their opponents is rendered null by cutting off their armor/shield from them. Although they posess this extraordinary attack, they have to be low clas_s neutral, and use double swords. Their main rule is to protect the balance of power in the universe. Caring little for right and wrong, their ultimate goal is to reach a perfect neutrality.

    *Intelligence-Geared- Must have at least 5 Intelligence
    *(H)Healer- Educated in the ways of the band-aid and healing crystals, these doctors have the capacity to heal with instruments of their trade they carry around. They also have, obviously, the Minor Healing skill in addition to their other 4 Skills (the skill will be set at medium). The job, however, recquires at least 8 Intelligence.
    *Navigator- Masters of map and atlases, you know Atmos like the back of your hand. You are a traveller, a weather-worn figure, and have to be Middle Clas_s Your long studies do have some remnants as you get 3 extra Intelligence points, and carry around a Crystal-Enhanced Map (20 Weight), which will permit you to know your exact location at all times and detect incoming enemies.
    *Communications Specialist- Always armed with your favorite computering crystal device (+25 Weight), the little thingie-ma-jy enables you to intercept any communication via speakers or message crystals. The tricked metal box will also emit a powerful wave that can hit an opponent and possibly disable its skimmer (if enough Weapon Skill). The little box is considered your weapon, although you will carry it in your inventory. As so much time tinkering with a hammer has taught you, you also get the Mechanical Skill in addition to your 4 Skills (the Skill will be set at medium). You must be Middle Clas_s have 8 or more Intelligence, and use no other arms than your computering crystal device.
    *Inventor- Shake up that crazy hair and burn some eyebrows as you create some lovely... uh... creations. Ranging from anything to Mind Worm Helmet to a Crystal Nullifier, you can produce any contraption from a vast choice every time you come upon some steel or other building material. You must, however, pertain to the Middle Clas_s and have either/both the Mechanical Skill or the Technology Skill as one of your 4 Skills.

    *The Wrong Side of the Law- Must have at least 5 Dexterity
    *Stealer- Feared by the honest merchants, the stealers have plundered stocks of merchandises for as long as anyone remembers. Used to the dark streets of the lower city, all carry small smoke bombs crystals which give them a useful cover in tight situations. They must be Loyal Evil and Low ****
    *Assassin- Although Bounty-Hunters would probably be a better term, assassins nowadays have truly become just that- killers, sent by wealthy agents against unknown preys. Professionals in the way of traps, they can deploy a "Spider Web", that would entrap their target for the time of two updates, making them ripe for the picking. Must be of any Evil alignment and Low Clas_s
    *(H)Bard- Loved by the populace and the merry crowds, bards in those days are also renowned for their pick-pocketing skills. Able to distract an opponent, they can rob them blind without their knowledge (Clean Pockets), while singing them a little ballad (additional Artistic Skill-set at medium). They have to be Low Clas_s and have at least 8 Charisma points.
    *Pirate- Terrors of the sky, they usually take the form of Murk Raiders. Driven by the lust for gold, they are capable of any deed, aided by their parrot (small pet, able to fight alongside you and give advice).However, they have to be Loyal Evil and cannot use long-range weapons.

    *The Government- Must have at least 5 Charisma
    *Diplomat- Raised in the ways of peace-talks and offerings, people are naturally attracted to diplomats, giving them an extra 4 Charisma points. They must have a declared loyalty though, (no neutrality), and have to stick with quiet blowdarts.
    *Spy- The pest of the politicians, spies are everywhere, trying to get useful tidbits of information that might help their sides. Willing to go to any lengths to get information, they are deadly and determined, and are usually seen mixing their weapons with poison, increasing every hit by 10 HP (Poison Blade). Their loyalty, however, cannot be neutrality, although they themselves must be Neutral in Alignment.
    *(H)Ambassador- Traveling all over the Atmos, and spreading the words of your chosen allegiance, your job is to gain support from undecided Terras. You benefit from your travels, and learn multiple languages and customs, enabling you to have 4 extra points in whichever category (Strength, Charisma, Dexterity, etc...). There is a downside to it all however, as you must be from the High Clas_s stick to a dagger, and be human.
    *Guard- You're the guy in the dark sunglasses, the goon, the muscle. You accompany your diplomat/ambassador wherever they go, and are a master of whatever weapon you yield (+4 Weapon Skill), along with having the Self Defense Skill (in addition to other 4, set at medium) in case things go awry. However, you have to be Middle ****s and have a short range weapon.

    *The Commoners- Must have at least 5 Endurance
    *Merchant- Skipping from one Terra to another, and happily selling your merchandise for ten times its worth, your presence is noted at every single market day. Middle clas_s and proud of it, you feel proud of the fact that you can produce up to fifty coins per day by trading off some perfumes and whatnots...
    *Slave- Although illegal in the Sky Knight Order and Cyclonia, the spread of rogues has founded a solid "Human Market", in which, by some sad reverse of fortune, you ended up. Possessing nothing (Low clas_s but your bare skin, you are under your master's every orders. (The master in question can be picked from one of the players... ). However, grunt work and repetitive tasks do have some advantages- 3 more Endurance and 3 more Intelligence.
    *House Wife- After the sky knights raided territories, they enforced their strict rule of conduct- and Women's Rights were not a priority to the invaders' rules. You are one of those poor souls, condemned to the house, stuck to a strict system of etiquette. You must be female and married or on the way to be. However bad the situation might seem however, you stayed strong and took it all in stride (+4 Endurance), and every woman you encounter will help you "poor dear". You also picked up a little something from housework, and can choose an Additional Skill (set at medium level) between Cooking, Etiquette and Survival.
    *(H)Soldier of the Militia- "Viva la Resistance!" is your war cry. When your land was taken over by whatever group you are pitted against, you took up your pitchfork and decided- "No more!". Living a frugal lifesty_le ever since then (Low clas_s, you practiced your hand and did manage to learn to be stronger (+2 Strength), and faster( +2 Dexterity) as to avoid the troops of well-trained guards after you.

    (Cont. below)

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    *Specialists- Must have at least 5 Weapon Skill

    *(H)Armorer- Experienced in all ways of weapons, since you are the one making them, you can upgrade any existing ones by 2 points each day (Weapon Points explained in Weapons) and produce some more for the unlucky few that broke theirs... All for a good price of course! (Middle ****. However, to get to your priviledged spot, many years of study were recquired (Must have at least 8 Weapon Skill)
    *Engineer- United under the ways of the wrench, the engineers have the knack of rendering their enemy's weapon useless with a show of their know-how by creating a "Weapon Malfunction", and know a thing or two about nuts and bolts (Additional Mechanical Skill set at medium). They have to be Middle ****and have a short-ranged weapon.
    *Crystal Specialist- Scientists studying the mysterious and varied varieties of crystals, the strongest of them can go so far as to create a crystal out of seemingly thin air, their mood influencing the rock created. They are also gifted in the ways of using the crystals they produce (additional skill- Crystal Use, set at medium level). After a long tradition, though, and in respect of their founder the Great Piper, all are required to carry a staff as their sole weapon.
    *Pilot- Drivers of the sky, skimmers and carriers have no secrets for pilots, who can update them on speed, stealth, strength, and armoring. The pilots also have the Skimmer Riding Skill in addition to their other skills (the skill will be set at medium)Used to shooting from the ships, their weapons are limited to long range.

    *Loyal Good- Having a strong belief in the Atmos and its order, you work towards peace and universal happiness. You also obey authority blindly and would readily give your life for the cause of the universal good. Your typical knight in shining armor.
    *Good-Although not as saintly as the Loyal Goods, you still believe in order and justice. Your childhood teachings and positive view lead your attitude to the world. You respect the government, but would would disobey it if its orders clashed against your scruples.
    * Chaotic Good- Filled with a wonder towards honor, good, and its battle with evil, you are more than ready to do all in your possible in the name of virtue. However, you do have a certain disdain for any form of government and rule. The Chaotic Goods often end up being Robin-Hood like, with both the sheriff and the cut-throats as their enemies.
    *Neutral- Either uncaring or undecided, with no opinion over right and wrong, your conscience has stayed quiet. You don't believe in anarchy, although a rigid order doesn't appeal to your mind either. However, some neutrals (like the Fine Blades), consider neutrality to be the best option for the world, with a balance of both good and evil.
    *Evil-Caring only for yourself, you live life as you please, following your interests. However, you do have some sense of honor and pride. You would never go as far as stabbing your friend in the back. You'd rather confront him, then stab him. In general, Bad's end up being individualists.
    *Loyal Evil- Loyal Evils usually obey a higher authority, as long as it profits them or their purse. They have a strong sense of self-preservation and consider acting in a group the best way to proceed safely. They, however, are not above betraying their companions to ensure a stronger alliance with a more powerful master.
    *Chaotic Evil- Chaotic Evils obey no law but their instincts. They have no morals, sense of justice, or qualms about about any of their doings. They live by themselves, for themselves, and so long for anyone who stands in their path to riches, be it friend or foe.
    ***Note on Alignment- When you defeat an opponent in the game, you will have the option to take their things. Evil alignments can steal from any defeated victim regardless of their alignment, but the others can only loot from defeated characters of their alignment. Your choice of Alignment will be taken in consideration when I write the update and give you options. If you are Chaotic Evil/Loyal Evil/Evil, there is a downside- you will perhaps encounter some old enemy or vengeful victim. Just be aware of that.

    *Allegiance- they don't have anything to do with your Alignment. A sky knight can be evil, and a rogue can be good. Allegiance is where your loyalty lies, which side of Atmos you're on.*

    *Sky Knight Council- The Council has grown over the years to control much of the Nothern Atmos. Their system is semi-democratic, where the Council is elected by the citizens, but for life, and with unlimited power. The Sky Knights are the mortal enemies of Cyclonians, and their war has tired the citizens. Even with sky knights as keeper of the peace and virtue, the sky knights have often been known to enforce some unfair rules towards women and minorities. The basic control the sky knights have can be summed up in a easy sentence- Control the people, then your soldiers will be controlled in turn. Most of the laws don't apply to the sky knights, which are virtually untouchable by the law. One can only imagine the problems that this rises with the populace of a conquered Terra.
    *Cyclonia- Controlled by the Master Cyclonises, a monarchy that has lasted for hundreds of years, the dictators keep a strong grip on their people. Although they are arguably "not free", all service in the army is voluntary, and the citizens have enough to eat, as opposed to the Sky Knight Council. The soldiers have been trained to have a rigid discipline and are told to obey orders instead of being creative. Although this led to some defeats for the unflexible cyclonians, their will to fight and unshakable resolve can prove to be a strong force. The population of cyclonia is at large not unhappy, as propaganda keeps pouring out numbers poiting to the conclusion that Cyclonia is getting better everyday. This might not be the case, but to argue with indoctrined cyclonians is not recommandable.
    *Rogues- Rogues are the ones profiting from the squabbles between the Sky Knights and Cyclonians. In the chaos that issued, many families were torn, and many villages destroyed, leading to the rise of a group of free-loaders, the rogues. Very diversified and usually not united within their own allegiance, the rogues are currently the masters of the Atmos.
    *Neutral- Inhabitants of peaceful Terras caught in the middle of struggles, disdainful nobles, opportunists, merchants and others are part of this vast group, whose loyalty stands nowhere up to this point.
    *Sky Phantoms- A mysterious group spreading through the Atmos, its purpose is yet unknown... *wink to kanjo_girl*
    *Fine Blades- United by the double blades and the slogan "Neutral at All Costs!", the Fine Blades are an underground resistance that is trying to make some sense into the world. Against everyone and everything, they consider the world needs a balance of good and bad to survive, and will take it upon them to preserve the balance... on both sides.

    ***You will NOT get along with your enemy, at least not at first. Enemies are- Sky Knights Vs. Cyclonians, Rogues vs. Neutrals, Sky Phantoms vs. Fine Blades. Fine Blades are also somewhat opposed to everyone but Neutral.

    *Nobility/High Society- The nobility holds the power in Atmos, a priviledge caste envied by the middling sort and hated by the low **** If you are part of this priviledged race, you start with 1000 credits and better quality clothes and armor. However, the low ****and stealers would not hesitate to take possession of your wealth, and getting anyone under you to trust/confide in you might be harder than you think. Even enjoying the trust of your fellow nobles recquires you to have the skill of etiquette, as you don't want to be considered a savage, do you?
    *Middle Society The middle society is the majority of Atmos. If you are part of this large society, you start with 100 credits and average clothes and armor. You have more connections with merchants and innkeepers, the same clas_s as yourself, and you often get a "Sale"on objects up for buying.
    *Low Society -The lowest of the low, you start with 10 credits and a ratty looking bunch of clothes and armor. However, the chances of being attacked by your friends the cut-throats are well reduced, and people are more willing to divulge information to your sorry-looking appearance. The nobility hates you and the middle clas-s sniff their nose pointedly whenever you go near, but none of those upper folk got a guaranteed hideout in whatever city they go to.

    Points-30 to distribute. Keep in mind your species/ job decrease and addings, although don't count them up yet. Just know that you CAN get a negative value- in which case the virtue works against you.

    *Strength- Needed by every warrior, Strength is your sheer muscle force. High strength enables you to have a brute advantage over your enemies, your shots with the short-range weapon to be more efficient, and your back-pack capacity to be raised so that you can carry more objects.
    *Charisma- Although often forgotten by the players (shame!), Charisma plays a big role. Charisma is your speech, your talent at being with a group, the chance that you will be heard, a big bonus when chatting with Non Playable Characters, and... your physical attractiveness. *Dexterity- Dexterity includes a vast array of talents, from speed, stealth, precision, and damages when using a long-range weapon. Needed by most of the rogues and whatnots, dexterity, in some cases, is preferrable to brute strength.
    *Endurance- As the noun suggests, your capacity to endure anything. The more Endurance you have, the more HP (life points) you got. Useful when it comes to resisting poison and stand your ground against multiple blows. An Endurant person would also see their health and sanity be in perfect balance.
    *Intelligence- Important to everything that requires the use of brains, Intelligence enables you to have more uses of your special power (8 or more Intelligence points= 2 times as much use of special power as noted in description of job), go in Levels quicker, and get wiser choices. Your clever character will also react in better way to a confusing situation, and grasp a complicated problem before the others.
    *Skills with weapon- Skill with weapons is essential if you want to make a good use of your weapon. Unless you want to stab your toe, burn your hair, or shoot your ally, it would be wise to start learning more about your choice of weapon. It also increases the damage to the opponents, and is on the whole what makes you a better fighter. If you are a Martial Arts fighter, it will count as you Sky Fu knowledge.

    And just so there's no secret between us (and I don't get hords of goons chasing me), this is how it's gonna work-

    Backpack Capacity= Strength*10

    Chances of NPC/Player refusing to converse/ conversation to turn sour-
    0-3 Char= 1/2
    3-5 Char=1/3
    5-8 Char= 1/6
    8-12 Char= 1/10
    12+ Char=0

    HP= Endurance*20

    Special Power use-
    0-8 Int= 1
    8-12 Int= 2
    12+ Int=3

    Chances of missing shots-
    0-3 Dext= 1/2
    3-5 Dext= 1/3
    5-8 Dext=1/6
    8-12 Dext=1/10
    12+ Dext=0

    Bonuses/Decreases on hits-
    0-3 Skw/W= -10
    3-5 Skw/W= 0
    5-8 Skw/W=+10
    8-12 Skw/W=+30
    12+ Skw/W=+50

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    *Skills- Skills are different from your Skill Points in the way that they define what your character is... well... skilled at doing. You can choose 4 from the list. One will be your major skill- one your character is a master in. One will be your medium skill- a skill that your character is "not bad" in. The last two will be your minor skills. Know that if you don't have the skill, you will not be able to do it in the RPG. If you don't have the romance skill, don't expect your relationships to be smooth, if you don't know how to cook, don't expect to prepare delicious sand cakes, and if you don't know some basic self-defense, you won't be able to pull a bad guy off of you. I think you get it. Second Point- Some skills can be combined into a further third skill. For example, if you have Swimming and Hunting, chances are you will be wonderful at Fishing. If you have Mechanical and Technology, you might be able to excel in Robotics. If you have Leadership and Acting, Manipulation might be a third skill you possess. The list, of course, goes on.

    *Mechanical- Well. The skimmer is starting in fits in huffs, and hitting it repeatedly doesn't seem to be helping. Fortunately, you can grab a nearby monkey wrench and get it to fly smoothly with this skill. You will also be able to understand the complicated world of bolts and knobs. Very useful if your character is in a position that requires the constant use of machine/weaponry.
    *Hunting/Tracking- Drats. That devilish rabbit got away, just when you were starting to feel the cruel pit of hunger in your stomach. Are you going to sit there and let that happen? Of course not if you have this skill! Also perfect for tracking down about anyone/anything in a wild environment. Very useful if your character is an independent, wild kind of person.
    *Linguistic- Gah! The sacred stone to the crystal of Knowledge is engraved in an unknown scribble, and your hope of finding the precious relic is gone forever. Or at least... That's what would have happened if you weren't so linguistically gifted. Any language written or oral is no match for you.
    *Survival- By Atmos! It's cold, you're hungry, thirsty, and lost in an unknown Terra. Only one solution- call up your Survival skills and start a fire, get some berries, and find a fresh source of drinkable water. Essential for any nature loving/ rough/ wild kind of character.
    *Self Defense- Argh! Brute #1 has caught you in his beefy hold, and not being able to reach your weapon, you are literally defenseless. But wait a minute! A knee strike to the groin, paired with an elbow strike, will definitely get the goon off of your face. Bless your Self Defense skill! Although you will not be able to transform into a powerful Martial Arts Specialist, you do know a thing or two about keeping enemies at a distance.
    *Technology- Darn it! Between an evil computer, devilish robots, and a pressing need to hack into the main engine, life would sure be awful if you didn't have this skill. With a rush of frenzied typing, you turn off the evil computer, blast the robots to a neat pack of cinders, and easily hack into the mainframe to get the so desired sandcake recipe. For any self-respecting computer whiz, this skill is a must.
    *Swimming- Glubs! Viciously thrown into the deep water by a fiendish foe, you struggle with all your might against the powerful waves, trying to keep your head above the water level. You fight, but the current is so strong and... Aw come on. Swim your way to safety in a snap with this skill. If you're the traveler/adventurer type, this would definitely be a good option.
    *Romance- Wow. In a daring plot to glean some information, you hope to have the mayor's child head over heels in love for you. That might be harder than expected if you have no sense of romanticism. Of course, you Casanova have nothing to worry about, right? With your charms, there is no resisting you. Useful if you're expecting any smooth romantic relationships.
    *Skimmer Riding- Golly! A brand new skimmer? For me? Aw... You're too kind. Really. One question. How do I ride that hunk of junk? Uh... Tricks? Spins? Speed? You're kidding right? What, you're taking me for someone with Skimmer Riding skills? If you're planning on flying anywhere with a skimmer on your own, very recommanded.
    *Etiquette- Sniff. That's a noise you're sure to hear a lot when around nobles and you're acting like a slob. Wiping your nose constantly, burping without restraint, and putting your feet on the table are a couple examples of your disgusting and appalling behaviour. Well, actually, it WOULD be if you weren't so loveably polite and gracious. Recommanded for any good terms with nobles and some upper middle **** obligatory for nobles.
    *Artistic- Uh. What do you know? Some producers have assaulted Terra Neon and threaten to destroy everyone if they don't find their next star. Sooo passe, right? I mean, between your clear voice, unmatched drawing hand, and dangerous moves, this should be a snap. Perfect for any of you artsy, dreamer types out there. *Crystal Use-Whoot! Finally! Wipe the stray tear from your eye, you have acquired the Helix Crystal! Lucky, lucky you. Hey, how about using it? I mean... It should be as easy as pointing and shaking the crystal a little, right? Famous last words. In this case, of your teamate who just got fried because you were holding the crystal backwards. If you want to properly use any crystal found, take this skill.
    *Leadership- Don't! Please... Come on, guys, please don't.... Do you really want to be babbling like a fool when things get out of control and people are looking up to you? Do you want to be a figure of power to look up to or... a sheep-like whiner? With this skill, you tell people square in the face it's your way or the Sky Way, and you don't have a rebellion to deal with. Pick this if you consider being the leader of the group.
    *Cooking- Yum. After a long day of grueling battles, nothing like a good recipe to bring out the best in the boss and maybe avoid potatoe-pealing duty. However, I don't think that the boss would appreciate that squirming mass of wormy stuff. So toss that dish back to that rascal of a Wallop who gave it to you and make some delicious frozen yogurt of yours. If the boss in question is the Colonel, it's sure to be well received. Recommanded for manipulation purposes No one can resist good food...
    *Acting- Oh my. The plan seemed easy at first- infiltrate the secret lab to acquire the oh-so-needed Mind Worm Helmet. But now that two strong guards are looking at you square in the eye, only one thing floats in your mind- run, screaming like a fool. But what am I saying? Of course you won't, since your acting skill keeps your face an impassive mask! If you hope to fool anyone (friend or foe), this skill would be a good option.
    *History/Legends Knowledgeable- Whaaat? What do you mean, look for the lost Arch of Terra Vapos? I never even heard of Terra Vap-whatcha-call-it! Drats. The treasure is lost forever... But wait! You suddenly remember this old tale... A great hero, magnificient and great, had been known to save this mysterious Terra... which is rumoured to be at the Far East of the Atmos! Oh yeah baby! Treasure, here I come! From a tall tale in front of a fireside to decripting riddles, this skill can prove to be useful.
    *First Aid- Ow! Ow! Owey! Your favorite chubby Raptor has been hit on the leg, and some blood is pouring out. Do you just kiss it and make it all better? As much as Leugy would appreciate it, a band-aid would be much more appropriate. You will not be able to heal great injuries, but small scratches and such can be easily repaired if you have this skill.
    *Animal Care- Awww... Look at that cute furry thang... I'll name it Mister Cheepers. What a cutie! Does that scenario sound VERY familiar? It should, since the dreaded "Mister Cheepers" is the single most dangerous animal known to the Atmosians. Lucky for you and your knowledge of all that is scaly and fluffy, you know better than follow it (yet alone name it...), and flee for your life. Can prove to be a useful skill when encountering animals of various kind.

    ***Your Character

    **Personality- TIP- work with your Points and Skills. (ex-High Intelligence= Genius.)

    *Virtues- (courageous, kind, intelligent, devoted, honest, hardworking, etc...)

    *Defaults-(coward, vain, evil, dumb, disinterested, liar, overly dramatic, greedy, naive, etc...)

    *Quirks-(likes darkness, always found sketching, twitches often, etc...)

    *Anger Factor-(something that maddens them to boiling point- ex-sky knights, cruelty to kids, being called a chicken, etc..)

    **Personal History-

    *Living Relatives-(none, mother, father, sister, aunt, etc...)

    *Situation-(single, married, 2 kids, etc...)

    *History-[insert history here]

    *Reason for stay on sinister Terra- You can either give it or not, I'll make it up if you choose to leave this space blank

    *Any Other Information You Would Like to Add-(any loves?/ if slave- who is da master?-come to an agreement with said master please/ wants to fall in love with specific player/ wants to be enemies with specific player)

    Now some questions for my own benefit-

    Would you mind being paired up (if not already married, in love, etc...)? Yes / No / Not Sure

    Do you prefer the personal text and shorter main update, or longer main update and no personal text? (see beginning versus end of Revenge)? Personal Text / Longer Update / Do Whatever, I Don't Mind

    I know skimmers and weapons are not figured here. I figured the list was so extensive already, I would throw it at you later


    Do NOT make others wait on you. The show must go on, and if you're dragging, it'll be moving without you. I understand that sometimes computers can troubleshoot and problems can arise with Internet, but if you're gone for an excessive amount of time, your character will probably be disposed of (either by dying or by going to a random Terra out of the way). I know this may seem a little harsh, but there's nothing worse than sitting there, impatient, waiting on others to post their answer.

    I am notorious for my evil twists. Friends will turn mean. Enemies will turn good. Things will be in a permanent state of distrust and confusion. By signing up, you're saying you're fine with that.

    There will be some typos. I am not perfect. Not yet anyway..

    Your character always risks being killed. Who gets hit is totally random, as I pick cards. I will not, or at least try not to, end this one like Revenge (all the players got killed by the charismatic-yet-complete-evil-mastermind Roy-or is it Lyo?). If this small summary scared you, rest assured. As I said- won't happen again.

    I am trying my hand at romance. It will probably be awkward. Just bear with me.

    I try not to put in too much gore, but my evil schemes sometimes lead me to gruesome battle situations. Nothing to make you sick over. But there will be some blood. I will try to get you to argue with each other.

    Feel free to do a little conversation with another player awaiting an update if it's ON TOPIC and your characters are the ones speaking. If there is any questions, feel free to PM me/ post question on this thread. I'd be glad to help you out. However, please realize my knowledge is more limited than you think. The update will be posted as soon as I have the five players. I hope you will enjoy that one...

    Edited on 10/08/2008 9:05am
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    I'd Like to Reserve, Tomarrow I'll Have My Character Ready.
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    I'm here, just give me a second to type stuff in.
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    It's customary for me to post in a thread like this, but not actually participate.

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    Name: Keira Cooper Age: 16 Gender: Female Hair: Black Streaks in Blonde, Just Below The Ears,Bangs to one Side of Face Face Details: Small, Round Blue-Green Eyes.Small Nose Thin Purple Lips, and Average Cheekbones. Over All Face Shape: Round Body Type: Fitness: Curvy and Muscular Hieght: 5 feet Specific Body Details: Blue Burns On Face Covered By Bangs Other Special Details: Basic Ourline Of Outfit: Tanktop, Skirt over Spandex Pants Clothing Details: Combat Boots Accessories:One Glove, A Black Winter Hat Non-Genetic Details: Blue Burns On Face Covered By Bangs Skin Color: Light Tan Species: Human Job: Sky Knight Alignment: Neutral Alligance: Fine Blades Social: Middle This May be Wrong: Strength: 5 Char. : 2 Int: 2Dext: 3 SKW: 3 Endurance:15 Skills: Leadership: Major Skimmer Riding: Medium Romance: Minor Artistic: Minor Personality: Virtues: Devoted, couragous Defaults: Disinterested Anger Factors:Saying One Side Is Better Than An Other(Especailly Sky Kinghts Vs. Cyclonia) Personal History: Living Relatives: Brother Named Gemo Situation: Single History: Parents were Killed By an Unknown Sky Knight.Brother Joined Cyclonia.Fine Blades raised Her.Burns Were Made By Her Brother Who Insists On her Joining Cyclonia. Reason for Stay: To Find Her Brother And That Unknown Sky Knight Mind Being Paired Up: No Do you prefer the personal text and shorter main update, or longer main update and no personal text?o Whatever
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    oh me me me! I'll make my char in 30 mins... (while I do my stupid physics homework.... dam error analysis......)
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    ok heres my stats Dex: 8 wep prof.:8 int: 6 str: 4 edu: 3 char:1 skills: Maj: tracking Mid: self-def min: survival Min: history knowledge Physical description: He's human. If his cowl is not blocking his face, you'll be looking at two piercing, icy, blue eyes. His slick black hair is assumed to be fairly long, for it is tucked underneath he cloak. His face looks perfect, and it is a rare sight to see this face smiling. Anyways, his suit consists of a black cloak which is entitled to most of his covering. He wears a black pair of pants as well, matching the color of the cloak. His boots also match the color. He has linens that wrap around his fingers, having a darkish hint themselves. He wears an ominous, awing chainmail, perfected to the next degree of perfection. When this man wears his hood, his face is seemingly impossible to see(is that ok?). The man has one piece of jewelery, a necklace, chain which is black, with a straight, slashed jewel crafted onto it. His Caucasian body is wiry, yet frail. he is a little short as well. Simply looking at this man shows that he is no ordinary. He is quite mysterious. This man is not a one to have a friendly conversation with, and not one to get into an argument with either. If you do talk to him, he will most likely sound cold and callous, and seems not to care what you think. He is intelligent, yet only wants to share his wealth of knowledge with few, if anyone, else. Is it okie-dokey to leave some stuff... out.... for our fellow rpgers, just me and the dm(helen)?

    Pros: Intelligent, observant, uncanny, "striker", perfect scout.

    Cons: Individual, ignorant, "team-hurter", schemer. (if u dont no wat I mean by striker... don't worry bout it lol)

    Things that make him angry: Oh, thats a lot of stuff....

    WARNINGO NOT EVEN TRY ROMANCE WITH THIS GUY! (unless that person is wishing death, then it's fine).

    No relationship whatsoever.

    I actually like the personal updates.

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    ***Name-- Jeffery "Jeff" (ID: S-01-10100111010101011)
    ***Age-- 29
    ***male/female-- Male

    ***Physical description***
    Length-- Military buzzcut

    ***Facial details***
    Eye detail-- Regular, dark greyish color
    Nose details-- Smallish and straight
    Mouth details-- Thin mouth, in constant frown, huge canines
    Cheekbones-- Seemingly geometric in appearence
    Overall Face Shape-- Square like

    ***Body Type***
    Fitness-- Heavy set, muscular
    Height-- 6'10" giant
    Specific-- Bulky frame
    Weight-- 249 lbs

    ***Other special details***
    Basic Outline of Outfit-- Armored uniform
    Clothing Details-- Repainted with cyclonian colors
    Accessories- Grenades, ammo clips, drink cantine, communication thing
    Non-genetic Details-- Cool tinted google thing he wears
    Skin color-- Tanned
    Species-Specific-- Skeletal system that's built more like a tank frame and bulky muscles.
    Species-- Engineered Human: Jeff comes from a society that has spent it's entire existance fighting and killing just to stay alive, naturally they evolved to accomidate the constant war. The advanced genetic engineering technology gave them many advantages over natural borns, most notably an extremely high durability and hardiness. One drawback is that the heavy skeletal and muscular design sacrifices a small ammount of Dexterity.(+2 to endurance, -1 to Dexterity)

    Warriors-- Cyclonian Talon-- Talon commander
    Alignment-- Neutral
    Allegiance-- Cyclonia
    Social-- Nobility/High Society-- Has his own terra, so yeah
    Strength-- 4
    Charisma-- 6
    Endurance-- 4 (+2)
    Intelligence-- 6
    Dexterity-- 2 (-1)
    Skills with weapon-- 8

    Leadership (Major skill)
    Self Defense (Medium skill)
    Etiquette (minor skill)

    ***Your Character ***
    Personality-- Jeffery is unflinching, unafraid, unhesitant and merciless to his enemies. But this doesn't mean he's an evil charicter. Most of his enemies are rouges, criminals, assassins and the sky knights were only enemies on paper. He also draws the line at children and unarmed civilians.
    Virtues-- Strong, tough and an extremely hard worker. Jeff was an average man back home. He is also fairly smart and able to tell when people are lieing to him.
    Defaults-- Apathy. Jeff is uncaring about the dealings outside of his duty as a commander. This can however be turned into a good thing if the stuff going on somehow "became his buisness".
    Quirks-- Not one for talking, he keeps to himself and documents all the strange and interasting things he sees in a journal that he keeps. Doesn't talk about his origins either. He highly doubts anybody would believe him anyways. Also fearful of hospitals and for good reason. If those doctors got a look at his DNA or got him under a scanner, he'd make world news. Not to mention the possibility of being turned into a lab rat or having to explain things to Master Cyclonis.
    Anger Factor-- Doesn't have one. You see his skin is kind of thick and he just kinda brushes it off. Plus the insults people throw at him are kind of obvious.
    Theme Music-- Fallout 3 title music

    **Personal History***
    Living Relatives-- None. His people reproduce through genetic engineering.
    History-- Jeff was originally a simple scout for the Wanderers space born civilization. Until a few incidents (that he'd rather not talk about) led to him crashing on Atmos and wrecking his ship. After joining the Talons and some boring stuff I don't feel like writing, he became a Commander. got himself a terra and built some useful weapons and other devices. The TS-1, stealth cruisers, long range missiles and so on.
    As a commander he has proven himself to be a harsh but fair leader. Also highly economic, often using a combination of prision labour, voulenteer work and regular working people to make a massive construction project that would be otherwise impossible, actually do-able. This is how he was able to create Fortress Zex and mass produce superweapons like the TS-1.
    Reason for stay on sinister Terra-- Some secret meeting with the Dark Ace. Could not have happened at a worse time, he was currently bogged down with work, not to mention that Lark girl.
    Any Other Information You Would Like to Add-- Came prepared, has a sword, glider wings and twin silenced double barreled storm guns. Also has a team of his elite guard and night vision googles.
    Would you mind being paired up (if not already married, in love, etc...)?-- Hopefully Ravess, because she's the only woman who comes even close to Jeffs height.
    Do you prefer the personal text and shorter main update, or longer main update and no personal text?-- Do Whatever, I Don't Mind

    version 3.4

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    you kinda missed dex on ur stats... and whats a chainsword? Sound reckless.
    Edited on 10/09/2008 12:12am
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    I'm only putting basics here, Helene gets the compleat stuff ^^;

    Name: Reagan Larch.
    Age: 30
    Gender: Male.
    Hair: Sandy blond.
    Length: Short.
    Hair do: Crew cut, slightly longer than the norm for this type of cut.
    Eye color: Hazel.
    Size and shape: Just your average.
    Nose shape: Straight and proportionate to face.
    Lips: Thin, make for a good sneer.
    Cheekbones: Pronounced.
    Overall head shape: Oval.
    Body type: Athletic.
    Height: Tall.
    Specs on body: Deceptively lithe, appears weak.
    Tattoos: N/A
    Visible scars: Large one over right eye, from fore head to bottom of nose.
    Skin tone: Tanned from pale (pale tan? XP)
    Species: Human
    Shirt: Dark grey polo neck with long sleeves.
    Pants: Darker tone of grey, relatively tight fitting.
    Over cloths: Very dark green (almost black) hooded cloak.
    Accessories: Leather gloves, dark grey.
    Weapon: Double blade things.
    Acting: Major.
    Hunting/Tracking: Medium.
    Survival: Minor.
    First aid: Minor.

    I'm just working the History Helene, I'll send full profile soon ^^

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    Awesome! Wow, we already have four players, what do you know!

    Bay_Crum- Glad to have you RPGing Awesome character, however you forgot to put up your Endurance. Make sure to check the math too. Do you mean one third by 1/3?

    obrigan- Smiled when I saw you joined. Wouldn't be an RPG without your dark characters But.... Allegiance? Alignment? Jobs?

    Qquish- Ha! Love that character... I believe you posted him on the character thread? The Ravess romance sounds familiar As for your Species... Bothers me to say this, but... If you want to be a Wanderer, taht's perfectly fine, but in order to make all species somewhat equal, they all have to have some sort of advantage (if in skill points, +2 only in one area) and some reverse side of the medal... How about Night Vision/ or +2 Endurance and -1 Dexterity? I'm just going with what seems most logical, since I don't really see what you mean by Wanderer, but it's up for discussion... Also, seeing you're a noble, you have to have etiquette as one of your skills...

    Gearr- Glad to have you back

    Edited on 10/09/2008 9:24am
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    I've not really been gone, just lurking with style XD
    You'll have the profile in a couple of mins, just working out stat points... They're the worst thing about profiles DX
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    Fixed things up and tried balancing. Hope I got rid of any confusion.
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    Helene2Troie wrote:

    *Terradons (thanks, Xibrei )- Shake your scales, my lizard brother, because you're part of the big, bad species of Repton and his crew. Trained since childhood in the noble arts of weaponry, especially in boomerang-lore, the Terradons are reputed to be blood-thirsty brutes, haunting the Atmos with their sporadic raids. Which is why everyone will flee on your approach and you will never be inconspicuous wherever you go. Expect no chat with the Non-Playable-Characters, as they will avoid you like the plague. (+2 Weapon Skill, and +5 if using Boomerang, but "evil aura" around you)

    They're not called Terradons, they're called Raptors. Terradons were the scientists Aerrow and Starling rescued from Repton in Absolute Power

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    Actualy GrainneG no one is overly sure whether they are Terradons or Raptors, they are both extreamly similar physicaly and both originate from the same Terra. If I had to pick one I'd say they are infact Terradons and are simply called Raptors because that is the name of the squade they are in.

    Stalker-Hen: It is compleat! You is here XD
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    Gearr wrote:
    Actualy GrainneG no one is overly sure whether they are Terradons or Raptors, they are both extreamly similar physicaly and both originate from the same Terra. If I had to pick one I'd say they are infact Terradons and are simply called Raptors because that is the name of the squade they are in. Stalker-Hen: It is compleat! You is here XD

    I always thought of Raptors being closely related to Terradons, just more aggressive.

    Aerrow's reaction in Absolute Power kind of implies they're practically synonymous, though.

    Edited on 10/09/2008 1:14pm
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    I'm sorry, Qquish, I probably didn't make myself very clear.

    Unfortunately, being in the Noble class has some drawbacks- not only are you more likely to be robbed, but you also NEED to have Etiquette as one of your four skills- be it minor or major is your choice.(Hey, having a lot of money has to have some bad stuff associated with it! ) Thus, thou must banish one of your skills and put etiquette instead.
    As for the Species skill, I'm gonna ask you to choose between Strength and Endurance.
    Sorry to be so neat-picky and somehwat of a naghag...

    Edited on 10/09/2008 1:46pm
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