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  • Is there going to be a Season 3 or a Movie???

    hey, would you know if there's going to be a movie or a new season to finish off storm hawks because it was left on a cliffhanger that has the potential for more episodes or a movie to come out to finish it, please respond with an answer and thank you
  • The best of the best!

    Its the best It sucks that they ended the show when it still has faithful fans waiting for it! They have to bring it back! None of the shows today has the quality, looks or humor as Storm Hawks! It's one you can watch with kids and also teaches kids morale! Its light-hearted and fast-paced which I have rarely seen in any other show! Its part of my childhood and I will never forget it!
  • The beginning of the end

    I hated this corny show, I'd say it was where the end began for Cartoon Network as I knew it. It was a wasted half hour block in my opinion, just another dry foreign POS. Seriously, I wouldn't be writing a negative review of this show 3 years later if I didn't hate it so much. Cartoon Networks gone the way of MTV, although it has its moments it seems that it will never be what it once was.
  • Help Bring Storm Hawks Back By emailing NerdCorps

    Here's the link to email nerdcorps (the company that made Storm Hawks)


    email them about bringing it back because I, for one, Loved it
  • The Show in General!

    They should freaking bring this show back it's amazing and should just IDK! I want to know what happens on the other side of the Atmos and they shouldn't just cut off the tv serious like that! We deserve to know what happens to the rest of the team and to Cyconis. I love this serious and it's sad to see it ended so soon and only after 52 episodes at that! Bring it back it was better then what is on tv now! :(
  • season3

    waiting for season3 but nerd corp says that the storm hawks has compled their series
  • Let's see... on one side, five teens and their pet, on the other, an entire empire. The result? An awesome T.V. show you're sure to enjoy!

    The first time I saw the advertisement for Storm Hawks, I thought- "Great, Just another dumb Cartoon Network Show". Later on, I happened to switch the channel and land on the episode "The Black Gorge". I was immediately hooked. This show is truly my personal favorite, I've never been that crazy about other such shows before. You're like me and adore Fantasy/SciFi, Adventure, and a good amount of Humour? You've found the right show! I love all the characters, and the plot are always well written, with a couple of twists and surprise endings (Thunder Run for example). I would advise giving it a try, because if you do, I guarantee that you'll become an instant fan!
  • Every so often there comes a t.v. show that stands apart from the rest. This is one of the those shows.

    I was just flipping around the channel when I came across and episode (the first one), and thought "Hum, just another kids shows. I actually changed away the channel for a minute, then changed it back with a renewed interest. After that I couldn't change the channel. Since then, I've become a loyalist fan, and the show is the basis for what I do on my Saturdays. The characters a so awesome, the visuals are just as good, and it's in a new style that I've come to know and love. I'll be watching this show till the very end. My hat's off to Andy and everyone else working on the show
  • It was my mom who went on Cartoon Network (the website) and wanted to look at it. We both watched "Ben Ten" and thougtht it was shallow. But then my mom said she wanted to see the other one called "Storm Hawks".

    My mom has this thing for proving me wrong (though, sometimes it's not on purpose), so when I thought "Storm Hawks" was going to be stupid, my mom thought it would be interesting. So we watched "Best Friends Forever". It was the best episode I have seen in a while! I loved the show. At the end, my mom and I both said at the same time, "Cute!" After that, we were hooked and it began to be my mom's favorite show. Storm Hawks is my recommended show for all my friends. I think it's an awesome show for all ages. My mom is in her fourties and she loves it! (Actually, her favorite cartoon of all time.) My siblings love it as well. It's a show for friends and family of all ages. Recommended highly.
  • So I was watching this show...

    I'd only heard of it and hadn't seen the characters yet.

    So I'm watchin' the intro when their racing and thinking.Wow,this could really be something.

    Then along the characters show and their this butt-ugly CGI.

    Their expressions are even uglier.The power crystals things are stupidly cliche' and Radaar is the only cool thing about the show.Piper,girl,you are so FREAKING ANNOYING!

    This show is the pits,Watch Avatar season 3!
  • Abousolutly horrible. I think the creators had exhausted there ideas and decided to take every other main stream show and make it for themselves.

    Storm hawks is gosh awful. It's really depressing how the show still airs. It deserves to be cancelled like any other stupid shows you find on ytv.

    Animation= It's so bad that it sucks.

    What kind of cgi cell shading is this? I rather stick forks in my eyes then see another glimpse of this. Even better. Tell my friends to do the same thing because the commercials are annoying.

    Plot= Exhausted creators steal others ideas.

    They ripped of almost everything from star wars and star trek.

    Ytv needs to get back to their senses and air old shows rather then these crappy shows they all ready have on the air.
  • I just watched two episodes this week, it's all fresh in my mind as I watched the flip flapping arial manuverings of five kids who are having a heck of a time making me want to care of them.

    Allright, as far as animation goes, I'd rather be watching traditional animation, such as Avatar, which I will be doing at 7:30 on friday night.
    However, this show has hidden charms. But before I get to those hidden charms, I'm going to tell you everything that's flawed about this show.
    -character design. It's flakey, I showed the first episode on youtube to my friend and that's the first thing she picked out. It's out of proportion, sure, but it's WAY too out of proportion. In other word, the general aethetics low compared to other shows.
    -Story. Five teens a furry sidekick vs an evil empire with flying motercycles? Okay, sure.. -the world. It's been done too many times in the past few years alone, be it comic book or cartoon. This is Cartoon Networks' Sky Land.

    Okay, the hidden charms?
    -First and Formost, is Scott Mcniel, Famous for Duo Maxwell, Wolverine, Rattrap and Dinobot, is a welcome sound to hear in a show like this. I've spotted him as the voice for three characters in the first episode. His natrual wit and charm drives the characters more then the writing ever could alone.
    -Second, some how or another, I REALLY liked the way the mouths were animated. I don't know why, but I think that was the best moving part of any scene, I saw my self drawn to the way the mouth moved, as well as the way the iris's moved around the eyes. It may be a personal preference this one, but I still thought it was worth mentioning.

    Okay so the only real charm is Scott Mcniel.
    I'm sorry but it's really not that great of a show.

    The musics kinda cool.. and some of the jokes are pretty funny, but beyond that, it's ignorable.
  • Overused plots, annoying characters, and every last thing has been done!

    How many times have we all heard the story of an annoying, egotistical teenager being mistaken for a legendary hero for a small civilization, but then turning out to be a sacrifice? Of course, then he charms his way out of the whole situation and escapes while still not having learned a lesson in arrogance. The entire show is extremely unoriginal; I'm yet to be impressed by something I have not seen before. Finn is horribly full of himself, Piper is just annoying, Junko seems to only be there to be stupid (his name also being pronounced wrong and being meant for a girl) and Aerrow just bothers me with his catch phrases. Maybe I'm pessimistic! Although usually I fall in love with every cartoon I see (I watch "My Gym Partner's a Monky" and love it!); this one lacks my interest even in the quality of animation. And boys don't get that thin! In fact, I highly doubt that girls do, either.
  • no summary at this time but the review is the real deal.

    Storm hawks maybe the succesor of dragon booster from nerds corp. But, the show's cast is full of immature children who use fun as training portions and they have a some kind of deformed monkey. I give this show a quarter of a star out of five due to their childish behavior and lack of serious action. This show's main heroes are inexperienced children. They lack the wisdom, courage, and the knightly virtues. this show's influence might poison the minds of the children who would do dangerous stunts by imitating them. In score terms I give this show a 1.1 out of 10. Until next time this is axel223 flying through cyberspace for more judgmental reviews.
  • Possibly the worst show I have ever watched.

    This show is a digrace to Cartoon Network.I got sick of the back ground music in 3 minutes.seriosly, its just the same five notes over and over.The dialogue is corney and there is no humor whatsoever.The charachter designs are sketchy at best.These characters have lazy eyes,long pointed chins and anorexic like bodies.This show is also lacking.I cant stand when people just slap action sequences together and expect it to bring in the ratings.No wonder ths show is bareley on once a week.If the producer of this show wants to make any money he/she needs to learn that kids actually have brains and to stop advertising shows like this.
  • Second to none, really!

    Back when the first episodes were aired, I didn't have a very good impression on Storm Hawks. I only made the breakthrough when a brand new TV channel was released. I switched to that channel, and it came 'Age of Heroes' episodes. Planned to watch it for only 5 minutes, but ended watching the entire 2 episodes. Why? It was simply flawless.

    I had never seen graphics and special effects like this before in all the cartoons I've watched. Absolutely fascinated by 3D animations, the energy coming out from crystals etc.

    1. Aerrow - Courageous, handsome
    2. Piper - Knowledgeable
    3. Junko - With all the brawl
    4. Finn - Sharpshooter
    5. Stork - The paranoid one
    6. Radarr - The sidekick

    Can't ask for a better team than this, I'm sure.

    This is what I call a perfect combination of graphics, action and comedy. If people thinks this is just another childish thing, then they're wrong. It's worth watching for adults too.
  • Awesome art, wonderful graphics, entertaining plot and story line, this show is one of the best animated series ever!

    Storm Hawks is a wonderful animated series which brings us to a world of different species of beings and different lands to explore. The graphics are wonderful, with brilliant sound effects and voice casting, this show is a hit! The plot and story line brings about the wildest imaginations in the fans and gives us the most wonderful experience with television and animations. The animations are brought together with wonderful graphics, from the design of the characters to the different Terras which the Storm Hawks travel to. It is an enjoyment to watch the characters explore the different regions of Atmos and learn about the creatures and their culture, bringing the fans anticipation for the next episode.

    All in all, this is an awesome animation series which will bring entertainment to all!
  • Absolutely and completely enjoyable

    I am now a massive Storm Hawks fan- especially of Stork. This show is original, entertaining and takes you back through memories. The quips are hard-hitting, and personally, I love this show to bits. The only issue I have against it is that while Stork, Finn, Piper, Radarr and Junko are fairly unique characters, Aerrow isn't really. He's smart, brave, the 'perfect' leader. I'd like to see some flaws from him. Also, what I'd really enjoy is while this show is fantastically done, the heroes always wins. We need to see some losses to put us on the edge of our seats. Right now it's the illusion that 'Oh, they'll be fine, they always win', and so when they do lose to Cyclonia- if they do- I think that will be an absolute favourite of mine. Overall, the villains are wonderfully structured, the heroes are lovable and unique, some episodes hails other shows and characters, which brings back sound memories when they give the older shows respect. This is one 'kids' show which has a big group of adult fans- and perhaps upping some of the characters and their background would suit.

    **Spoiler here** For instance, in Origins (which I have seen- ABC1, 4.30pm WST PS: Australians only, sorry!), Stork mentions about running from the Cyclonians from his home Terra Merb and ended up near the Condor. Why was he running from his home Terra? Has it been attacked?
    **End Spoiler**

    The bottom line is that, well, this is a fantastic show with plenty of promise. Watch it, you won't be disappointed!
  • Aerrow, the Sky Knight; Piper, the Crystal Specialist; Finn, the Sharpshooter; Junko, the Strong Armed Mechanic; and Stork, the Paranoid Pilot. All of them work together to protect Atmos from evil Cyclonia.

    It's a good one. Usually I hate cartoons, simply because they're so childish, but this one I actively watch. Alright it's got cheesy jokes, so what? Mostly every thing does. I'm not saying it's perfect or the best, no I've seen much better, but it's enjoyable. One major flaw from my stand point is Aerrow. He's extremely cliché. Brave, handsome, cool, in charge, all important, and a teenager. All have been used before many many times. Piper is also a little stereotypical and Finn more so, Junko maybe just a teeny bit. Stork on the other hand is different, not big and strong, nor particularly handsome. Just the paranoid genius part is a little common, albeit a little more extreme than usual. The plot isn't the most original in the world, but I like the idea of the terras, that's not something I've seen before.
  • Highly entertaining and truly amazing. This show merges animation and special effects like there's no tomorrow. Anyone who watches this show would agree with me and I have feeling that they would hands down. And that's truly saying something worth all.

    The show Storm Hawks as we know centers around five young teens with a dream, to be recognized as an official sky knight squadron by everyone. But, they believe that they're too young to be sky knights because they're kids and they believe that they should watch and learn from a true sky knight squadron. However, when one of their beloved sky knights betrays them, the young sky knights known simply as the "Storm Hawks" decide to take a stand and restore order and peace for their village. Without a doubt they succeed and are praised as a new squadron.
  • Brave Sky Nights battle it out against Evil Cyclonians all over the world of Atmos. Magic mixed with modern weapons in a fairly family-friendly and colorful setting. Every episode is a new adventure for these young heroes.

    Easily one of the funniest and enjoyable shows on television right now. It's one of the those rare shows that is colorful and goofy enough to appeal to kids, but also intelligent and funny enough that even the older folks won't feel like an idiot watching it.

    To me, it's like the next Beast Wars or Reboot. Fans of those shows will undoubtedly get a kick out of watching this.

    Storm Hawks is just a really inspired cartoon. It takes nods from everywhere. We got Star Wars like X-Wing fighters that can transform into sweet motorcycles. There's endless possibilities of magic like Harry Potter. Radaar the sidekick is just like Daxter (except he doesn't talk) from the Jak games on PS2. However, what really makes this thing work are the great characters, and Storm Hawks has a really great cast. The heroes are suitably distinct and well developed, and the villains are fun enough to be good foil.

    All in all, a great show that everyone that thought cartoons were dead should take a look at.
  • Compared to the other shows on CN, this is probably one of the best I have seen. I hope they hurry with that new episode! I do have some small suggestions for it though.

    Definatly a great show, why it was pulled from the lineup, I have no idea. Yes, it has its ups and downs, a couple boring episodes or just plain confusing ones, but overall its very well developed.

    I would, however, like to see more charecter development for the villians, I feel that they act the same everytime they are talking. I would love to learn more about Master Cyclonis as well, she is a very detailed villian, and I love her character. Very different from the original villians you see on many shows. I love how developed the Storm Hawks squadron is though. Although Finn's character could be a bit more dynamic, because everytime he is given the leadership role, he abuses it. I think he developed more though because of how he handled the events in Calling all Domos. The only other complaint I have is the fact that the protaginists always win. I would like to see the antaginists win once in a while, it would make this show a more "on the edge of your seat" kind of show.

    Other than that, this show is heading in the right direction, and I hope to see more episodes soon.
  • sky knights battle using light swords and flying motorbikes

    Storm Hawks is a cgi 3d/2d hybrid cartoon from the makers of Dragon Booster (at least it has the same style and one of the voices appears to be the same) featuring Sky Knights- notably those defending Atmos from Cyclonia, the Storm Hawks, who ride motorbike/skybike machines and battle using a variety of weapons though the common one is a lightsabre like sword. It is action/adventure in cgi and isn't that bad though the whole 'i'll be back' sequence with the defeated villains gets somewat tiring and they could let the vllains gain some ground at least lie n a real war. Allright show.
  • Great idea, needs a little more execution.

    Hey i have got to admit that it is a good, first i thought that it wasn't so great because of the characters always seeming to make it out ok, but when i started to whatch it again i saw that it has a lot of potential to become not just a great kid show, but one with a bit more of a story to it. YEah yeah even though i know it is a kid show there is a lot of un tapped talent in it that can shape it to be something much greater than just another show with no plot but the same running gag over again (which im happy this show doesnt). In then end its what the producers do with it that will keep me or seperat me from this show
  • Storm Hawks Rule

    The Storm Hawks is one of the best Animation TV shows out there and at the moment is my second favourite TV show my first being "Avatar: the last airbender". I love the way that the show is made and how the character in the show even thought the don't look human if you put them in a human body the would fit in. The way the use crystals as power is really cool thought it has been used before the show is really original in the way that it is combining flying, crystals and fighting. This show needs more people watching it as it total rules.
  • New fav show!

    A hit for sure! THis show is the best thing I've seen since the Teen Titans, and I luv that show! And I'm not just saying I luv this show just because I luv Stork to death! I mean really, he's the only reason I watch the show to tell the truth. That's sad I know, but who doesn't luv him? I luv the futuristic rides, the amazing weapons, and that darling green heart-throb. I completely and totally can't wait till more episodes come out! But until then I think I can manage with the awesome episodes so far. And they are awesome!
  • What happens when you combine dogfighting with Moto-X racing, add a hint of Star Wars-ish action, awesome graphics, and great characters? You get Storm Hawks, one of the best cartoons I've seen in a while.

    To be honest, I initially had low expectations of Storm Hawks, seeing that it was being made by the same people who made the doomed Dragon Booster cartoon. But when I actually sat down to watch Storm Hawks, I was delightfully surprised to find a very well-made and complete package.

    Starring a group of teenagers cruising about the skies of the fictional world of Atmos, Storm Hawks has a lot of action, very entertaining characters, the animations are smooth and fluid, and the comedy hits in just the right spots. To put it simply, it's pure fun!

    I've always been a sucker for dogfighting (plane-on-plane combat), but not a lot of cartoons have done the art justice. But Storm Hawks does this well, taking an innovative approach to the concept. The "planes" of the show are a combination of flying machine and motorcycle, and the way the vehicles convert between the two actually makes the concept believable. It makes for tons of action in the skies, which thankfully is presented well by great animation and choreography.

    Of course, I should also mention the characters: there's a lot of variety in characters, all of which are well voice-acted and who fit their roles well. Though the fan favorite is the "emo" Stork, my favorites have to include two of the best villains I've seen on TV in a while: the Dark Ace, and Master Cyclonis. Both are the epitome of evil, and are complete badasses. The Storm Hawks themselves are very thought out characters, though at the risk of sounding negative, I wish that Aerrow would show a chink in his armor somewhere...

    The humor of the show is its standing point, and it delivers well. From Finn's often physical slapstick to Stork's incredibly dark yet hilarious paranoia, you'd be hard-pressed to watch Storm Hawks and not crack a smile somewhere along the line. There's something for everyone to be found in the show, and (fortunately) the humor never gets too stale or monotonous.

    In all, Storm Hawks is a great show, and I expect more good things from the franchise. Hopefully Season 2 will start soon and we'll get to see a lot more action and antics.

    I tip my imaginary hat to you, Sky Knights. Now if only you'd finish the second season and the MMO game soon...
  • Five teens and their furry co-pilot have reformed the Storm Hawks, a legendary squadron brought down by the traitorous Dark Ace. Together, they fight the Cyclonians, explore the Atmos, and make both allies and enemies. Only time will tell if they succeed.

    Storm Hawks has to be one of the best shows I've seen in a while. It's funny, has action, plot, and the animation is wonderful. A person can really relate to the characters' personalities; I could compare any person I know to a Storm Hawks character.

    Any type of person can find a reason to like Storm Hawks. Action lovers come for the fights, hopeless romantics pair up anyone with a face, those who love anything and everything to do with motorcycles and flying machines can gaze in awe at the detail of the vehicles, or maybe you're just a major cartoon junkie.

    This show is definitely worth watching over and over again.
  • An absolutely awesome show for kids and even teens when slacking off or just wanting to watch something fun. Five teens (Aerrow, Finn, Piper, Junko, Stork) and a pet. They're just clever. Whoever the scriptwriter is keep doing whatever it is you're doing!

    I have to say, the first time I watched this show, I thought it was kind of weird because of how creepy Stork was and how low Finn's IQ actually was. But at the end of that first episode, I became so hooked! It was just so much FUN. The fact that this group of teens vary in shape, sizes, race, and personality makes it all so interesting. Finn could probably be my favourite character if Aerrow wasn't insanely witty and charming in his own way. Finn has this cool way of being friendly and Piper is an awesome girl! She's the most bravest person I've ever seen (even thought she IS just a fiction character). In addition to that, Junko, the biggest character has some self esteem issues! Who would have thought? Anyways, I ended up loving this show and I highly recommend it to all my friends and anyone else.
  • Kids, have fun. Adults, look elsewhere.

    I wanted to like Storm Hawks, I mean I've really tried to get into it. So what did I like about it? It's got some cool action that takes place way up in the skies. That's great, I'm a huge fan of "Swat Kats", a superiour show in every possible way. Some of the villains in "Storm Hawks" also look really cool. The animation is a double-edged sword. The environments look neat and the high-flying action certainly benefits from the unque animation style. The bad thing about the style is that the characters look like they're taken straight out of the first "Jak & Dakter" game. I guess it's an aquired taste. The jokes are really bad, like 90% of them, and some of them are way too childish. The only two main characters I did like was Piper and Stork(WTF?). Aerrow is a mainstream hero type which I found completely uninteresting. Junko(WTF? again)is okay, I guess. He doesn't bother me atleast like two others. And those two are Radarr and Finn. Finn is SO annoying with his "skateboarder attitude" and he's supposed to be SO overly cool. It's ridicilous. But I guess small kids might find him and his constant use of words like "dude" and "whatever" cool. And this show is basically only enjoyable for very young kids with nothing else to do. And even they might not like it, there are much better cartoon shows out there which I'm sure kids will like a lot more. Storm Hawks is extremely forgettable. A shame really, I like the concept. I'm sorry to all you SH fans, I don't mean to offend anyone, but that's how I see it. No hard feelings, eh?
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