Storm Hawks

Season 1 Episode 4

The Code

Aired Monday 7:00 PM Jun 11, 2007 on Cartoon Network
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The Code
After losing a Phoenix Crystal to the "honorable" Rex Guardians, the Storm Hawks challenge them to a series of events to get it back. However, in order to win, they will have to do it without breaking their ancient rules. Meanwhile, the Dark Ace plans to steal the crystal, but will he succeed?moreless

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  • From a phenix's hiding place to an encounter with the Dark Ace, things are not starting well for the Storm Hawks. Especially when a crystal, so painfully stolen from the fiery bird, is taken from them by more experienced sky knights. Resulting in a dual.moreless

    Gosh! Such a great episode! If you missed this, you are one unlucky fan! From a deeper plot-line and to some fast-paced action, this has definetely become one of the perfect examples of what makes Storm Hawks great. As the sky knights prove themselves to be more loyal to their Terras than to the sky knight order, a beautiful conflict issues between the idealist young recruits (our protagonists) and the experienced and peace-aspiring sky knights. The gap between them was interesting, and it seemed that there was a permanent animosity, up to the end and a grudging truce. Definetely a deep episode, where we see anotehr side of the sky knights, one where they are willing to disobey their precious ethics to protect what they hold dearest.moreless
Scott McNeil

Scott McNeil


Guest Star

Colin Murdock

Colin Murdock

Head Judge/Guardian

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    • Harrier: How dare you interfere with my duel?
      Aerrow: The ground's right there if you wanna get off.

    • Harrier: Those who fight with honor will always prevail.
      Dark Ace: Times have changed.

    • Dark Ace: Where'd you find your rides? A museum?

    • Dark Ace: (as he prepares to combat the Rex Guardians) Only five of you? I'd better go easy.

    • Aerrow: I have an objection! None of this stuff would work in the real world. The Cyclonians would wipe the sky with us if we acted like this.
      Harrier: The Cyclonians may wipe the sky with you. But they wouldn't dare tangle with us. Even those brutes have honor.
      Aerrow: Honor? Have you met the Cyclonians?

    • Harrier: Allow me a guess. From your unkept appearences and apalling sky rides you must be the children now calling themselves the Storm Hawks.

    • Piper: You've gotta let us get up there.
      Aerrow: C'mon, look around, the Dark Ace just took out four of your squads without breaking a sweat. You think he's gonna have trouble taking down Harrier?

    • Aerrow: Piper! Why are we whispering?
      Piper: Aerrow, this is a phoenix nest. You know what a phoenix is, right?
      Aerrow: Sure, it's a birdie.
      Piper: It's more than just a bird. It's a very big bird and it's usually on fire.
      Aerrow: Well, it's also not here.

    • Harrier: This is our battle.
      Piper: You don't know who you're dealing with.
      Harrier: Quiet! You're about to see how a real Sky Knight does battle.
      Finn: Those guys are gonna get smacked down so hard.

    • Aerrow: Yeah, Radarr's a handful sometimes, but what are you gonna do?
      Piper: Die of embarrassment.

  • NOTES (3)


    • Phoenix
      The massive bird seen in this episode is referred to as a "phoenix", a legendary bird of Greek and Egyptian mythology that was said to die and be reborn in fire. The appearance of the beast in this episode is more akin to that of the firebird, a creature of Russian legend that was said to have the ability to illuminate the night as if it were day and is often depicted as a bird of flames. The two mythical creatures are often confused as one.

    • "The Code" is an allusion to the Code of Chivalry that the medieval knights followed. The Rex Guardians acted like the medieval knights. (They also acted like members of nobility.) In Medieval Europe, nobles often looked down upon commoners. This can be seen as how the Rex Guardians viewed the Storm Hawks.

    • Shrek 2
      Junko tries the "soup" and then says lemony. A waiter points out that it is the finger bowl. The same thing happened with Shrek in the movie Shrek 2.
      Shrek does the same thing.