Storm of the Century

ABC (Mini-Series 1999)





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  • The Ultimate Movie Review! -- @tss5078

    Stephen King is a great writer, but even die hard fans of his work will agree that his films are hit or miss. Storm of The Century was one of his better novels, but was made for the big screen, not some PG rated mini-series. As a small island off the coast of Maine is hit with the most devastating storm in it's history, a stranger shows up and kill a beloved fixture on the island. The strange is quickly apprehended, but continues to wreak havoc, calming that he will go away if the towns people give him what he wants. I get that this was made for TV, but the fact is that if any of King's works deserved to be a regular R rated big screen film, it was this one. Almost everything worth while is cut out or toned down. Not to mention that in order to expand the story, to cover nearly 4 and a half hours worth of time, they had to put in a lot of things that wouldn't normally make it into a screenplay. There is so much unnecessary garbage in this thing that it completely destroys the story. Tim Daly was cast in the lead and all I can say is really? Honestly, Don Knotts made a more convincing cop than he did. The one bright spot in the film was Colm Feore, playing Andre Linoge, the mysterious stranger. He really was terrific and creepy at all the right moments. Aside from Feore, Storm of The Century wreaks of television and lacks all the suspense and horror of the original story. This is a fantastic read, but as a movie, Storm of The Century really doesn't cut it. My only hope is when they eventually remake it, they do it in the way King intended it to be.
  • Andre Linoge will never go away from my dreams.

    This is one of the most powerful stories ever filmed from Stephen King. It is definately among my favorites! Give me what I want and I'll go away will forever be associated with Andre Linoge. His character will so powerful that I will never fully be able to remove him from my dreams! Give your child to a monster or watch as the whole town is murdered. Must be the most difficult choice ever. Definately leaves you wondering what you would do. As a mother I would hold on to my child with all of my heart and strength. But when faced with Linoge is it actually a choice. He can not take, but he can do far worse things to you and all around you. (If anything could be worse than losing a child.) Overall it was one of the best stories I have ever watched. I love all of Stephen Kings work, but this may very well be my favorite. Definately in the top 3.
  • Give me what I want... and I'll go away...

    This movie had to be good, because Stephen King himself wrote the screenplay - which was an original screenplay and no adaptation from one of his story. King wrote this sinister little tale especially for ABC television and I have to admit, that beside the fact that it is a good story for a cold night, snow piling up outside, it is a very good mvie as well. I loved the actors, the filming and just every minute of the 4-hour mini-series. I even watched the whole thing just listening to Stephen King's commentary (although I skipped the parts director Craig Baxley commented) - the commentary was as good as the movie itself, because it was not some poor strawhat talking about something, but Stephen King doing what he can do best: not commenting, but telling. Stephen King gives very delightful inside-information on the making of the movie and talks about works related to this movie, how he came across the idea for the story (it was partly influenced by a play by Friedrich Dürenmatt King had a part in when being in High School), how he tried to work it out, stuff like that. So this is a very interesting bonus for every Stephen King fan: you get a very good movie and a very fine commentary by Stephen King, with all the information and all the amusing details 'n' extras.

    Story's Rough Cut: Small town off the coast of Maine, Little Tall Island, the setting of "Dolores Claiborne" - "life on the island is different from the life on the mainland." Stranger makes the small township aware of his evil presence by murdering an old woman, Martha Clarendon, and therefore arrested - "because I choose," as the stranger, André Linoge, claims. Linoge knows all the dirty little secrets of the clean-shirted islanders and he wants what he inevites, unless he will not go away. What exactly Linoge wants, you have to find out for yourselves, sorry. It is worth finding out, believe me, just this one time! ;-)

    Let me finish with a praise for the movie by some newspaper I do not remember, "it is a high-voltage, spine-tingling shocker, which has been called one of the best King films ever!" It sure is.