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Storm Stories

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Storm Stories features the real-life experiences of survivors and rescuers who have battled the worst weather events in nature. These episodes give witness to weather at its most unpredictable and most deadly moments, and to ordinary people who have faced a reality that none will soon forget. Only the struggle of man against Nature can create these dramatic and authentic stories. The host of the show is Jim Cantore, a veteran meteorologist on the Weather Channel.

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  • Good show

    You have a good show. Question How do you login in for touchdown password.
  • storms

    I would like to know if you still take people on tours for tornados because my grandpa was a sivail defence worker on storms and tornados i got to go out on rain storms but never on tornados i just want one trip to go. I watch storm stories on tv and i just love it. PLEASE HELP ME GET TO GO.
  • A good show to watch everyday

    This show is a good show. I sometimes watch it when I cant find anything good to watch. It tells real life stories about severe storms that had happened anywhere from mudslides, hurricanes, tornadoes, tropical storms to thunderstorm and sunamies. a great show to watch whenever nothing good is on tv. When you turn on the weather channel they still have old episodes and sometimes new episodes. this show is hosted by a metoroligist. I think this show still comes on every night at 8:00. I havn't watched this show in a while. maybe I will watch this show again sometime soon. It is a really good show.moreless
  • storms

    The weather channel's series that shows the people's acounts of the great weather diasters and how they survived. the tell about storms such as tornados, hurricanes, floods and other weather events. they also tell about what caused these events and how it might be possible to survive this storm and how to better prdict it. the show is narrated by jim cantoree. it is a very good show and very informative. it can be very heartbreaking sometimes from some of the stories of the surviors. they also document the danger facing storm trackers that head into the storms. this is by far one of the most interesting documenatary shows ever.moreless