Stranded With Cash Peters

Monday 8:00 PM on Travel Channel Premiered Jun 06, 2005 Between Seasons


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Stranded With Cash Peters

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Tune in to the Travel Channel's exciting new travel series, Stranded With Cash Peters.

Travel writer Cash Peters (Gullible's Travels) is stranded. No money, no food, no place to stay, and no clue where he is! He must find his way around each new town, depending on the help and generosity of the locals to find a meal and a place to stay. Join Cash on his journey around the world to explore destinations both well known and off the beaten path.

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AIRED ON 6/6/2005

Season 1 : Episode 1

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  • All I really want to say is that I think Cash Peters is cute and has a awesome personality.

    I am not very good with words, but the fact that I am actually taking the time try and find something to say. I looked forward in finding out where he would be Stranded next. How he will spend his time, sleep, eat. He is witty and seems like an all around good guy too. I have read that the show was moved from time slot to time slot. I thought it was off for the season or something else had happened. I have read the show has been canceled. This is upsetting to me I really enjoyed watching it.moreless
  • There's an ever increasing glut of shows of this genre. I haven't had time to weed through all of them yet! Along the way, I discovered "Stranded" and I was pleasantly surprised! It's worth watching for several reasons. The appeal hinges on the well-roundmoreless

    Cash Peters is one funny dude! He genuinely has a good time on this show (I'm sure of it). This makes a great connection to the viewer. The delivery is upbeat and fast-paced. I'm referring to the delivery of the host and the way the show is edited and presented.

    First of all the premise is one of travel and adventure. Imagine the host is just plopped down in some strange unknown place. He is lost, dazed and confused - stranded! What does he do? How does he find his way? Now here's where you have to pretend. Obviously the crew is following him around and everythign is staged, but it is done in a very entertaining way.

    Cash Peters is without money and without a way back home, but he quickly befriends the locals. AS a result, he proceeds to enjoy an impromptu tour of the area. Meanwhile, he is deciding whether or not he likes the place in which he's been stranded.

    Overall the show is light-hearted and pleasant viewing. You can definitely watch it with the whole family. You will laugh and you may learn a few things about strange and farflung destinations. I wonder where Cash Peters will end up next.moreless
  • One Of The Few Good Shows Left On The Travel Channel.. Yes, That's Good..

    What Is Stranded? Read The Title..

    Cash Peters Is, Every Time, Stranded In Another Land He Does Not Know, Only To Act Tourist And Look Around Until He Needs Food And Shelter..

    Sounds Like A Bad-And-Too-Often-Used Reality Show Cliche, But It's A Good Show, Expecially With Peter's Light-Hearted And Impatient Commentary..

    You Just Have To Watch It To See What Makes This Show Click..

    The Idea?

    The Host?

    His Voice?

    While It Is Entertaining, It's Just A Little Off.. I Mean, This Is A Partial Sign That The Travel Channel Is Falling Just As Animal Planet Did, Trying To Attract More Viewers Than The Main Premise Of The Channel: Inform The Viewer About Places Of Travel..

    The Show Does That, Kinda.. With The Stranded Twist..

    Also, Hard To Belive That No One Will Not Help Him Expecially With A Camera Crew Following Him.. He's Not Exactly 'Stranded', Is He?

    Never The Less, 'Stranded w/ Cash Peters' Is A Nicely Entertianing Show That You'll Just Need To Watch To Get It..moreless
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