Strange But True

ITV (ended 1997)


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  • TRhey should bring it back! It was totally awesome! I used to watch it with my parents i Was only 7, and yeah it scared the crap out of me but damn was it interesting! the music and the weird images at the start of the program used to crap me up!

    But i deffo think they should bring it back as there are no programs like this anymore on normal telly, fair enough you get them on Sky but not every 1 has sky, you should get Yvette fielding to do it no that shes left Most haunted lol! Re vamp the show and bring it back, make telly interesting again and give us something to talk about, dicuss and hide under the quilt over! Truly is an awesome show, with awesome stories! Well think ive had my say now lol, so I bid you good day x x x x
  • When I was a kid this was an all time 30 min ghost story then kept me awake.

    What show, I can remember talking to my school friends when I was about 9 -10 I am now 24 but this show was awesome, scared the crap out of me and my school mates, there were always two stories one and the beginning and one at the end ,but the second story was the one that kept you up half the night, there are loads I can remember there was one about a motor way being build and the builders were getting haunted my monks, scary stuff, then there was another one about phantom hitch hikers can remember taping this one a watching it with my girl friend when I was 16 about phantom hitch hikers, she would sleep over ended up her father picking her up. The thing about this show is it looked at every aspect of paranormal from UFO and Ghosts to Witches and Curses; all bought you with Michael Aspel standing in a library always starting off with “We bring to you tonight a story of” stuff like that use make me scared stupid, with its scary atmosphere if took a 1993 I good years in to the late 90s, what I can’t understand is why they have not been repeated or shown on a satellite station or even made on DVD, Great show of the 90s just wish we could get hold of it in 2005.