Strange Days at Blake Holsey High

Season 4 Episode 2

Conclusions (2)

Aired Saturday 12:30 PM Jan 28, 2006 on NBC



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    • Cut and Changed Scenes:

      Chopped Form: Brief Recap from last 2 minutes of Lucas/Clone/Victor Scene and then up to the Point of not seeing the Janitor. Then Cuts to Original Intro.
      Movie Form: (No Recap, show resumes in continuation with no breaks)

      Chopped Form: Crew Credits roll during opening scene as a normal episode
      Movie Form: No Crew Credits

      Chopped Form: Z/Durst Scene Cut, Z Cuts right to discovering lock was cut.
      Movie Form: Entire Scene Intact

      Chopped Form: Corrine/Vaughn Scene Small time cut, no lines cut
      Movie Form: No Time Cuts

      Chopped Form: Clone/Josie Scene Small Time Cut, No Lines Cut
      Movie Form: No Time Cuts

      Chopped Form: Clone/Josie Scene: This is what happens if Victor loses Line Cut
      Movie Form: All Lines In Tact

      Chopped Form: Corrine/Vaughn Scene: Hallway time cuts, no missing lines
      Movie Form: No Time Cuts

      Chopped Form: Credits Come in as normal episode.
      Movie: No Credits

  • Quotes

    • Josie 2: I don't have the answers, it seems like the only one who does is Josie Trent.
      Lucas: (glancing at Victor) I think I speak for all or both of us when I say, huh?
      Josie 2: I'm not Josie Trent, at least not the one you know any way.
      Victor: What do you mean you're not Josie Trent!?
      Lucas: You're Josie's clone! The one that was created accidentally freshman year.
      Victor: The Trent girl has a clone?
      Lucas: It's a long story.
      Victor: So bore me!

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