Strange Days at Blake Holsey High

Season 4 Episode 3

Conclusions (3)

Aired Saturday 12:30 PM Jan 28, 2006 on NBC

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  • I guess I should be grateful we got closure but I know the writers could've done better than this, regardless the small amount of epiosdes they were given, there were still small things as well as bigger things that upset me about the conclusion.

    After rewatching the entire show, I went on to the conclusion and the first time around was not half as painful as it was this time around. I guess it's completely understandable that the writers couldn't close every open storyline in such little time but even the small things could've been resolved.

    Like, what was the significants of the Tesseract and Professor Middleton's use of it. He just went into the wormhole and was never seen or heard of again. And why did the janitor speak fear for Corrine's existence in "Friction". Sure, she stole the ball in Conclusions but she returned it immediately. I think there was more to her character that meets the eye. And how long was Josie stuck in the wrong timeline? A day, a year, what? And what happened to Avenir. How did them stopping him in that specific timeline stop him from corrupting any other? There are many more that can't come to mind right now. But they left a LOT open.

    Next to a lot of plot holes they built, there were a lot of other ridiculous and irrelevant moments they built up in the Conclusions alone and never resolved. Why spend the entire first 2 episodes of the Conclusion hinting Corrine and Vaugh in a possible relationship and then forget they were ever freinds in a moment's notice? And while we're in the middle of characters and relationships. Despite how many of you think the decision to leave EVERYTHING containing relationships in the open, you can't tell me that you didn't want one kiss or meaningful hug. Corrine and Marshall never got a real kiss and their hug could've been a lot more romantic. Marshall gave Josie a better hug than he gave Corrine. I was SO upset when they didn't kiss. I was waiting for that moment since Equations.

    With all that said, I gotta mention that the eternally imprisoned Clone Josie conclusion was a bit too... dark(in laments term). Sure, she sacraficed her freedom for Josie's but they didn't need to leave her with such a horrible demise. As far as I'm concerned, clone Josie is as good as dead in that timeline and for what? To destoy a man we don't even know is destoyed?

    After reading this, it's clear to see the Conclusion itself built many plotholes on it's own. And after thinking it over, it didn't even succeed in many answers. We know Victor's a good guy, we know who the janitor is and why Vaugh's mother did what she did. We know who Josie's father is and most of all, we know.... Oh wait, after 3 years of build-up after build-up, that's ALL we know. Of course, a lot of things couldn't be resolved in one episode but everything was so rushed and there was no HUGE answer or climax to the ending. There was nothing that built us up to the final episode from many episodes before and hit us in the face like a bulldozer. If only the show could've been finished the way it had to be I wouldn't be so upset with the ending. But I guess it was a decent substitute for what we know was a very unfortunate and sudden death of the series.
  • Disappointing...

    I was so looking forward to this episode and even though it answered a lot of questions, it left so many unanswered. And it was rather disappointing. Firstly, Josie never seemed to care all that much in earlier episodes who her father was. All they put that shocker with Avenir. Speaking of Avenir, and indirectly of the Avenir Institute, what happened with Tyler? Without a closing on his story, his episodes are just out of place. Third, Josie and Vaughn\'s extremely awkward last moment. Painful. The show built up so much romantic tension between them, and that was the conclusion? In the context of the episode, it\'s understandable, but overall it\'s disappointing. Josie and Vaughn\'s relationship segues nicely to Corrine and Marshall\'s. I can\'t be the only one who was disapointed at the lack of Marshall, can I? Also, another disappointment was the closing of the school. We came to love that school over the course of the show, and to see it close was most decidedly not cool. And the loss of Victor as that quintessential bad guy was disappointing. We could always count on Victor to give us confusion/intrigue. But here he\'s just a broken man. Was anyone else confused about the timeline? How could Josie survive in an alternate reality for a year all by herself? And where did she get her clothes? All by herself for an entire year and she stays in an abandoned school? All in all, this was an extremely disappointing episode: so much buildup, and none of it deserved.
  • This was an excellent way to end 'Strange Days at Blake Holsey High.' It was suspenseful and dramatic, keeping my eyes glued to the screen the entire time.

    I believe that this was definately an excellent way to end 'Strange Days at Blake Holsey High.' It gave me that 'that wraps it up very well' sort of feeling at the ending, keeping me happy. One of the questions or cliffhangers at the end of the show was 'what is going to happen to Josie's clone?' Lucas claims he would try and bring her back, but it still doesn't answer the question of what is going to happen. Will the clone die, just like a regular human? Or will she live on forever, trapped in the alternative timeline. The romantic issue at the end of the series was okay, because the whole plot wasn't exactly centered around the romance or flings in the story. When Vaughn and Josie share an akward moment at the end, Vaughn turns away from Josie and goes to his parents, telling us (not verbally) that he thought his relationship with his parents was more important than trying to get through a nearly impossible relationship with Josie, due to the lack of trust they had experienced.

    Overall, this series finale really wrapped up many unanswered questions and I felt it was a good way to end Strange Days at Blake Holsey High. Good-bye Black Hole High...forever.
  • This was a great way to end Strange Days at Blake Holsey High. It explained almost everything and had me at the edge of my seat.

    I think that "Conclusions" was by far the best episode of "Strange Days at Blake Holsey High". It was the perfect finale and it explained everything. It had that "finale" feeling to it and it made you sad to see the show end. The music definitely dramatized the scenes and made it very sentimental to the viewers. The twists were really good, and I didn't expect most of them. It had great writing and the acting was amazing, partly because the actors/actresses knew that this was their last impression to make(on "Strange Days at Blake Holsey High") and they wanted to end the series at its best. I think that I understand "Strange Days at Blake Holsey High" more after "Conclusions" and every time I watch an old episode I think "that's why it happened" or "it makes sense now".
    Overall, "Conclusions" was the perfect way to finih "Strange Days at Blake Holsey High" and I have to say that I'm going to miss it. Bye, bye, Black Hole High.
  • it was incredible and great!!

    a preety good ending episode, but the question is, is it going to continue or is just the end...
    i believe josie will need to find a way to make the linetime go back to its normal.
    I didnt like too much the think of the josie clon, but well everything can happen in that strange college.

    i believe that principal durst should not be so estrict, she is all the time looking for a reason to call the atention of the blake holsey students. thats anoying.

    a great tv series, that will be great in the episodes of the future.

  • It was ok, but not great!

    I was kinda disapointed at the season finale, I thought that it was gonna end diffrently.
    I wished that Marshall should have been more on the season finale, why did he change school :(
    It was sad that Josie and Vaghn become a couple, but it\'s understandable.
    Vaghn finally met his mother and Josie found about her father... but somethings i still didn\'t understand. Somethings had nothing to do with the finale episode, I wonder what happend with the science groupe after this \"show\"
    The conclusions were ok, but not great :(
    Strange days at Blake Holsey High was a good show.
    That\'s all for me!!

    :// Crazy_1
  • The conclusion of strange days was basically about mr avernie tring to get vaughn into stealing his dad\'s power source(ball)for him. josie is stuck in time, the clone helps her to her own dimension and come back in time to stop mr avernie frim stealing v

    i thought the conlusion was kind of short but it was very great. although i thought marshall wasn\'t in a lot.i think the main questions were answered but could have answered a little more questons like: what job does ms. trent does, where tyler went when he went through the wormhole, what happened that he could communicate with tree and what happened to was great though, the way the cast acted and there were lots of surprises, especially corrine and vaughn hanging together. it is the best show i\'ve ever seen so it was really good and hope everyone liked it.
  • A good way to end the show!

    This was a very good last episode! All questions where answered, you even find out who Josie's dad is! The only two things I didn't like was the way things ended with Josie and Vaughn, and I wish you got to see more of Josie's mom. Other than those two things it was a perfect episode!
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