Strange Days at Blake Holsey High

Season 4 Episode 3

Conclusions (3)

Aired Saturday 12:30 PM Jan 28, 2006 on NBC



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    • Cut and Changed Scenes:

      Chopped Up: Last 30 seconds from last episode, goes right into scene; Time Cuts
      Movie Form: Continuous, No Time Cuts

      Chopped Up: Original Intro as if normal episode
      Movie Form: (no intro, movie in progress)

      Chopped Up: Z/Josie Scene: Cut out bunson burner part
      Movie Form: Scene Intact.

      Chopped Up: Z/Josie Scene: Z's Story shorter - time cuts
      Movie Form: Scene Intact

      Chopped Up: Corrine/Lucas Scene: Time Cuts, Some of Lucas's Lines cut on Z's CLass Cut
      Movie Form: No Time Cuts, Line Cuts

      Chopped Up: Z/Kids Scene: Z's lines of stalling cut out
      Movie Form: No Cut

      Chopped Up: Vaughn/Aveneir Scene Completely Cut
      Movie: Scene Intact

      Chopped Up: Time Cuts in Josie/Sarah Scene
      Movie Form: No Time Cuts

      Chopped Up: Z/Durst outside scene Completely Cut
      Movie Form: Scene Intact

      Chopped Up: Josie/Aveneir Scene Lines Cut
      Movie Form: All Lines In Tact

      Chopped Up: Vaughn Does not see Josie before device is sent away
      Movie: Scene Intact

      Chopped Up: Vaughn/Aveneir/Josie Scene: Some Vaughn Lines Cut, Severe Time Cuts.
      Movie Form: All Lines Intact, No Time Cuts

      Chopped Up: Extended Cheer For Black Hole High Cut Short
      Movie Form: Full Scene Intact

      Chopped Up: Z and Kids Scene: Some Lines Cut
      Movie Form: All Lines Intact

      Chopped Up: Final Scene: Zoom out of school cut shorter, Original Show Credits Used, No Outtakes.
      Movie Form: Full Scene, No Cuts, Movie Credits and Outtakes Reel.

    • The Final Scene for this episode was shot on their 1st day of shooting.

      Each scene for each episode (1-3) was shot out of order.

      Shooting Completed on Sat Aug 6, 2005

  • Quotes

    • Josie: The other Josie told me, you never gave up on me.
      (She hugs Lucas)

    • Avenir: Now, now Josie. Is that any way to talk to your father

    • Josie: I'm sorry it happened like this, but I'm glad I found you. I always wondered who you were, I know we don't know anything about eachother. But I'd like to try
      Avenir: So would I, more than anything

    • (Corrine making her Valedictorian speech)
      Corrine: We graduates are now prepared for anything. That includes mutant bee invasions, attacks by super intelligent robots, and my personal favorite: flesh eating plant monster.
      Marshall: (to Lucas) I'm never going to live that one down.

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