Strange Days at Blake Holsey High

Season 2 Episode 4


Aired Saturday 12:30 PM Oct 04, 2003 on NBC
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The class studies DNA but one of Lucas' chromosomes gets changed. Becoming more assertive, Lucas gets himself into a lot of trouble, as well as accepting Stew's challenge to a fight.

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  • How Lucas got his groove back.

    This episode is so funny, seeing Lucas, a whole new personality, that's a bit strange, he spiked his hair, now he has no glasses, which foreshadows his future role as Derek on Life With Derek. I like this episode beaus there wasn't so much Josie & more of the minor characters. Which is always nice to see, he asks out a girl, gets detention, and on top of it all picks a fight with the most toughest kid in school, This episode was very adventurous since the last minutes of the show there trying to find a way to reverse it. So suspenseful! Also the cliffhanger in the end, which was expected, Josie & Vaughn's gene papers are stolen by the janitor & he reveals they have an unusual trait in common & he sends it down a wormhole, that definitely makes you want to see more.moreless
  • Underappreciated

    This episode is one of the early second season episodes that focussed on one character - Lucas - and explored a theme - bullying - linked directly to a science concept - DNA - and an analogy - a generally fearful person becoming fearless - without delving too deeply into furthering the series mythology or the larger story until the end, when Josie and Vaughn can't find their DNA 'fingerprints'. Also significant becuase this is the episode that introduces series favorite Stew Kubiak. A snapshot of middle school life that pretty much any kid can relate to - who has ever been bullied or had a friend who was. I really enjoyed the way the story unfolded. Everyone's astonishment at Lucas, especially Marshall's is played perfectly!moreless
  • Best Episode yet. Very funni and cute.

    Best Episode yet. Very funni and cute. When Lucas' DNA changes and becomes more confident,"cooler", and becomes a heart throbe! (Which he is without his glasses.....LOVE YOU MICHAEL SEATER) And then Josie and Corrine are questioning if they like him.....but things happen..........and Lucas only has a short time to live and....yeah and the Science club has to fix it before time runs out and I don't think they can do it...without him helping because he is one of the more "SMART" ppl in the club and he can't help them so time is running out and they are still no nearer the answer so will "cool" Lucas die!?!?!?? find out WATCH IT!!!!!moreless
Rothaford Gray

Rothaford Gray

Gym teacher

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Nadia Pavici

Nadia Pavici


Guest Star

Talia Schlanger

Talia Schlanger


Recurring Role

Dru Viergever

Dru Viergever

Stew kubiak

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  • TRIVIA (2)

    • When Durst gives "the lucster" detention she says it is for this afternoon, but then when Lucas was about to confront Victor and Josie pulls him aside she reminds him of being put in detention for that and he said that he has to be out of detention b/c of the fight at why didn't he go? Wouldn't he be in more trouble?

    • The way Professor Z holds Lucas's slide when showing it to Josie is incorrect. It is a rule to hold a microscope slide by it's rim or it's label, which a professor should know.

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    • Guide Listings:

      A science class DNA experiment goes awry, and Lucas is not quite himself because of it. (TV Guide Listings)

      Lucas falls victim to a science class DNA experiment gone awry. (MSN TV Listings)

    • Janitor's secret message: "Josie and Vaughn's destinies are written," "Josie and Vaughn's future is destined," "The slides forecast the future."

    • Learned: Human DNA contains about 30 thousand genes. Repair enzymes repair things into their proper order, in cells. Electromagnetic radiation, different specters of light, and environmental aspects effect species on a molecular level can change DNA. Overcoming nature, DNA, through nurture, environmental aspects (Nature vs. Nurture arguement).


    • genome is part of an organism that is the whole hereditary information of an organism that is encoded in the DNA. Which is what went wrong with Lucus's DNA.

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