Strange Days at Blake Holsey High

Season 2 Episode 10


Aired Saturday 12:30 PM Jan 10, 2004 on NBC

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  • When Corrin gets switched to the opposite side of life, is it better there or worst? One side she has friends that don't think she can sing and all she is, is brains. Then on the other side thay think she's brains and a singer. Which side will she pick?

    I loved this episode sooo much!!!! Especially because I am a big fan of Shadia Simmons aka Corrin, and in the show I really wanted Corrin and Marshall to be together and there first kiss was on this episode, it was soooo cute! I was so happy for them even though that was the opposite of Marshall, then again you think about it the real side does like Corrin. Also I liked when she sung the song "Reflections" after she sung it I sung that one part over and over again like everyday. So all and all I loved dis episode!!
  • Totally Different

    This is an episode i definetly enjoy. It's very unique compared to the other episodes. It actually shows the oposite of everyone. Which gives you a different feel of each character. We saw them in a different light. Giving the actors a chance to play out of their role. This episode is very entertaining
  • Read below

    This was a really cute episode (when I say silly^ I mean fun and playful). All the people we got used to throughout the show all of a sudden turned into totally different people. Vaughn a nerd? Marshall and Lucas cool? Josie doing ballet in the background? BTW - if Marshall likes Corrine in miror-world, does that mean he doesn't like her in the real world? Shouldn't it? And what was school again - a big song and dance academy? But once again it\'s a cute episode and I loved the way the show put the episode together, tying it in with Corrine's nervousness about singing and finding it in the mirror-world.