Strange Days at Blake Holsey High

Season 3 Episode 13


Aired Saturday 12:30 PM Mar 26, 2005 on NBC

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  • It'd be horrible if they ended the series this way, but since the didn't, it's an excellent, yet painful, episode.

    Josie is looking for answers in this episode. She manages to find Vaughn in the past, and also witness Victor giving the Qi-Gong ball to Sarah. However, the Janitor loses her trust when he refuses to reveal Vaughn's location to her, and she begins to suspect that Victor and the Janitor are after her. Josie believes that the only way to fix things is to prevent Victor's experiment from ever taking place, thinking that this will prevent the wormhole from ever existing. Unfortunately, when she takes the Qi-Gong ball, she creates an alternate dimension, where the school is destroyed and Pearadyne is bankrupt.
  • What an unexpected wonderful twist!

    This fantastic show has captivated my daughter and me. We only recently discovered it in re-runs, late nights. (We didn't even know we GOT the discovery kids channel till recently!)

    Now specifically, this show surprised us and has given us lots to discuss and contemplate what could come next, unlike the person who said they thought it could only be "fixed" by saying it was a dream sequence. Hey, this is Blake Holsey High! They can do anything there. ;) Josie could have been using the few years to hunt down all her friends and teachers to figure out what has to be done to get it all back to normal. The guy from "Past" who knew who Josie was, and said "Well Done, Josie" at the end.... he could be involved somehow. Tyler and Sarah could come back from the future and something else revealed. The janitor and clone Josie could be the ones to help get all the problems worked out. There are all sorts of ways this can be worked out, and I just hope that a company will pick it up so we can have more Blake Holsey adventures.
  • wow

    the reason i said it is pianfull to watch is beacuse i think its just soo sad that josie ends up destroying the whole scholl. but now, what is going to happenin the 3 new eps in seaon 4? i cant imagine how they can possibly think of an hour an a half worth of stuff when josie and all her friends never met, there is no school and no wormhole. according to the site, the 3 new eps pick up a few years after, but i dont see how that is going to make a differnce becasue just cuz a few years go by the scholl isnt going to magically appear and evry1 will meet eachother. even though i am sad about the ending, i thought this was a great episode, it kinda forces you to watch the new eps beacuse if u dont u will never no what happens, n thats good that it leaves you at a clifhanger so u have top watch the new ones. even though its gunna be hard waiting until jan or feb 2 find out
  • Josie finds Vaughn circa 1977, returns him to the present, before desiding to go alone to Pearadyne the day of the axident and prevents it, which opens a can of worms.

    It was thee ep. The school ends up closed down, because of what Josie did, not because of what she didn't do. We all knew she couldn't do nothing, which was what the janitor and her clone wanted. Yet, they had to be cripted to why, how, and who they were. Who is to blame? I blame Victor. He could've stop Josie by just explaining it all to her, yet would she've believe him? Why wait for the 3 new ep.s? Because: Who helped Josie escape and will she be able to fix it?
  • The doom episode where everything goes wrong...

    This was a good episode as are all strange days episodes, and I thought it was going to be one of my favorites up until the end, which was too much of a doom ending and spoiled it. I mean, what's the deal with Josie destroying everything at the end? If they bring the show back they can only fix this by making it all a dream or something, which is really sad. The reason I said this is out of character for the show is because usually things wouldn't go wrong on this level. It went beyond the show and did something a little too big. Especially for a show that might have finished at that episode? What does that leave all the viewers with? They have watched a show for three years because they loved it, and now it's over with a big loud crash of "and then Josie took the ball from Victor and caused destruction to everything she cared about...The End"
    I know this is a series finale so they have to have some kind of cliffhanger but this was too major for me.