Strange Days at Blake Holsey High

Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Saturday 12:30 PM Oct 12, 2002 on NBC

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  • Still trying to create characters - although rushed into it a bit

    Josie seems to have settled perfectly down into friendship. It seems like she has always been there. To be honest I think that is totally unreal - i keep rating this low even though i am persistant i like it. I'm starting to realise though that as a whole this is good but in seperate installments it has alot of problems.

    I like the bits with vaughn(sp) and his dad in this plus its pretty cheesey and slightly over the top. Clear that the actors have no experience but getting better each episode.

    Marshall went invisible - felt really sorry for him!
  • Marshel feels like his friends are not paying attention to him.

    Marshall becomes invisable and it becomes trouble because this is black hole high. His friends and z really stepped up to help him. There is a ton of character development in this episode. The best part was when the members of the science club were telling there fav. Marsha;;l story. Corrine: My favourite Marhsall story has to be the time he dressed up like Principal Durst for Halloween!
    Lucas: Remember the time his genetically engineered soap turned his skin green?
    Professor Z: How about when he thought the unit of measure for Energy was the Newton! Not the Joule! The Newton...
    Professor Z: I guess you had to be there...
  • Marshall feels he is invisible with his friends and then he becomes really invisible. Can they all get Marshall back before it's too late?

    Marshall introduced as the least popular character in the series, and therefore put this twist on him, he is trying to get his friends' attention but not one of them is listening to him (even Corrine who is said to have a crush on him), and he becomes very sad and feels like he is invisible. but one problem - as he looks at his hand he realizes that he is TRULY becoming invisible. Now for sure he won;t be aable to get his friends attention. But wait... maybe being invisible is the key to getting people to see him. He starts fooling around with his friends, and when they want to find him to help him, he runs away saying that he doesn't need his friends to see him anymore. But when Marshall is back in the science lab, and no one can feel him and Lucas's glasses show Marshall fading away, they are thrown into emergency mode, and get Marshall back with him realizing that he exists with his friends and isn't invisible with them. A good ending to a good episode.