Strange Days at Blake Holsey High

Season 3 Episode 2


Aired Saturday 12:30 PM Sep 11, 2004 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • The Blake Holsey science mouse is named Schroeder.

    • When Josie stands up to see Victor in front of her dormroom door, you can see that there's light shining from Josie's window. (Contributor: BHHfangirl)

    • In the beginning of the episode, when Josie takes a little nap, you can see that she has her black pen in her right hand. But when she wakes up after having the memory of Victor, she doesn't have the black pen in her hand anymore. (Contributor: BHHfangirl)

    • Based on how Smart Corrine, Lucas, Marshall, and Josie are wouldn't htey know that it's easier to fall asleep if it's dark? Yet all the lights are on in Josie and Corrine's dormroom (Contributor: karategrl)

    • Lucas isn't wearing his spaceship pjs and Marshall isn't wearing his monkey slippers. (Contributor: Jane_Doe)

  • Quotes

    • Josie: I wish I could trust you again.
      Vaughn: Sooner or later your going have to decide.

    • Josie: You're afraid of me aren't you?
      (Victor malevolently laughs)
      Josie: Well that's a yes!
      Victor: Let me ask you something Miss Trent. How do you know that I'm actually here? That we're really having this conversation? And that I'm not really your worst nightmare?

    • Lucas: (To Marshall and Josie after Corrine falls asleep) Whoa that deep breathing stuff really works.
      Josie: Yeah, on the wrong person.

    • Marshall: Okay guys, let's save it for the Macho Olympics.

    • Marshall: That's the ticket, a nice warm glass of milk.
      Josie: That's my third glass! Any more and I'll float away!

    • Marshall: (Talking about why Lucas likes to sleep) Cause sleep is the only time he can wear his spaceship pajammas.
      Lucas: Oh yeah, Mr. Monkey Slippers.

    • Lucas: (to Josie) Why don't you start counting sheep again? (holds up stuffed sheep toy)
      Marshall: Yeah. Wake me up when you get to a million. (sleeps)

  • Notes

    • The scene in Nocturnal between Josie and Victor in his office was not originally written as a dream. Jim Rapsas says the scene seems like a dream because of the way it was executed directorially. The special effects white-eyed Victor contributes greatly to the belief this scene is a dream sequence. Whether or not this scene is actually a dream, the only one who would know for sure would be Victor within the confines of the episode storyline.

    • One of Jim Rapsas favourite episodes

    • Vaughn moves in with his father in this episode

    • Janitor's secret message: "In dreams, truth is spoken. A memory shared brings reconciliation. That left behind will be found and returned."

    • In the UK, this episode aired as the first episode of season 3.

  • Allusions

    • Nocturnal has connective links to both Vision and Hologram. During Josie's dream like state in Nocturnal, she has a vision of Sarah Pearson with a pendant and baby Vaughn. Lucas will discover the pendant's secret location inside Victor's safe with his enhanced visual ability in Vision. And the pendant's assumed primary use will be revealed in Hologram when Vaughn requires the pendant to enable contact his mother, Sarah Pearson.