Strange Days at Blake Holsey High

Season 3 Episode 12


Aired Saturday 12:30 PM Mar 19, 2005 on NBC

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  • Josie jumps into the wormhole to 1879.

    Josie jumps into the wormhole to find herself in 1879. As she pokes around, Headmistress Durst believes that Josie is a student who has arrived early, and Josie is forced to pretend she is Ms. Turner, a student who is going to a boarding school, whose name later on changes to Blake Holsey High. As she is there, she meets Blake Holsey, and they walk around the school, and Blake explains where things around the school are, when they accidentally step in a picture that Mr. Eastmen is taking. In the present, the rest of the Science Club discovers that picture, and they all rush to find Josie after, of course, finding the proper atttire. When they come, Josie is caught between a jealous Blake and a jealous Vaughn, and the Science Club misses the wormhole. They conduct Benjamin Franklin's kite experiment to re-open the wormhole, but Headmistress Durst, Mr. Avenir, and a local law officer and trying to hunt Josie and the Science club down because they were "frauds." (The REAL students had just arrived.) As the three try and get into the Science room (thanks to Avenir's logic) Blake and Vaughn must hold the door while the Science Club escapes, and they DO escape, with Vaughn jumping into the wormhole at the last minute and the door bursts open. The rest of the Science Club makes it back to the present, but Vauhn lands in October 4th of 1977.

    Overall, I believe this was a pretty good episode, and it introduces Avenir, who is very important in 'Conclusions.'