Strange Days at Blake Holsey High

Season 3 Episode 12


Aired Saturday 12:30 PM Mar 19, 2005 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • When Josie and Blake were walking outside of the school and Blake was telling her things about it, if you look at the school you see that there are these "wall plants" on it - those leaves that grow around a building. How in the world does a brand new building already have THOSE all over it?

    • The subfloor of the Science Office is made of Palladium in order to enable the wormhole to function as necessary. This detail was designed into the original blueprints of the Blake Holsey structure, which had previously been known as New Chichester Preparatory Academy.

      Palladium is a rare metallic element, and was discovered in 1802. The chemical symbol is Pd, the atomic weight is 106.2.

      Palladium when combined with yellow gold produces white gold.

    • In the episode Robot, Principal Durst said Blake Holsey High was 150 years old. But in this episode they are still constructing Blake Holsey High and it's 1879, wich would make the building 125 or 126 years. (Contributor: Jane_Doe)

    • In that time, Cameras tookat least 10 minutes to take a picture, not only they didn't take pictures of landscapes like in the show, but Josie would have to stay 10 minutes there in the same position so that the picture was taken correctly. (Contributor: Jane_Doe)

    • When Vaughn is in the door with Blake Holsey you can see the Different Positions between shots
      (Contributor: ma_xxx)

    • When Josie has just arrived in 1879 and meets "Headmistress Durst", she is sent upstairs to put on more suitable clothing. When she comes down, not only is she dressed for the period, but she has also managed to curl her hair. Since her main goal at the time was to get back to the "Science Room" and see if the wormhole would open, why would she take the considerable amount of time needed to work on her hair? (Contributor: systemcv)

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    • The date Josie travels the wormhole to in Past is October 4 1879. The same month and day as the Pearadyne explosion, October 4. The events are however 108 years apart, 1879 and 1987.

    • Janitor's Secret Message: "The experiments begin anew. The enemy is seen. One is lost."

    • Mr. Avenir unexplainably seemed to know all the information about Josie and the wormhole, and in the episode 'Nanotechnology' it is stated that Tyler got a scholarship from the Avenir institute after he is seen "talking" in the forest.

    • Aired on Jetix in the UK in September 2004

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