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  • Great sci-fi show... for kids.

    Yup, you read right in the summary. A sci-fi show for kids might not seem so intriguing when you hear it for the first time, but if you watch this show, you will definitely change your mind about that.

    The acting on this show isn't the best thing you've seen on TV, and it's probably some of the weakest acting. These kids did get better in the later seasons, but I don't think this show got to expand to do more things with their material.

    This show ran for 3 rather short seasons, and had one TV movie called "Conclusions" This show ended beautifully but it definitely should have gone on longer. I guess that's what you can expect from a show on Discovery Kids. The commendable things about this show was the great intriguing story lines, and the great plot that really kept the whole show together. The best show on Discovery Kids, no doubt about it.
  • Such a great show.

    This show is pretty unique and original.It combines one of my favorite subjects "Science". The first reaction ppl hear to a show having Science in it is"oh this is probally a boring and crappy show"

    but the truth is,is that its not.Its a wonderful show that actually teaches kids something than the usaual Teenybopper/pre-school/comedy&slapstick type shows.The series left many questions but tried to answer most.People got mad that in the end..Josie and Vaugn didnt get together, tell you the didnt need to happen,becuase thats what happens in every show and for the fact that they share the same blood and geo-netic chemicals of such.Forever be remembered

    Strange Days At Blake Holsey High.
  • Good show!

    I do admitted that this show can be boring at times but it's a great show. Intresting and paranormal things going on in a borarding High school. It's a great show for Sci Fi fans of all ages. The show had great charcters and actors. It may not be my fave show in the whole entire world but it was good and it made you think alot and sometimes the situations that happened in the show were really good brian teasers and I like show like that. Where you have to think about the situation and figure them out. Just put the peices of the puzzle together. A very good and imformative show.
  • Meet Josie. She is entering you average bording school. Or is she? In the first day her and her room mate Corrine get sucked into a wormhole 15 years in the past. It is easy to see that the science club has found a mystery.

    Meet Josie. She is entering you average bording school. Or is she? In the first day her and her room mate Corrine get sucked into a wormhole 15 years in the past. It is easy to see that the science club has found a mystery. As the seasons contnue, it gets way better. In every episode something happens to one of the characters. It is such a good show and I watch it all the time.(I am a science dork so I love every minute of it.) Strange Days At Black Hole High is an awesome show that everyone should watch.
  • school is weird

    Blake Holsey High is a strange school where strange things happen... Josie Trent is the ain character who has been sent there and with her friends at school and the help of the science professor they manage to defeat all anner of bizarre attacks upon the school... leading to a conclusion involving interdimensionl travel and lots more... most certainly this series suffers from the same problem found in Monster Warriors- that each attack happens within and confined to an episode... no more than one plot arc... and each attack is bizarre yet precise to the point of being pure... none of the attacks coincide... therefore realism is hardly to be commended here... not that realism is always important... the acting and character style is odd... not a bad show... i guess
  • This show is about a group of kids who go to school where there is a secret blackhole. This blackhole causes all kinds of diffrent things happen to them.

    I had doubts from the preveiws I saw, but it is actually pretty good. It's definatly entertainment, mixed with morals and a little science. The show has overall interesting plot points, while teaching you science. While you're watching this; though, it doesn't ever seem like you're learning school subjects, but the stuff does stick. After all, I never knew what a Teseract was and now I do - and it never seemed like I was learning anything when I watched the episode. I also think they explore each character's personality well. I think they picked the right person to play Professor Zee. The actor seems to play this type of character well. I also like all the plot points with Voughn and his father, but they needed a few more of them. It was an overall good series.
  • Something paranormal is going on at Strange Days at Blake Holsey High and five students are going to find out what.

    You know those days when there is absolutely nothing coming on the tv? Well it was on one of those days that I found this amazingly, worthwhile show. I missed the first seven minutes, but that didn't stop me from watching it. The basic premise of this show is that there is a black hole in the science office of this school. Josie Trent is the new girl, which everything seems to happen around her. Along with Corrine, Marshall, Lucas, Vaughn, and Professor Z she will find out what happens. All the actors are good and act out their parts with full confidence.

    This show is truly underappreciated. It is an amazing show that involves science (yes, you might learn something)and the lives of teenagers. Each episode is enjoyable in its own way. I just finished watching it the first time around and was saddened to see it go. I know for a fact I am going to be watching it again every night when it repeats. This show has easily and quickly become one of my favorite shows of all time. I think everyone should give this show a chance.
  • Something is totally wierd at Blake Holsey High. Whatever it is, it is paranormal and a group of friends will uncover it's mysteries with their science teacher.

    This show is underappreciated. It is fantastic and keeps fans on their toes. However, the show suffers from the network that it is on and the time that it is shown. If it was shown on something like the WB for example, at 8/9 pm then there would be a greater fan base. It is as great as other shows such as Heroes. However, no one knows about this show. Discover kids doesn't even think about the kids that don't have cable or the kids that can't want it on Saturdays because they are out doing some volunteer service for Key Club or something. Advice to them, make this show more accessible for people, then things would be better.

    Overall people should watch this show if they have the means too.
  • This show was definitely a must see for me.

    Even though it's probably meant for a younger audience I enjoyed watching it through highschool. Once, I mentioned to some of my friends that I really liked watching this science-y show on Saturdays and they immediately asked me "You mean Blake Holesy High?" It turns out we'd all been watching the show on our own without telling each other. Even my dad, an electrical engineer, found the show to be amusing and he started to watch it with me! This is a great show because not only is it the type of show parents want their kids to watch, but it's a show kids could actually enjoy too!
  • There is something strange going on at Blake Holsey High and Josie Trent is determined to find out.

    When I first saw this show I only planned on watching one episode. Michael Seater is in this show and I only wanted to see what it was about. After seeing my first episode (Predictions) I was immedietly hooked. This show has everything. Romance, Action, Humor, Educational Value, and so much more. The episodes are well written and every episode is entertaining.
  • My username is Corraine but not for Black Hole High!

    I like Black Hole High!It's nice and strange.Josie is such a late gurl and gets into trouble but she's the main character.Corraine(My username)is like this perfect study obssessed girl but that's not me.Think that and I could get you into trouble.Lucas is the same as Corraine but a little bit of a nerd but he's Michael seater from Life with Derek.Marshall's okay but soooooo much into music.he was in the group Magnet 360.It reminds me of geometry which is lame.Vaughn's also okay but I think he has a crush on Josie.Bet Josie feels the same for him so it makes Lucas jealous.Durst is such a bossy cow.Victor's the okay weirdo.The janitor and Josie 2 are totally mysterious.I can't say more about these dudes but they make this show cool.
  • A show, that most assumed to be horrible as soon as someone hears the word 'science' in it...

    Strange Days at Blake Holsey High. This was one of and still is, the best show on TV. While other channels like Disney and Cartoon Network are headed for a sharp patch of thorns downhill, Discovery Kids had one decent show. It was a new approach and had originally been on ABC Family, where you can combine humor, drama, mystery, suspense, science, and a program for all ages. Many just hear about that it has science in it and then ignore the show all together, saying it is probably crap.

    This was a very, very good show. Unfortunately in the end, it left more questions then answers. We have been left many things that we have speculated and never got to find out. Such as:

    Who or what was Tyler talking to in the episode 'Nanotechnology'?

    Where did Tyler go when he went through the Wormhole in the episode 'Camouflage'?

    What was so important about the tesseract device?

    What happened to Professor Middleton?

    Unfortunately, we all know that the show isn't coming back for many reasons. We know one things because three of the stars are now busy with the Disney show 'Life With Derek' and wouldn't be able to abandon their show. No matter if they wanted to go back and do another season of Strange Days, how? For one the show ended with the black hole being destroyed and the Qui Gong ball becoming an ordinary ball again. How would another season run? Plus the company that made Strange Days is now gone. They only had enough money to answer some of our questions when they aired Conclusions.

    A show to be remembered, this brought science, fun, and everything needed for a good show under one roof. Even if we still have fanfics to give us the answers we need, we will never see what the writers were going to tell us about the unanswered questions....

    Remember Strange Days At Blake Holsey High forever!

  • Strange Days at Blake Holsey High is about a girl named Josie Trent and her friends at the Science Club: Marshall Wheeler, Corrine Baxter, Professor Z, Vaughn Pearson, and Lucas Randall who thinks they're something wrong with their school.

    Strange Days at Blake Holsey High is the best show I've probably ever seen!!! I love this show so much! I always have time to watch it and I have seen every episode! It HAS to come out on DVD! I swear I would buy every single one!! I know every single episode of Strange Days at Blake Holsey High and I haven't missed one yet! My friends say I'm obsessed, but I say I'm in love! I loved the drama, excItement and romance! This has to be the best educational show that you would want to watcha and actually learn more things about science taht you maybe didn't know before! Take my word for it and go on the discovery kIds channel and watch it! Go watch every single episode and get hooked on Strange Days just like I did! You'll thank me for it later!! I promise.
  • Strange Days At Blake Holsey High is about the paranormal adventures and discoveries of the science club. Within these discoveries hold the drama of the members of the science club.

    This show has been awesome. It showed a new way of learning something that could be .... boring into a full blasty blast. I love the characters especially Prof. Zachary. I like how they mix the drama and the science together. Each episode of SDABHH keeps you at the edge of your seat, wanting you to keep on watching. When every episode ends you can't wait until another episode airs. When the show ended it made me pretty sad.... but I was still happy they're airing re-runs. At first, I thought the show was really ending......... until I heard Jim Raspas say about an idea of having a spin-off show of BHH. My happiness was re-born. Because I thought the SDABHH was really good, I know that the spin-off show should be even better.
  • Love it!

    I love this show, its so great. and the first day i watched it i was hooked. um, I like the way its just a 30 min. show it still is building up to the grand finallie kinda, I loved all the conclusions, i liked the way they added in all the twist and everything, im kinda sad that vaughn never said thank you or anything to josie i mean she did him a favor, she saved the world and still got his mom back. he should have yelling praises for her. but oh well. when does anything go the way you want it to on tv?
  • this is my favirote show ever. ever.

    I was so so disapointed and upset when my show had it's finale. Even though i really wanted to know what was going on there, i wanted to see more..and i didn't want it to end. Blake holsey high is amazing. i discovered this show on discovery kids when i was flipping channels winter 2005 and i was hooked. but not for long. because in January 2006 the show ended and i hadn't even watched all of the episodes yet. this show is the only show i have ever watched consistently for more then two episodes. Every day faithfully, i would be in front of the TV at 9:00 to watch the two wonderful episodes that gave me so much joy. About four months after the finale though, Discovery kids cut the episode count down to ONE EPISODE A DAY at 9:30. i am truly a black hole addict. i really love this show because of the characters, the conflicts, the unexpected episodes and plots, the twists, the canadian accents, micheal seater [who is truly hott. i thought this BEFORE genome.],the humor,marshall..[who's pretty hott too..but n ot as hott as lucas.],the love traingle, josie's clone, the conspiracy theories, and the humor that's in every episode.
    Can't they do maybe just one more reunion episode?
  • i loved this show. I used to watch it all the time, but know there aren't any more new episodes. i really enjoyed all of the different things that happened at blake holsey high school.

    i loved this show. I used to watch it all the time, but now there aren't any more new episodes. i really enjoyed all of the different things that happened at blake holsey high school. josie falling into the black hole and traveling back in time to 1987 and Professor Z and the gang having to search for her. i loved all of the funny science experiments like when they were studying DNA and josie spit her gum out and her clone was formed. there are still a lot of unanswered questions from conclusions. i wonder whatever happened to all of the characters after graduation, Professor Z, Lucas, Corrine, Vaughn, Victor, the janitor, Marshall, Josie, and Principal Durst. i wish that they would come out with more episdoes showing what their lives are like after "black hole" high.
  • Strange things happen at blake holsey high and josie trent is detemined to find out why.......

    Black Hole High
    I LOVE THIS SHOW!!! It is sooooo cooooool. And it is funny too! Each episode is great!!! I LOVE it!! It is really great. I've watched most of season one and the last 2 episodes so far. I'm still watching. I watch it everyday and I on't like to miss a single episode! But there is one thing I don't like about it-Josie Trent. I can't stand her. She is soooooo...I don't know...somethingy. And the janitor is really really really weird... and what is his problem> What does he want? Anywayz I don't like Durst either. She looks so different now than from 1977. Okay..........Apart from that this show is great, funny and super cooool!!! I love it!!! I give it a 10!!!
  • Why don't more people watch this?

    I don't understand why more people don't watch this. It is an absoulutely awesome show. I wish it didn't stop running. It was about a shool where something weird is going on. The science club tries to figure out what it is while going through personal problems as well as weird things happening to them. The movie was so sad. Now a lot of the cast is on life with derek, a show not half as good. It won a few awards, but none very good. I can't see why more peope don't watch it. They might think because it has sciance in it it's boring. But it's not! It's an awesome show that everyone should try to watch.
  • It is set at the fictional boarding school of the title, where a Science Club (five students and their teacher) investigates mysterious phenomena, most of which is centered around a wormhole located on the school grounds..

    when i first watched this about late \\\'02 i got hooked on it til about yr 10.. i havent seen it in ages. i\\\'ve grown out of alot if these shows, but i remember back now of how much i really enjoyed watching this... i guess b4 hand i watched the zak files; both very similair and feature to of the actors.. i loved the suspense, mystery. everything about it was excellant.. the school, the ppl,well-done camera angels.. truly awesome..
  • This show was great for preteens and a learning tool

    I liked this show because they fused knowlegde of science into the story line without losing the interest of the viewer. I think the reason why it was popular is because the show is reminiscent of a Harry Potter movie in that they (the characters) easily use the supernatural to assist them in their adolescent lives. It's a really great show for younger people who like science and also for those into supernatural phenomenons.
  • This show is confusing to me but still watch it . I watch it because how its confushing it make the show more enjoyful .

    this show is thw best i love Lucas he's my favorite character this show is a show about a school where a black hole is and they learn and try to figure out about it and why theres a black hole near the school its confushing all this stuff happening and all the mysterys would be confuseing but thats what makes it so great to watch everyday all my favorite episode is all of them i dont really have a favorite thats way all of them are my favorite ihavent seen all of them so i hope do i want to see all of the 1st episode to the last .
  • While it's a kid show, it's still amazing!

    I absolutely love this show!

    What talented kid actors they have for these roles! i love it!

    I mean, haha i'd go with a saying like "it makes learning fun!" but i won't. cuz yeah i do learn new things from it, but i don't really remember them all. haha. i just remember, "oh hey! the bell curve. I saw that concept in an episode of this show..." or "hey! the theory of chaos! cool!" but yeah. it's not like, i use this show as a science book or anything.

    Every episode ends with some crazy twist or cliffhanger or something! i love it! There are so many different like, aspects of the plot, that it doesn't seem like a kid show. I mean, it's really interesting!

    And i mean, the guy, victor pearson, who they made seem like the evil villain in every episode, was actually the good guy? And Josie was supposed to help him, but she had just been working against him? I didn't see that coming - at all!

    It was a bit shocking to see all the kids in the 3 ep/tv movie finale. Lucas? He looked so funny! like hilarious! Vaughn got some more muscle, and why did Marshall have to leave? Corrinne or however u spell that, was pretty much the same. But didn't it look like Lucas and Mr. Z switched haircuts? And Lucas upgraded to new glasses...that looked like huge goggles! Funny!

    But i loved the finale. It was good and i was satisfied. Mr. Aveneer or w/e was josie's father! crazy! Haha. a friend and i were entertaining the theory that maybe the janitor and Lucas were the same person? or something? I mean, can't u see that? haha! but, no. That didn't work out. bummer!

    Anyway, i'm glad josie returned safely. Too bad she has to take yet another year of school. What did she do for that yr. she was stuck by herself? Wow, like nothing? Ahh...

    But what a fantastic show! It was really good and it just seemed so mature and so fascinating all the time! so many plot twists and so much suspense and stuff! i was on my toes all the time, wondering how it all comes together!

    i'm glad it had a good finale. this show was great and it deserved a great ending.

  • The show is about the weird stuff that gose on at blake holsey. Now Josie Trent and her friends and the science teacher must find out the mysteries behind blake holsey. Like whats with the janitor and what's with that floating ball.

    The show may not work fun some people, but if your in to SCIFI you should totally watch it. I think the show is i one of the best SCIFI shows on tv for teens, cause there not a lot of SCIFI show on for teens now days. So like I said befor if your in to SCIFI you should totally check out Blake Holsey High.
  • Amazing Show!

    When I was changing channels trying to find something to watch and I saw that Strange Days was on, I decided to watch it. I didn't get it at all, since it was the one called Tesseract. I just thought it was cool, so I began watching it everyday on Tivo. The week before 'Conclusions' came out, they had a marathon playing every Strange Days, so I watched as many as I could, and began to completly understand it. Conclusions was so awesome, and is one of my favorite episodes. I know some people who think that they should continue making new episodes, however, I think that they ended the show at the perfect time, so that you don't get bored with it. You should deffiantly watch this show!
  • Cool and crazy. Rock on.

    I just stared waching this show on dk. It is all right. I saw the frist show of it. You need to wach the frist show to get it. It is strang. That is what the show is about. It is cool. But so of the strang things are sooo funny. The funny things some are coollee wried. (Coollee. Will I made it up) Any way it should come on dvd, or new shows on dk. I have 76 wrdes now. Have to have 100. I will just say this show rocks-Hay 92. I will just say:I love this show.
  • Strange Days t Blake Holsey High is about 5 kids and their science professor in the science club who discover the strangest things about thier school. All of them connected to one thing, the wormhole in their basement. They each endure very strange days.

    This is an absolutly amazing show. It show different kinds of people Corrine and Marshall for the smart, Lucas for the strange, Josie for the trouble maker, and Vaughn for a jock. Its hard to make a summary for this show, you can't fill up the whole show on just 255 characters. When I first saw this show I instantly was sucked into it. It grabs hold of you, and you can't get away. I love this show it leaves me speechless. You experiencce everything in one absolutly fabulous show. I say this from my heart, I adore this show.
  • Great show :)

    I really like this serie its a pity its ended but I think we didnt say all the episodes in the netherlands we only had this serie ones in a summer but it never returned after that so I hope we will get the "new" episodes soon becuase I really like this serie
  • A science group at blake Holsey High goes through a series of strange happenings. one moment they are crawling through wormholes the next their sallowing microscopic cameras.

    Its pretty good not great but not bad either intresting and educational but not stay at home worth to see. However if your flipping channels and its on , which it is weekdays at 3:00 and 3:30, its totally not boring to watch. check it out. although it's sorta like a tween show not children but not totally teen either. but considering it's about a science team you learn quite alot of science facts. It is mysterious rather intresting. but not enough as i've said before. It's sorta like "If you've watched one you've seen just about what the next one is like" these episods have a different topic but still seem the same. however it's still a good show.
  • Cool show about 5 kids and their profesor trying 2 figure out about the strange things that hapen at their skool

    I Loved this show! It is very good and educational.I Wish they would bring it back, but i loved they way they ended the is about the science club which includes Marshall Wheeler, Corrine Baxter,Vaugn Pearson,Profesor Z,and Josie Trent.they try 2 figure out the wierd stuff that happens at their skool and plot against Vaugn\'s Dad Victor Pearson

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