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Strange Days at Blake Holsey High

NBC (ended 2006)



User Score: 602


Strange Days at Blake Holsey High Fan Reviews (64)

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  • Great sci-fi show... for kids.

    Yup, you read right in the summary. A sci-fi show for kids might not seem so intriguing when you hear it for the first time, but if you watch this show, you will definitely change your mind about that.

    The acting on this show isn't the best thing you've seen on TV, and it's probably some of the weakest acting. These kids did get better in the later seasons, but I don't think this show got to expand to do more things with their material.

    This show ran for 3 rather short seasons, and had one TV movie called "Conclusions" This show ended beautifully but it definitely should have gone on longer. I guess that's what you can expect from a show on Discovery Kids. The commendable things about this show was the great intriguing story lines, and the great plot that really kept the whole show together. The best show on Discovery Kids, no doubt about it.
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