Strange Days at Blake Holsey High - Season 3

NBC (ended 2006)




Episode Guide

  • Inquiry
    Episode 13
    Josie is determined to find and rescue Vaughn at all costs. Josie locates Vaughn, and they return to the present. Josie believes everything is her fault because Victor stole the ball from her. And decides she must prevent the accident at Pearadyne from occurring. Only, once she does, everything may never be the same, and she faces an unexpected reality.moreless
  • Friction
    Episode 11
    Vaughn tells Corinne that he saw her on the Pearadyne security tapes- talking to his mother. He becomes angry at her when she denies ever seeing his mother.
    Z explains to the science club about friction- how it can cause things to fuse together. He demonstrates with two blocks of metal. When the lesson is over, Corrine leaves quickly, followed by Vaughn who doesn't believe Corrine is telling the truth about his mother. As the remaining science club members are leaving, they notice that the metal blocks have fused together, despite being set apart. Something clicks and they go to warn Vaughn and Corrine, but it is too late. Vaughn grabs Corrine's wrist to stop her, and suddenly they are fused together and can't separate. Now in order to come unstuck, Vaughn and Corrine must cooperate to find out what really happened when Corrine went through the wormhole.moreless
  • Past
    Episode 12
    Josie suddenly finds herself in 1879 by way of the wormhole. Vaughn, Lucas, Corrine, and Marshall come to her rescue. All return to the present except Vaughn, who discovers he has returned to a much different yet familiar reality...
  • Chirality
    Episode 10
    Durst doesn't think Z is being hard enough on his students so decides to take his science class for him to check it out. Josie, knowing Z will go easy on her, cuts class- again. While durst is teaching the class about chirality- mirror opposites- she smells the experiment's resulting liquid and becomes more laid back, just as Z is. Unfortunately the smell also gets to Z, who in turn becomes more strict that Durst ever was. Soon he becomes the acting principal of Blake Holsey, and is giving out detentions for every minor offence. The science club members must figure out how to reverse the effects before Z gets too out of control...moreless
  • Transference
    Episode 1
    Just as Vaughn's intelligence seems to be increasing, Josie's intelligence seems to be dropping. Coincidence? Not at Black Hole High...
  • Tesseract
    Episode 4
    Lucas cancels a long-weekend fishing trip with his father so that he can stay at Blake Holsey and investigate Victor and Vaughn. While setting up a surveillance camera in Professor Z's lab, he stumbles upon a secret compartment that holds a strange device. When activated, the device turns the school into a tesseract- causing the school to begin folding in on itself...moreless
  • Hologram
    Episode 8
    Marshall is testing a rocket but when he launches it, it fails to come down. Instead, a large silver sphere falls from the sky. When the gang go to investigate, the sphere dissolves, leaving behind a strange device. They take it to Z, who also has no idea what it was. When Josie touches it a panel opens up, and a timer begins to count down. Now the science club has 26 minutes to figure out what it does, and what the connection is to Vaughn...moreless
  • Probability
    Episode 9
    Marshall is busy working on promotions for his band, Magnet 360. He is supposed to write a 1500 word essay for the school paper for his community service, however he runs out of time and ends up filling the space with predictions, thanks to Z's inspiring lesson on horoscopes and The Bell Curve.

    Unfortunately, he forgets to check his work, and the prediction that 'a member of the science club will diet' becomes 'a member of the science club will die.' It doesn't seem to be a problem until the other predictions start to come true. Now each member of the science club has to work out how to cheat death...moreless
  • Nocturnal
    Episode 2
    Josie is having a hard time sleeping at night, but not in class. She has gone cathemaral - she has lost her sleep routine. More worrying, however, are the hallucinations she encounters whilst sleeping...
  • Nanotechnology
    Episode 6
    A strange occurance in the science lab causes Marshall's phone, a laptop, and Z's camera to shrink to nano size. Intrigued by Tyler's strange behaviour since his discovery of the worm hole, the science club decide to take advantage of the nano-sized camera, and plant it on Tyler. However things become complicated when Josie accidentally swallows the camera.moreless
  • Vision
    Episode 7
    After continuously losing at hearts, Lucas modifies a new pair of glasses so that he can see through the cards. However things go awry when he becomes able to see through everything. He starts running into things because he can't see they are there. Though, still mistrustful of Vaughn, he decides to investigate his suspicions before seeking help for his impending blindness.moreless
  • Camouflage
    Episode 5
    When certain members of the school start behaving oddly, it is clear that Tyler is behind it. Could he have gained the power to camouflage himself as others?
  • Allure
    Episode 3
    When Corrine's venus fly trap is left uncovered and alone in the science lab, it becomes a girl. Under the name Diana, she attends several classes at Blake Holsey, and immediately has all the boys competing for her attention. However it is Marshall that she takes a special interest in, which upsets Corrine. The other girls also don't seem too impressed with this new stranger...moreless