Strange Days at Blake Holsey High

Season 2 Episode 13


Aired Saturday 12:30 PM Jan 31, 2004 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • In Stopwatch, when Vaughn closely examined the chi-ball that Josie had left, it had markings on it. But the floating one didn't, and the two balls came together. Why would one of the chi-balls in the box have markings, and the other one not? Shouldn't they both be the same?

  • Quotes

    • Victor: Josie's mother isn't to be trusted, Vaughn, neither is Josie. She's using you.

    • Vaughn: You and mom met each other while you were at Blake Holsey together. When did you know how you felt about her?
      Victor: Right away

    • Josie: (To Vaughn I trusted you. I won't make that mistake again.

    • Lucas: (About Josie): I'm not avoiding her. I'm just trying not to run into her, that's all.
      Marshall: *heh* That's what avoiding means Lucas.

    • Victor: (To Vaughn) A power source with unlimited potential. With this, we can remake the past or unlock the future.

    • Marshall: (To Josie, about her watch) A line of those would sell like hot cakes. Do you mind if I take a look?

    • Lucas: I'm not avoiding her. I'm just trying not to run in to her.
      Marshall: That's avoiding her.

  • Notes

    • The Janitor cannot be frozen by the stopwatch that freezes time.

    • First appearance of Josie2 since "Culture".

    • Even though more episodes were taped later in the same year, this episode is considered the last episode of season 2.

    • The band, Old School 101, is Jim Rapsas' best friend's band. The band's mentioning was a shout out to him. Jim's best friend created a good number of the artwork on Josie's side of her room.

    • Janitor's secret message: "When time stops, a mysterious visitor arrives."

    • Curfew at Blake Holsey is 11pm.

    • Learned: "If one person was on the planet Earth and his twin was on a spaceship traveling at the speed of light, time would travel much more slowly for the twin in the fast ship." (Einstein's Twin Paradox theory).

    • This episode was first aired December 6, 2003, on Global Saskatoon before the air dates of TNBC or DCKids, as episode 10 of season 2.
      TNBC/DCKids original air date: Jan 31, 2004.
      UK original air date: Dec 10, 2003.

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