Strange Days at Blake Holsey High

Season 1 Episode 9


Aired Saturday 12:30 PM Jan 11, 2003 on NBC

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  • Voghn is having a bad day.

    Voghn is a storm cloud. He is poring rain because of the tension between him and his father and his friends. I think he also know that his father is planing something really big that will effect everyone. The crazy janiter is helping out once again. There is really something wrong with black hole high. Not acourding to Durst. Principal Durst: Everything's fine, just a slight draft. Someone must have left a window open. There is nothing wrong at Blake Holsey High. She is so covering for Victor. I wish we know more about what happened all of those years ago.
  • vaughn can't decide between his friends and his father and it's making a storm in and outside his head

    In the beginning of this episode, Mr. Pearson puts a listening device on Vaughn so he can eavesdrop on the science club's blake hole related discussions. Vaughn doesn't like it at all, and a storm starts rising up in him. Betray his friends, or betray his father? betray his father, or betray his friends? He didn't want to betray anyone, yet he wasn't given a choice. Soon around the school there starts being a real storm. Fis=rst a shower right over Vaughn's head, and then it just kept getting bigger and bigger. Vaughn decides to quit the science club because he can't spy on his friends anymore, and his dad is disappointed, not to mention his friends who liked him in the science club. Meanwhile the storm (which circulates over vaughn) is getting bigger and bigger. This is the second time so far that how someone emotionally felt affected what happened(before in invisible). And as the storm rages, Vaughn's friends try to help him through his troubles, but he keeps turning them away. Finally, he lets them help him, and as he tells them what really happened with the listening device and the whole story, the storm dies and dies until it's gone. This episode shows that even though Vaughn's friends might not have trusted him, he is still a person with feelings and predicaments. He is in a very tough spot between the science club and his father, and he has hard trust times. It made the audience (or at least me) realize that Vaughn is just trying to be a good person and we shouldn't judge him harshly. This was a very good episode.
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