Strange Days at Blake Holsey High

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Saturday 12:30 PM Oct 05, 2002 on NBC

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  • So pretty much cheesey acting - bad script - not sure how it got past the pilot

    Although from my summary you assume i dislike the show - wrong. This show is from the start and to be honest it gets better. Although staying cheesey and ott throughout it is a good show - i like it better when vaughn (sp?) plays a bigger part though.

    This episode is obviously a pilot - Crappy effects but a story that wants attention.

    Corinne gets taken, josie and the gang try convincing principal she got taken by a vortex - to be honest it seemed like they all handled the situation perfectly.

    to be honest id be slightly more shocked, but heh its a programme?

    not a great start, thankfully gets better.
  • When I first watched strange days I really liked it.

    Meet Josie. She is entering you average bording school. Or is she? In the first day her and her room mate Corrine get sucked into a wormhole 15 years in the past. It is easy to see that the science club has found a mystery.

    The best part was when Josie enters the science club and talks to z.
    Professor Z: Are you here for Science Club?
    Josie: Science Club? You're joking, right?
    Professor Z: No. We always have an opening for an interested student, Miss...
    Josie: Trent, Josie Trent and I'm not interested.
    Professor Z: Oh, well that's too bad because we were just discussing the possible molecular deconstruction of a Science Professor.
    Josie: Then I better go, wouldn't want to keep you from that...
    Professor Z: 'Fraid you might learn something?
    Josie: Molecular deconstruction? Cells are made up of molecules; molecules are made up of atoms; once you start dealing with atoms, quantum mechanics kicks in, and all the rules go out the window. Ergo, You can take an atom apart to the subatomic level, and put it back together again. In theory, you can molecularly deconstruct anything: plants, chewing gum, even something less complex. Like a science teacher.
    Professor Z: Ouch.
    Josie: My guess: your professor was sucked into a vortex. Later.
  • In this pilot episode, you meet all the main characters. Corrine, Lucas, Marshall, Vaughn, and of course Josie. Marshall, Lucas, and Josie sneak into the off-limits Professor Malcolm's office. They discover a wormhole where Corrine gets sucked in.

    When I watched this I was sucked straight into the the show, as if I was Corrine being sucked into the wormhole. This is exactly how every pilot episode should be. It show a bit of each character, from the students, to Victor Pearson, and to the principal, Amanda Durst. It even shows whats with the Pearadyne. It is an amazing mix of science fiction, mystery, drama, and comedy. It has graphics that are so amazing, just like it is real!! You even get to see what the Pearadyne looks like. This is definatly a show I will keep watching!!
  • Great show starter!

    It really got me hooked but i wish Discovery would show the episodes in order and faster (not repeating so many). Josie Trent is a very interesting character usually the main character is a little kinder and nicer but she adds to the fun when her roommate is the exact opposite smart nice and kind (and neat). I also wish conclusions pt.3 isn't the last episode!MAKE MORE EPISODES!!!
  • WOw

    This episode was good. It was a good start for the series. I liked the way it gave a little peek of each of the characters personality before we see them develop. We see how rude Vaughn was to Lucas and Marshall. How Lucas sees animals that are supposed to be extinct. How Marshall is a good friend to Lucas. How smart Corrine is. How Josie seems to be a trouble maker.
  • Josie arrives at Blake Holsey High, a school in which she's bound to learn more than regular science...

    This is the pilot untroductory episode and they did a very good job. I understood what was going on perfectly, and it introduced me to all the characters and happenings in the show. Everything and everyone was established, and while Josie affirmed her friendship with Corrine, Vaughn was thrust into the trust and obeyance world with his father, and it is absolutely perfect and because of this episode, I was glued to the show straight 'til the end and I couldn't be drawn off or out of it. It is one of the best pilot episodes I have seen and a wonderful job in the script-writing, acting, producing, everything. There are no goofs as far as I see it, so this is a great start for an even greater series.
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