Strange Days at Blake Holsey High

Season 2 Episode 1

Wormhole2 (2)

Aired Saturday 12:30 PM Sep 13, 2003 on NBC
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Wormhole2 (2)
...Continued from Shrink

Welcome to Blake Holsey's first annual pizza party! Attendance by all is required, but Josie, Corrine, Marshall, Lucas, Vaughn, and Professor Z suspect Durst wants to keep them occupied while Victor Pearson initiates a devious plan.

Their suspicions are confirmed when they discover a team of scientists outside the school. Josie is amazed when she sees that one of them is her Mom, Kelly Trent. Then, Kelly conducts tests which send Josie into the Wormhole, taking her back in time to three hours earlier!

She must inform her Mom about the potential dangers of a fatal discharge of electricity! And she must race against time...moreless

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  • This episode continues from Shrink. Josie sees a worker which ends up being her mother, and a device goes haywire. It makes a wormhole that sucks Josie in, andsends her back 3 hours before.moreless

    A great episode.

    An excellent episode that continues from Shrink. There is no way Shrink could of ended better. It wasn't unusual that the wormhole sucked Josie in, but very unusual that it only put her about 3 hours into the past. Could of been a little more informative though. Like, what in the worls kind of device that was that created the wormhole? And why did Kelly Trent want to stop Victor Pearson? And last but not least, of course why didn't Kelly mention at all to Josie what she was doing? They saw each other. Josie saved her.moreless
  • Josie falls through a wormhole created by her mother and has to relive the last three hours. Excellent episode!

    This has got to be my favorite episode of all of Strange Days at Blake Holesy High. While it diddn't have much in the way of character devlopment, it moved the plot along and it was an excellent way to start the second season.

    The episode starts with Josie getting sucked down a wormhole created by her mother. That's nothing new; it happens all the time in this series. But the thing that makes it special is that she went to a time where she allready exsisted.

    This episode had some of the best scenes in a series I had ever seen. From the scene where Future Josie was hideing in Z's office when Past Josie came in, to the hilarious scene where Prof. Z discovers that the Science Club is going to blow up the punch bowl. This episode rocked!moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Josie is told she has to get back to the wormhole gate and return to her own time. This would actually create the anomaly she wants to avoid. The gate that opens up in Wormhole2, like the one at the end of Shrunk, should be the same path and, thus, lead to the past again, not back to the future. If she had just stayed put, the Josie from the Shrunk timeline would have gone into the past and left only one Josie in the current timeline.

      On a related note, if having two of the same person in one universe would make it collapse on itself, then that should have happened right away.

    • Time travel consequences are emphasized more than the earlier time travel episodes.

  • QUOTES (3)

    • Josie:(Thinking about and repeating what the Janitor advised her) Don't hold onto things that can hurt you. Just throw them away.

    • Victor: Sounds like we may have rats - large ones. (Referring to the noise he hears from Professor Z and Josie in the other room)

    • Principal Durst: Attention--Any student that is not now in the dining hall should now be in the dining hall. That is all.

  • NOTES (6)

    • Guide Listings:

      Victor Pearson and his cronies begin experiments on the school to try to gain control; Josie is sucked into a wormhole. (TV Guide Listings)

      Josie's mother sucks her into a wormhole. (MSN TV Listings)

    • Janitor's secret message: "The greatest threat to Victor ... is Josie."

    • The "2" in this episode's title is really a "square 2" or "²", making the title said as "Wormhole squared" instead of "Wormhole two".

    • The purple electricity/energy, that shoots out of the detection unit Kelly is holding, will appear in almost (if not) all episodes this season, and future season 3 episodes. The purple electricity/energy basically zaps anything that is affected by the wormhole.

    • Learned: The shin is least protected bone on the body. Bicarbonate of Soda and Vinegar creates bubbling Carbon Dioxide. To let go of things that harm you.

    • The Janitor appears not phased by Josie's comment about him knowing everything, even in 2 universes.


    • Although Wormhole² is the sequel and second episode to Shrink, the episode is entitled Wormhole² for a connective link to the first episode Wormhole.

      The major theme of Wormhole is Josie's wormhole travel. The major theme of Wormhole² is Josie's wormhole travel with added time loop for enhanced wormhole experience thus the squared added to the title.