Strange Frequency

VH1 (ended 2001)


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  • Season 1
    • Daydream Believer
      Daydream Believer
      Episode 12
      A middle of the road American mom (Ally Sheedy) gets flashbacks to a different life she is also living - that of the rockstar Lee Bonner.
    • Don't Fear the Reaper
      Jules (Charisma Carpenter, Buffy's Cordelia Chase), the lead singer of a goth band, sees death take the life of a girl at her concert and fears that she's next.
    • More Than a Feeling
      Martin is a famous promotor who literally has a 'gut' instinct for talent-spotting, however his prodigies seem to pay a hefty price for their fame. Realising this, Martin tries to protect his latest prodigy, Darcy, from suffering the same fate but helplessly watches as her life spirals out of control.
    • Instant Karma
      Instant Karma
      Episode 9
      Sloane plays a girl totally obsessed with hard-rocker Gedrick. She's given a backstage pass at a concert and finds it's actually good for a trip on the band bus back to their hotel. She doesn't even make it that far, however; Gedrick rapes her in a curtained room at the back of the bus and more or less dumps her in the middle of the road. When she's unwilling to get into a "he said-she said" court case by pressing charges, her sympathetic roommate assures her karma will come around and bite him in the ass. Sloane returns to his next concert with a half-hearted plan to do him bodily harm. But when he humiliatingly kisses her, they end up switching bodies, and she finds she can wreak revenge in much more interesting ways.moreless
    • Time Is On My Side
      A fan of Alex Clayton (when taking drugs and listening to his album Revelations) travels back in time to the point just before Alex is shot (Monday 24 June).
    • Disco Inferno
      Disco Inferno
      Episode 7
      After attending a late-night concert, heavy metal fans Randy and Buck crash their car into a tree. Looking for help, they go into a late night club only to discover that it is a 70s disco. Horrified by the music and clothes they leave only to discover that they may be actually dead and doomed to remain in "disco hell".moreless
    • A Change Would Do You Good
      Troublesome musicians from the same record company are sent to a special rehab centre with a 100% success rate. Here they are kept on their drugs to keep them complaint and then cloned to provide a "version" that is easier to control.
    • My Generation
      My Generation
      Episode 5
      Bob is an aging hippie who picks up hitchhikers on their way to music festivals and eventually murders them for their appalling taste in music. However Bob meets his match when he picks up young Todd who seems to be on the same mission.
    • Room Service
      Room Service
      Episode 4
      Jimmy Blitz is a veteran rocker who likes nothing better than trashing hotel rooms. However his bad boy reputation is soon put to the test by Marge, the hotel cleaning lady's ability to tidy up. A battle of wits ensues which may prove deadly.
    • Don't Stop Believin'
      Ben Stanton (Strauss) has just lost his senatorial bid, thanks to a scandal that erupted late in his campaign: He and an aide (Holmes) were in a car wreck in which she was killed; it was later discovered the two were lovers. However, Stanton finds that if he plays his election theme song -- the aide helped pick it out and burned it onto a CD for him -- he can travel back to just before the accident, but without a clear memory of what's about to occur. Will he be able to change the outcome of the wreck? And which is more important to him -- winning the election or saving the girl?moreless
    • Cold Turkey
      Cold Turkey
      Episode 2
      The lead singer of a band has trouble writing now that he's clean. However, he soon meets his addiction in the form of a beautiful woman and must battle her for his life.
    • Soul Man
      Soul Man
      Episode 1
      Mitch works for a band as a guitar technician, but he longs to step into the shoes of the band's lead. At a guitar shop, Mitch discovers music that just may be the last song that was ever written by the legendary Jimi Hendrix. The storekeeper assures Mitch that whoever plays the music will summon the devil. Unable to resist the temptation, Mitch plays the music and a mysterious talent scout arrives asking to represent him. But at what price?moreless