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Strange Love

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Fans of The Surreal Life on VH1 know that Brigitte Nielsen and Flavor Flav made a splash together in and out of the swimming pool. Now, VH1 is reuniting the ghetto-flash and Euro-trash duo to see if their love is the real deal. Brigitte, now back at her home in Milan living her clothing-optional lifestyle, can't stop thinking about her rambunctious "Fuffy-Fuffy." Was it just a fling?Of course, Brigitte has known this feeling in the past ... before each of her five marriages. But this time it is different -- something tells her Flav is special. Flavor Flav, the viking horned headdress wearing, hyperactive, and overly boisterous hype-man of Public Enemy will traverse half way around the world to rekindle the flame with Brigitte and is unleashed on Italy's fashion capital like a tsunami of obnoxious ghetto verbosity and bling. After a week together that could leave Italy in a shambles unseen since the fall of Mussolini, Flav convinces Brigitte to come back to New York for his Public Enemy show. While in The Big Apple Flav takes his love to the Bronx to meet his friends, family and lifestyle, including outfitting Brigitte in a new Flav-style wardrobe. After a week in the South Bronx, the two lovebirds fly to Vegas for some quality time away from it all. As their whirlwind romance comes to an end will sin city have an affect of their relationship, as it does many other celebrity couples? Will their love for one another prevail or will Brigitte fly back to her European ways and will "operation: ain't got no love" be in effect for Flav? Be there to witness whether or not one of the strangest love stories of all time comes true. Backround Info Flavor Flav Born in Long Island, NY. Part of the legendary rap group Public Enemy, along with best friend Chuck D. He was considered the hype man from the duo. Brigitte Nielson Born in Denmark. She tells her self that she got famous when she married actor Sylvester Stallone, but she got more famous when she got divorced. She feels comfortable naked, as shown on The Surreal Life.moreless

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  • Get on The Surreal life + fall in love = pump out a reality show in desperate attempt to extend your 15 seconds of fame!

    I love all has-been celebrities because they bring back memories that were stashed in a cubby in the back of my mind. I can't stand this 2 step process to becoming famous. Get on The Surreal life + fall in love (or at least fake it for the cameras) = you get 15 more seconds in the spotlight though Flava Flav (when you hit like 50 like him it's time to put away the thought of being a "gangsta" and get some respect! We all need to know when to hang up the big neck clocks at some point and the clocks striking midnight for those clocks)he has managed to pump out two shows Flavors of love which is The Bacholor except more degrating to women and the man isn't a "hunk". The 2 step method worked it's charm again with some chick from America's Next Top Model and one of the grown up Brady Bunchers. In conclusion it's annoying and if he's holding a bacholor type show I that can only mean there five minute love fest is over or it was all a sham for more fame. It's a joke these spin-offs I mean leave your dignity at the door.moreless
  • Why da hell did those two come out w/ a show of their own? What retards...How do u jus fall in love with someone you don't even really know. I don't know why people gave them the time and the day. Both of them are washed out artists. Flava Flavmoreless

    What Was VH1 thinkin when they came out with Strange Love...two washed out people...I mean come on...Both of them old as hell. It was a complete waste of time. Why da hell would u leave your fiance...(a young man)for Flava Flav. I mean I dont get it...VH1 is goin downhill fast.
  • Flavor Flav!

    When this show was out I couldn't wait to see it. I love Flavor Flav cause he's so cool. Him and Brigitte are so oppoisite. I want them to bring it back i miss it. I just dont get what flav see's in her. She's so strange and alway's drunk. I still love it and hope they make a new season.

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