Strange Love

Season 1 Episode 7

Bronx Cheers

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Mar 06, 2005 on VH1

Episode Recap

Things weren't going too well for Brigitte and Flav when last we saw them. Flav had brought Brigitte onstage during a Public Enemy show, and the guys in the group weren't terribly pleased. Flav wasn't pleased by their reaction and trashed the dressing room after someone stole his money out of his pants pocket. Brigitte ran out of the theatre and said she wanted to return to Italy. Trouble in gansta paradise?

Happily, it would appear that Flav and Brigitte have worked out their differences since the show opens with them at the hotel the morning after. He tells her, "You are my steak. You are my eggs. You are my bacon." Brigitte answers, "Crispy bacon."

Brigitte's manager Luigi arrives just to make sure everything is all right. Then Flav drops the bomb and announces that today he is taking her to his neighborhood in the Bronx. Brigitte expresses concern about going into a bad neighborhood, saying that she doesn't want to get shot.

Before they leave, however, Flav confesses. Apparently he was in a relationship with someone named Beverly for five and a half years. But last year, they broke up. Despite that, he still takes care of Beverly and her kids. Are they his kids? We never do find out.

Flav calls Beverly and has her on speakerphone. Brigitte calls out a welcome. So far, so good. As Luigi leaves, Clifton "Greg" Johnson, Flav's manager, arrives. Clifton tells them that Chuck D. and the rest of Public Enemy were upset that Brigitte was on stage with them the night before. Apparently they didn't think that having a white person with the group was good for their image. Flav says that if his boys have a problem with that, they will have a problem airing records. Brigitte understands that her presence has created too much of a problem with Public Enemy and urges Flav to let it go. There is another concert tonight, and Flav isn't sure that he wants to perform with them.

They leave the room a mess, and travel to the Bronx in a limousine. The limo passes the type of scenery one might expect to see in the Bronx, burnt out cars and the like. Flav tells us he is originally from Freeport Long Island, but moved to the Bronx fourteen years ago. Brigitte is very anxious.

Meanwhile, at the apartment, Beverly is waiting, nervously. She really doesn't know what to expect, and calls Flav and Brigitte "Big Bird and Bozo." The limousine approaches the apartment and the couple is anxious. But once they are inside, everyone welcomes them warmly. Flav tells them all that it feels good to be home. There are a lot of people in the apartment, and Brigitte is confused and can't remember all their names. Beverly is upset because too many people showed up. Flav tells us that Beverly is very sensitive, and that she shuts down when she is in a crowd.

In a moment of uncharacteristic sensitivity, Brigitte marches Beverly out to the limo for some girl talk. Beverly tells Brigitte that she was expecting a nice, quiet meal. They talk a bit, and then Brigitte gives Beverly a bottle of perfume that "Foofy Foofy" bought for her. The name translates into "Being More Than in Love." The two embrace. Brigitte tells us that this calls for Jack Daniels.

After lunch, Flav pops in the tape that they made during Surreal Life. He wants everyone to hear it and thinks that it will be a huge hit. While it sounded pretty good when they made it, it's one of those "I guess you had to be there" moments. But Flav and Brigitte, who is now wearing her pink wig, don't care and start dancing around the room while the rest of them stand by and watch in amazement. Someone comments that they belong together and another guy responds by saying, "Yeah, they belong together in a mental institution."

Flav tells us that the visit was successful and that they all loved Brigitte. Brigitte tells us that leaving Beverly was very emotional. On their way out, Flav calls out to the driver to stop at the Gold Teeth store, so that Brigitte can have a pair of her own. Brigitte has impressions made of her teeth, and it seems that Flav needs a spare pair since he is also having an impression made. They find this terribly romantic and smooch a bit as they await the next step in the process.

Meanwhile, outside, a crowd has gathered. Brigitte gets nervous when she hears a noise that she thinks might be gunfire. Flav tries to calm her down by saying people get shot all the time around her. Finally, the couple emerges from the store, and the crowd goes wild. Flav tells us, "I thought Flavor Flav was running for president." They ride off into the sunset, standing up through the sunroof, waving at their adoring fans.

Brigitte tells us that it was a very emotional day. But all is not well. Flav still has a concert to do, and Brigitte doesn't really know how this is going to go down. They return to the hotel, and Flav calls Chuck D. to tell him that he wants to reintroduce Brigitte to the group. Flav understands that the first time, he just forced Brigitte down their throats without warning.

Clifton comes back to take Flav to the show, but Brigitte is sleeping. She gets up and quickly dresses in a black mini-skirt (with "Fuffy Fuffy" written on the back) and a white fur trimmed parka. Backstage, Chuck D. hugs Brigitte and all seems to be well. But wait, the new gold teeth have arrived! Brigitte puts hers in, and we are treated to a tender tune, "The Bling of Love." Flav thinks she's "lookin' da bomb, baby."

Flav hits the stage, and he is on. He explodes onto the stage, and lets all that pent up energy detonate. For this show, Gitte is in the audience, smiling away with her new gold teeth. She tells us how much she admires him onstage and how well he gives off energy. Then he introduces Brigitte, "The most sexiest woman in the world." His "baby." She joins him onstage, and they kiss. He thanks her for being part of his life, and the audience seems totally cool with it. Brigitte is feeling the love and shouts out, "God bless Public Enemy." At that point, she says she felt extremely accepted.

Over the closing credits, we get a little more Flav onstage with Brigitte prancing around in her mini. How can you not love these people?

Next week, Flav takes Brigitte to church and it seems as though he has a little problem with Brigitte's drinking. Plus, it looks as though trouble is brewing when Flav's kids show up. There is one scene of him screaming at a couple of women who are running up the street.
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