Strange Love

Season 1 Episode 9

Flav Can't Lose

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 03, 2005 on VH1

Episode Recap

Flav and Brigitte check out of their hotel and are on their way to Vegas. In the cab, he asks her if she could handle being married to him. She doesn't know, but thinks they'll find out in Vegas. They jet out of the Big Apple and arrive in Sin City where they are staying at the Hard Rock Hotel.

Brigitte is amazed at their suite, which she says is larger and more beautiful than life. Plus, there are gifts galore and a note tells them that all of their expenses will be taken care of and they even have $5000 in cash and chips. Flav says that his main thing is to focus on getting away from all their problems and focus on each other.

They don't waste any time hitting the blackjack table. Flav tells us that this isn't his game, but agrees because this is what Brigitte wants to do. But trouble is afoot, and once again Brigitte can't help but to flirt with a guy who has stopped by to check these two out. "I love to flirt," she says. "It doesn't hurt and it's all for free." Flav doesn't buy into this philosophy, however, especially when she starts kissing the guy. We have a flashback to the club scene in Milan where Flav decided to give her a dose of her own medicine, and he reiterates that she embarrasses him all the time.

Brigitte doesn't see any problem with this, but Flav insists that they leave. She gives this rather ordinary looking guy a farewell kiss and they leave to go to a strip club. In the cab on the way to the club, he lets her have it, warning, "I'm a pimp. You ain't seen flirting… I'm gonna show you something." He's going to give her a taste of her own medicine. Flav tells us that she is a one-sided person and wants to show her that you "can't outpimp the pimp."

They arrive at the club. The girls are gorgeous, and Flav is really beginning to enjoy all of this a lot, maybe a little too much. Brigitte is worried and decides to get into the act. She convinces two of the dancers to loan her a dress and joins them on the stage in a seductive dance. At first Flav isn't paying attention, but once he spots his Gitte on that stage, she has his full attention. She tells us that what she was doing on that stage were "private moves." Flav wants to get her alone, and they quickly leave the club.

"Foofy, foofy. Dr. Nielsen's back in town." Lights out.

In the morning, they are both exhausted and indulge in a massage. They are on tables, side by side, and Flav is overcome with emotion. He says he can't believe that he "made love to this woman last night," and seems to be just about ready to get back at it again. He looks so happy, and it's such a lovely moment, it seems the perfect time for a song.

Girl you know I'm only five foot two But can't you see my springboard springs for you And I'm gonna score a perfect ten When I dive right into your deep end… And I hope that I don't drown. But either way I'm going down to the deep end of your love.

After their massages and all the surrounding tenderness, Brigitte and Flav go to dinner. He helps her to get settled, and then stands up to speak to her. "I want to make a baby with you, G," he's "dead serious" and Brigitte knows it. She tells him that's future, but to us she says that she might like another child but figures she's too old and too drunk for all of that now.

Brigitte suggests that they go to the Jacuzzi. He agrees, but first, he has a "date with the roulette table." She thinks he has a problem with gambling. Check yourself, Gitte. Once Flav gets into this, though, he doesn't like to be distracted, and Gitte's constant "Foofy, Foofying" and calling out the number 22 starts to get on his nerves. He asks her to chill, and she takes offense and goes storming off to the room. But Flav's in the groove and wants to have some fun. No way is he going to run after her.

So, Flav is at the roulette table and Brigitte is up in the room pouting. The wheel spins and things start to slow down. Remember, Brigitte was calling out the number 22. Guess what number keeps hitting. That's right, 22. Flav loses all his money and celebrates by getting hammered. He returns to the suite and tries to figure out how to tell her. But he doesn't have to worry, she's sound asleep and snoring. He thinks this is pretty funny. "I tried telling you and you weren't listening," he says drunkenly.

The morning after is a grim affair. Flav thinks that, rather than restoring their relationship, Vegas is going to tear them apart. Brigitte, who looks pretty bad this particular morning, gets argumentative. She tells him, "If you don't want me the way I am, too bad." Flav realizes that she is not willing to give up control. He reminds her that he is not Mattia and this has to be a "two sides of the coin" situation. "How dare you speak to me that way," she replies. "I'm a real live man and you can't push me over like the other men," he replies. Her answer, "That's why I'm going back to Europe."

And that's where we end it. Next week will be the one hour finale of Strange Love. It looks as though they end up in a Vegas wedding chapel. Will they really get married? Anything is possible.