Strange Love

VH1 (ended 2005)


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  • Get on The Surreal life + fall in love = pump out a reality show in desperate attempt to extend your 15 seconds of fame!

    I love all has-been celebrities because they bring back memories that were stashed in a cubby in the back of my mind. I can't stand this 2 step process to becoming famous. Get on The Surreal life + fall in love (or at least fake it for the cameras) = you get 15 more seconds in the spotlight though Flava Flav (when you hit like 50 like him it's time to put away the thought of being a "gangsta" and get some respect! We all need to know when to hang up the big neck clocks at some point and the clocks striking midnight for those clocks)he has managed to pump out two shows Flavors of love which is The Bacholor except more degrating to women and the man isn't a "hunk". The 2 step method worked it's charm again with some chick from America's Next Top Model and one of the grown up Brady Bunchers. In conclusion it's annoying and if he's holding a bacholor type show I that can only mean there five minute love fest is over or it was all a sham for more fame. It's a joke these spin-offs I mean leave your dignity at the door.