Strange Love

Season 1 Episode 10

You May Now Flav the Bride

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 10, 2005 on VH1

Episode Recap

The finale for Strange Love! We catch up with Brigitte and Flavor Flav in their room at the Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas. Brigitte and Flav had yet another argument, and after announcing she was ready to go home, she stormed out of the hotel's casino and took refuge in their suite. Flav proceeded to lose all of his money on the roulette wheel and celebrated by getting drunk on champagne.

Morning arrives, and the not-so-happy couple is semi-awake and trying to figure out how to spend their last day together. They talk about having some breakfast, but their conversation is interrupted when Brigitte's tickets are delivered. Flav doesn't take this very well, but puts on a brave face.

Before they can make any kind of plans for the day, though, yet another opportunity is presented. Seems that a local wedding chapel has extended an invitation to Gitte and Flav, requesting their presence as "celebrity" witnesses for the afternoon's slate of weddings. It doesn't seem as though they have much choice about this, but it's possible that in return for their free room and associated goodies, they are obliged to do whatever they are told.

Whatever the reason, they are up and out, and off to the wedding chapel. They are greeted by the owner/operator of this establishment, who informs them that they are going to witness not just one wedding but several. Brigitte and Flav aren't real thrilled about this turn of events, but good-naturedly change into specially selected wedding garb. Brigitte puts on a long, white, off-the-shoulder gown, and Flav is outfitted in a tuxedo.

Once they are dressed, they enter the chapel, and Flav sits down at the organ and begins trying to figure out the "Wedding March." He is still noodling around on the keyboard when the first couple arrives for their wedding. Finally, he gets it together and the first couple is married, somewhat taken aback by the presence of this strange pair at their nuptials.

The couples keep on coming, and with each wedding, Brigitte seems to be getting more and more disturbed. All these weddings seem to be reminders of her own failed attempts at marriage, her confusion over her engagement to Mattia, and her feelings towards Flav. Finally, unable to take it anymore, she tells Flav that she has to get out of there. She flees to the safety of the limousine, where she waits for Flav.

Meanwhile, Flav, who appears to have had just about enough of all of her, tries to explain Brigitte's bizarre behavior to the owner of the chapel. Although he is also uncomfortable with the whole idea of marriage, and says he is "creeped out" by all these weddings, he has been willing to play the game up until now. Finally, he is on his way out to join Brigitte in the limousine. But on his way to the door, he is recognized by a couple about to be married. Seems that the groom-to-be is a fan of Flav's band, and even carries a Public Enemy CD in his CD case (which he conveniently has with him). The groom-to-be begs Flav to stick around for the wedding, and Flav, always aware of the importance of his fans, agrees. Of course, Brigitte doesn't understand this and continues her tantrum in the limo.

Once the fans are married, Flav is free to join Brigitte in the limo, and together they return to the hotel. As a farewell gesture, Flav has arranged for the hotel to set up the living room with all kinds of special foods, champagne, candles, flowers, sex toys, and even a sexy negligee for Brigitte. He knows this may be their last night ever, and says, "If she marries Mattia I'll wish her well but we can never be romantically connected again." For her part, Brigitte tells us, "If he asked me, 'Do you want to stay with me?' I would do it."

This gesture seems to move Brigitte, and the two make up and head for the bedroom.

In the morning, the two prepare for their inevitable parting. They are both reluctant to let go, but realize that the time has come to say goodbye. The trip to the airport is emotional and they both seem genuinely upset. If nothing else, these two have some history now and shared memories of a pretty extraordinary adventure.

The limo arrives at the airport and Brigitte gets ready to board the plane. The two embrace, once, and then twice. She's really leaving, it seems. They break apart, and Brigitte gets on the plane. Flav seems heartbroken as he stands alone on the tarmac, champagne bottle in hand. The plane begins to taxi down the runway, and Flav is following it. Inside the plane, Brigitte is crying, "Fuffy, Fuffy."

Then, suddenly, the plane stops. The door opens and Brigitte gets off and runs towards Flav. He is overcome with joy and they embrace. But alas, she only got off to say one more goodbye, and all too soon, she gets back on the plane and flies away.

On the ground, Flav seems devastated. On the plane, Brigitte is lying on the seat, pounding her fists, crying, "Fuffy, Fuffy." The cynic in me thinks, "It they love each other so much, then why are they separating?" The plane gains altitude, and Flav is left alone, on the ground, swilling from his bottle. And that's all she wrote.

Contrived? I would have to say yes. This show attempted to capitalize on the strange but probably real relationship that developed when the couple appeared on Surreal Life. But somewhere along the way, the train derailed and the entire premise became somewhat unbelievable to me. While the idea of two people falling in love, or at least lust, while appearing on a reality show is not new, these two people from such totally different backgrounds seemed doomed from the start. Not to mention that Brigitte was engaged the entire time.

The show did break some ground in the area of interracial relationships. However, while the couple was viewed as somewhat of an oddity everywhere they went, their racial differences didn't seem to be the main reason that they attracted attention. Any couple where the woman towers over the man by a foot is bound to earn a second look. Add to that the fact that both of them dress in a somewhat bizarre fashion – he with his clocks and gold teeth, she with her skin-tight tank tops and close-cropped platinum hair – certainly people are going to stop and stare.

Race seemed to become an issue when Brigitte stormed the stage during Flav's performance with Public Enemy. Flav flew into a rage when he perceived that his bandmates disrespected Brigitte after she disrupted the concert, singing and dancing, and generally acting like a fool.

Since then, Public Enemy frontman Chuck D has issued a statement regarding Flav's behavior on the show, essentially apologizing for his inappropriate behavior. "What is offensive is that his character and private issues are being trashed in front of millions for mere sake of profit and ratings," the rapper says in his statement. "To showcase the troubling conflict between his kids and ex was uncalled for and we can't stand by it."

Calling the show "Flavploitation," Chuck D says that Strange Love "has been harmful to Flav's standing and legacy of being our brother, regardless of what he got paid, fame, infamy, ratings... but at what price?" What price indeed.

Since the show completed taping, Brigitte has remained in the public eye. Earlier this year, she appeared in a British version of Surreal Life/Big Brother where one of her housemates was former hubby Sylvester Stallone's mother. Then, in what she now acknowledges was a publicity stunt, she and Mattia were married on March 5 in what turned out to be a "mock" ceremony in the Caribbean.

The real coup-de-grace occurred earlier this month when Brigitte was a guest on Joan Rivers' new British talk show. Apparently, Joan started in on Brigitte's marriages, and Brigitte started yelling in Italian and stormed off the stage. She was convinced to return, but Joan, still smarting from the perceived insults, called Brigitte the "C" word! That was the end of the interview. And for now, that's the end of this strange tale.