Strange Luck

FOX (ended 1996)


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  • Too bad they canceled it.

    I've only found two times in my life where a show that I really liked was canned and no more info of ever seeing it again and that was "Key West" and "strange luck". I am a bit bi est with "Key West" because I went to high school there, and I was living in Boise when that came out. I would tell my friends the strange true stories about some of the places that they were seeing on TV. But with a bit of my own strange luck, I ended up back in Key West. Now, it is true... there is not much more to do in Key West other than drinking and fishing.... and I always got sea-sick so what did that leave for me?! However, every Friday night, my friend Sean and I would meet up to watch Strange Luck and X-Files before going to party at the place we worked. We were always serious about partying, but we had to see Strange Luck first, and that is saying something to the importance of priorities of a Conch! But why should I ever get mad at Fox for the death of a show like this?! Hey "reality shows" are very important to people like me who grew up in a place were reality dose not exist!? If I wanted that kind of crap it seems more logical to never watch TV, just go live it right? That way I could be a star. I'd by this show on DVD in a second, yet guess what else.... they wont even offer it to sell??!! What's up with that? I wonder if it violates the Patiot Act or something.
  • Strange Luck kind of explains it all

    This show was sharp, smart and witty. So of course it was taken off the air. D B Sweeny who
    I never really liked, was fantastic in this role. The story lines were amazing and you found yourself wishing that you had a bit a strange luck now and again. And what can you say about Francis Fischer that hasn't already been said? Beautiful, world weary and ethereal.