BBC (ended 2003)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • Asmoth
      Episode 6
      When a set of gnawed bones is found in a swimming pool changing room, Strange enlists the help of his friend and mentor Father Bernard to investigate the possibility of a demonic murder. Meanwhile, Jude's ex-boyfriend returns to settle some unfinished business with Strange.
    • Dubik
      Episode 5
      Unexplainable deaths start to occur after a peasant girl arrives from Herzogovina, and Strange comes face to face with his horrific past, finally revealing the truth about his fiancée.

      Are vampires really the stuff of fiction and why does Canon Black ask Strange to investigate the death of his sister, who has been found drained of blood? Jude helps as Strange comes face to face with his horrific past and we uncover the truth about his fiancée for the first time.moreless
    • Incubus
      Episode 4
      It's Saturday night in the city, but those expecting a wild night may be biting off more than they can chew… Sunday morning and a young girl, who had been clubbing the night before, is found dead in her flat, with massive lacerations to her ribcage. Jude, Joey and a reluctant Strange find their grand day out to the zoo barred by animal rights protesters, who believe four keepers have been mauled to death. And the Reverend Mary Hapgood is convinced there is something with big teeth loose in her kitchen. Could all these events be connected? Does the local zoo provide the answer? Or is something more sinister at work?moreless
    • Costa Burra
      Episode 3
      Strange is suffering what appears to be a monumental hangover. Jude visits the Cathedral Library to conduct her own demonology research, but finds the texts locked away. The librarian refuses her request for access, saying she needs permission from the archivist, Canon Black. The likelihood of Jude being granted access seem small, especially as she overhears Black refusing Mr Mason access to the plans to Bishop Otterman's tomb. It transpires that the Bishop died in 1908, one of the last victims of Bone's Fever. Could Black fear a further outbreak of the disease if the tomb is re-opened? Or does he have a secret agenda? Past and present collide as Strange and Jude become embroiled in a spot of tomb raiding, while a mini-cab driver hears voices from his radio, and a little old lady proves less than harmless.moreless
    • Kaa-Jinn
      Episode 2
      The discovery of a headless corpse in a tattooist's parlour leads John and Jude onto the case of a demon named Kaa-Jinn, which is building a monster from the dismembered body parts of its victims.
    • Zoxim
      Episode 1
      A year has passed since last we saw John Strange... Following the gruesome deaths of Joey's paediatrician Dr. Siva and a psychic lady named Emily Hawthorne – in which they rapidly aged before dying – nurse Jude partners with John Strange to track down a demon he believes is the responsible link to both of their repugnant deaths. But is the murderer much closer to home?moreless
    • Strange
      A young nurse named Jude begins dating Rich, a handsome man who seems to be able to make everything in the world much better, especially for her. After a spate of deaths apparently caused by severe electric shocks, Jude is lead to the eccentric John Strange, a former priest turned Demon Hunter, who (uncannily) believes a demon is to blame for the recent killings. John goes on to try and convince the perplexed Jude of their existence but she doesn't believe any of it, until it transpires Rich is planning on making Jude's son his next victim…moreless