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Stranger With My Face

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After the shocking and untimely death of her husband, Shelley Stratton (Catherine Hicks) moves her daughter Alexis (Emily Hurst) and her adopted daughter, Laurie (Alexz Johnson), to their remote summer house in hopes of giving her family a fresh start. As Laurie begins to settle in and put her life back together, she gets the eerie feeling that she is constantly being watched. Laurie's uneasiness grows when people start claiming to see her in places that she has never been. The family's delicate state begins to unravel when Laurie unearths the dark past, discovering a twin-sister that she never knew she had. Based on the book by Lois Duncan.moreless
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  • Stranger With My Face

    S 1 : Ep 1

    Aired 8/29/09 (1:29:16)

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