Strangers with Candy

Season 3 Episode 5

Is My Daddy Crazy?

Aired Wednesday 10:30 PM Aug 14, 2000 on Comedy Central

Episode Recap

Stew acts strangely as he lets Jerri call him "Daddy" and even let's her sit on his lap at a family outing. From there, things only get stranger with him.

Jerri learns that it is "Occupation Week" at Flatpoint High, and student's parents will be coming to speak. Jerri gets very excited at the prospect of her new "Daddy" coming to speak about being a butcher.

When she comes home, Stew is on top of the roof, nailing cheese slices to it. Her step mother ignores her concerns, and Jerri finds more cheese in more odd places.

That evening, Jerri is having a sleepover with her friends. The girls are telling stories when Stew flies in through the window.

Realizing something is wrong with Stew, Jerri decides to get some help from her local library. There, she finds a film strip on mental illness. The filmstrip is old and tells that mental illness is actually demons in people's heads, and to be cured, they need a hole drilled in their head to release said demons. She then goes to Stew and voices her concerns when he tells her that he had to fire himself.

When the family goes out for pizza, Stew really loses it and terrorizes people there with the pizza. Jerri then calls the mental hospital and they swiftly take Stew away to their facilities.

When Jerri learns that it may take a few decades for Stew to get better, she decides that she needs to act quickly to help him get better to speak at her school the next day.

Remembering the old filmstrip she saw at the library, she decides to help Stew get better quick by drilling a hole into his head to release his demons.

The next day, Stew shows up at Jerri's school to talk. He comes with a lamb who he then slaughters in the classroom. Jerri is then very happy, knowing she cured her new "Daddy" of his demons.