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  • Definitely not to everyone's taste. You'll either love it or hate it.

    The audience is introduced to a 46-year-old former drug-addicted, runaway prostitute, who has returned home to live with her family and complete her education at Flatpoint High School after 32 years of leading a life of crime. The unattractive, pre-menopausal, ex convict is at the centre of every mishap, misdeed, and misadventure that occurs in each episode of the series, which was conceived to be a spoof of the preachy After-School Specials that flourished a few decades ago. This is a uniquely brilliant series with a young Stephen Colbert appearing as one of the main characters.
  • The comedic traits of a teen and a 47 year-old high-school dropout.

    The first episode I saw was "who wants cake?" and from there on out I was hooked. All the characters Jerri Noblet Jellyneck and Blackman were what made the show a work of art! Some of my favorate lines... Blackman: Nothing brings me to life like dead salt! Or when derik calls her "Troll" thats funny and mean at the same time. Or noblet hes the reason I got turned on to the show."Wait a minute you can't dismiss my class!" abd that little line got him pepper sprayed in the eyes Lol. Jellyneck: "When I want to do something origanal the first thing I do is get out my tracing paper." Stranger with candy is a work of art!
  • A great show! I didn’t like it after the first few episodes, but then it got better, and better. I love those jokes, and characters.

    I would recommend this show to anyone 12 and older. I didn’t like the first few episodes, but after I continued watching, it got better and better. The jokes are hilarious! (I’ll post my favorite one here):
    Colt lady: we think you’re beautiful, Jerry. (Hugs Jerry, Jerry looks into mirror at her beat up self)
    Jerry: I’m sorry... No...
    Colt lady: Well, if that is how you feel.
    Jerry: Here! You can have this picture of me. (Hands the colt lady the mirror)
    Colt lady: thank you Jerry. (Climbs out of the window)
    This probably wasn’t so funny the way I wrote it down. I guess you had to see it... anyway, I like the art teacher for all his great jokes, and how he and the history teacher, have weird arguments in front of the students, and even principle Blackman has good jokes. It really is a great show, and I think I’m gonna watch it a second time.
  • 'Strangers' is sattirical genius compared to the series that are offered today. It is the most original show to ever meet tv and It almost has a cartoon quality to its presentation. The characters all seem dynamic in some way and have their own stories.

    The reality is that this show is smart in such a dumb way that smart people catch the humor ,but its sometimes wasted and dumb people catch just the end bits and end up not really enjoying it. This is a special show and can only be appreciated by someone who has the best of both spectrums. The crude aspect is enjoyed mildly by the masses and the irony, oxy morons, and dry wit can be seen by those who are able to dig deeper while watching. You have to be paying attention, its not like everything other series where all the jokes are out there in the open. Its modeled after the classic after-school specials and parodies the somcial norms and our society and thats another aspect I see that people either love or hate. There are no inbetweens and if you start out hating you probably won\'t ever learn to like it ,but once you like it there is no turning back.
  • not that funny

    when i first heard about this show i thought it was going to be really funny. and the first couple of episodes got a chuckle or two out of me and that was about it. i have heard that somebody signed off on making this into a motion picture. i really do not understand why on earth anyone would think that this is a good idea.
  • The after-hours after school special. Jerri Blank is a 46 year old highschool dropin, after 32 years as a teenage runaway she is reliving her highschool years, learning the wrong lessons, the right way. Joined by her ambiguously gay teachers, oppresive

    The best piece of media ever created. My favorite show ever created bar-none. It is truly a satisfyingly just guide to highschool and life in their most brutally honest forms. The least digniffied representation of adolescent against ever created, yet the most accurate, although exaggerated. It is a travesty this show was cancelled after only just 30 episodes (31 if you count the unaired pilot).
  • Jerri Blank is a 46 year old high school freshman, who dropped out of school when she was a teenager, and "made a lot of friends {and} did a lot of time. {She} was a boozer, a user, and a loser!" This is all in the theme song/introduction.

    When this show debuted, I was in the third grade, and I think we can all agree that it's not really elementary school appropriate. However, I was flipping channels one day after school last year, and I found some reruns of this on Comedy Central. WHY have I never seen this before??? I laughed my through the whole thing, and immediately went out to buy the DVD sets (which do not disappoint!). Since this show ended (too soon, in my opinion), the cast has gone on to different things, the most recent being the Colbert Report (also hi-LAR-ious), but Strangers With Candy will still have a special place in my heart.
  • It will be able to find a show like this one.

    Strangers with Candy is the ant-after school spiecal. This dark comedy cleverly took the popular political correctness and threw it out the window.
    This show is filled with ultra self-absorbed egos that causes outlandish distructive behaviors to each other. Due to the mountain-sized problems of the charactor's morals, the lessons learned are always twisted to possible insanity.
    If you are easily offended, this show is not for you. If you can laugh easily at sociaties imperfections, then enjoy.

    Warning: Mature Audiance Only.

    This show is a personal favorite and I've seen the dvd boxsets alot. There was a period last year where all I did was watch the show over and over again. I love the subtleness of the show and it's characters. People say and do the opposite things in this show. Those looking to watching something surreal or just plain weird should look here, you won't be disappointed.
    A word to the wise, please over look the hero's repulsiveness and you will enjoy the show a million times more. I've had friends who wouldn't watch the show based on how ugly Jerry was. Boy are they missing out on some pure comedy gold.
  • Strangers with Candy is the story of Jerri Blank. A teenage runaway, who after 32 years of being away from home, on her own, returns home after spending time in prison. A very entertaining sitcom.

    This show in my opinion is amazing. I first watched Strangers with Candy in 2004, four years after it's cancellation. I had just recently got Comedy Central, nothing else was on and they were replaying SWC, so I watched. My first episode was called "Blank Relay" I immediatly fell in love with the show.

    I have since both the entire three seasons of Strangers With Candy, and I watch them often. I don't know why I love the show as much as I do, but in my opinion it is the best sitcom to EVER AIR.
  • A great show for people with great senses of humor.

    The first time I watched Strangers With Candy I didn't really get it. It seemed kind of ridiculous. I knew it had potential so I gave it another whirl. It definitely grew on me. I found that Monday nights quickly became my favorite night of the week so I could watch Upright Citizens Brigade followed by Strangers With Candy. What a line up.

    Anyway, I can see why Strangers With Candy isn't for everybody, but I personally wouldn't want to hang out with somebody that didn't enjoy the show.