Strangers with Candy - Season 3

Comedy Central (ended 2000)


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  • 7/10/00
    After deflowering a male classmate, Jerri finds out that she has contracted a series of STDs (syphilis infested with crabs which are carrying gonorrhea) and must inform all her partners of her discovery. Meanwhile, Mr. Jellineck and Mr. Noblet have problems concealing their own bout with a particularly noticeable STD.
  • Is Freedom Free?
    Episode 2
    Told in her art class to photograph something that represents freedom, Jerri creates a nude self-portrait which is immediately banned by the principal. So Jerri goes on a hunger strike.
  • Trail of Tears
    Episode 3
    Jerri discovers something unsettling about her ethnic heritage.
  • Invisible Love
    Episode 4
    Jerri and class hunk Laird are having a fling, but he is insistent on keeping it a secret. So Jerri finds herself forced to hide out in odd places like Laird's locker, the trunk of his car, a trash can, etc., so they can continue their secret rendezvous. Meanwhile, Jerri's stepmother experiences relationship troubles with Stew, prompting an unusual bonding moment between stepmother and stepdaughter.moreless
  • Is My Daddy Crazy?
    Is My Daddy Crazy?
    Episode 4
    Jerri learns the value of sanity when Stew, her moms meat man, goes nuts.
  • Is My Daddy Crazy?
    Episode 5
    Jerri's new daddy Stew starts to act very strangely, which makes Jerri reluctant to bring him to class for Occupation Week.
  • Invisible Love
    Invisible Love
    Episode 6
    Jerri learns the key to self-respect: keeping your boyfriend happy.
  • Blank Relay
    Episode 6
    Jerri joins the track team, but years of hard living have taken their toll on her physique. She turns to supplements of a most dubious nature to improve her performance, and the results surprise everyone at Flatpoint.
  • Ask Jerri
    Episode 7
    At the bequest of Mr. Noblet, Jerri takes over an advice column formerly penned by Mr. Jellineck, which results in diabolical intentions on Geoffrey's part towards Chuck, and anger from nearly everyone in Flatpoint High towards Jerri.
  • Jerri is getting admirers, but some sexual harassment from Skeet keeps driving them away. When Jerri gets sick of Skeet and his friends harassment, she decides to go to Principal Blackman for help.
  • Bully
    Episode 9
    Both Jerri and Mr. Jellineck must gain the courage to stand up to bullies at the school.
  • Farewell Flatpoint
    Farewell Flatpoint
    Episode 10
    Jerri gets chummy with the most popular girl in school and finally gets to be cool in high school.
  • 10/2/00
    Winona Ryder stars as Fran, the coolest girl in school, who makes a bet that she can make Jerri so cool that even hunky Brent Brooks will ask her out. But members of the school board are plotting to have the school closed.
  • Strangers With Candy: The Movie
    Jerri Blank is a 47 year old ex-con, who returns to her childhood home after 32 years of working the streets and in prison. Once she arrives, she discovers her mother is dead and her father is in a self-induced coma. Jerri decides to pick up right where she left off as a freshman in high school, hoping to wake her father with her winning science fair project. Based on the Comedy Central series.moreless