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Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • A Sudden Change of Heart?!
      Aya Tojo becomes a confident beauty?! Satsuki Kitaoji becomes an extremely pure beauty?! And other girls change too!! Just what happened to these girls?!
    • Crisis at the Lively Hotel! Beware of the Owner!
      The Film Study Club decides to work at a hotel. But something happens that forces the girls to work in outrageous cosplay outfits?!
    • Omi High School Exodus
      Yui Minamito asks Junpei Manaka to deliver something to Tsukasa Nishino’s all girls’ school, Omi High School! When he arrives at the beautiful girls’ school, Junpei sees…
    • Ransen Festival in the Night Fog
      Boy next door, Junpei Manaka is the president of the Film Study Club. The club has to put together a food stand for the upcoming Cultural Festival!
    • A New Love?! Film Trip: The Heart Sways from East to West
      Junpei Manaka and the rest of the Film Study Club are at camp. They’re at a villa deep in the mountains, filming their movie with Tsukasa as the lead actress. Junpei finds himself alone with Aya in a cabin!
  • Season 1