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Strawberry Shortcake

Season 2 Episode 12

Angel Cake in the Outfield

Aired Daily 8:00 PM Feb 15, 2005 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Angel Cake in the Outfield
Angel Cake feels that she has to be good at everything. Unfortunately, she’s not as good at sports as she is at baking, which makes her really upset. Strawberry Shortcake and Apple Dumplin’ try to teach her that being as good as the other kids is not the point of the game. What matters most is that Angel Cake has fun with her friends.moreless

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  • Angel Cake, the moody one.

    Are heroes meant to be someone a viewer can relate to or the kind of person one can never be? With this show and Three Stooges, I assume both in conjunction are the case. Angel Cake's busy making a cake when Apple Dumplin', accompanied by Apple Ducklin', inquires if the older human girl wants to play. Even though she doesn't, the toddler acknowledges and moves on. Opinion changes when the other older kids show up. Physical play is excellent, but the unofficial proprietor of Cakewalk feels unsure starting with the "Fun For Fun's Sake" sequence. Such frustrated excuses concerning her failure: I know the feeling from back in elementary school. Conflict is no strange concept amongst the core group.

    Frustration leads to denial and hypocrisy when Strawberry Shortcake comes calling that evening. Can practice improve performance? Vanilla Icing doesn't seem to think so according to her shaking head. The next day confirms the notion when Angel Cake plops all over again following a few seconds of glory. Strawberry Shortcake talks about whistling when feeling stressed out in order to relax, but the artist requires mechanical means since she can't do it alone. However, the frustration becomes too much and sends Angel Cake home. Did I mention it also ruins play since she owns the only ball the children know? Oh, yeah, Ginger Snap? A quarter hour IS fifteen minutes. "Where is she, huh? Where is that Angel Cake? In another quarter hour, she'll be fifteen minutes late, and SHE has the ball." LOL.

    Angel Cake's so upset that she tosses her ball back outside. Strike one. Strawberry Shortcake visits again and returns it. Angel Cake tosses it again and in the process ruins both her previous cake (what's she doing leaving it outside like that anyway?) and the ball. Two for the price of one; she can't take the strain, so she retreats back inside. Oh look, Orange Blossom ALSO has a ball. All visitors leave Angel Cake to cool down, but the upcoming joyful cries don't help much. Pillows can't block it out, so she departs and leaves a pillow for Vanilla Icing to lay on. Aw, the poor lamb, caught up in her owner's distress.

    Three far locations, and the annoying sounds won't leave. That is, until a toss sends the ball flying pinball-style and into a river of orange juice. Angel Cake - making a clover necklace - is relieved. Here come Apple Dumplin' and Apple Ducklin' again, convincing her to loosen up like they planned from the start. And it works. Apple Ducklin' quacks at something. "Uh oh," Apple Dumplin' points out. Where's the uh oh? Flowing past their sight on the river: Orange Blossom's ball, which stops at a tree root. But Angel Cake fishes it out.

    Meanwhile, the others can't think of anything else to play that requires no ball; they got "balls on the brains". Wait, here's the delivering trio with the lost ball in hand. Leave it to the youngest to save the day as in many old tales. Plus, Huckleberry Pie invites her along via piggyback. Those kids are wonderful.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • When Angel Cake's ball hits her cake, some of it plops onto the ground. Shortly after, however, the dollop disappears for the rest of the scene.

    • Angel Cake is wearing a different apron from what we saw in her story from Get Well Adventure. Said story undoubtedly occurred prior, so it's safe to assume she either has the purple apron put away somewhere or just abandoned it altogether for a new one.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Apple Dumplin': Playing always fun. Angel Cake not always fun.

    • Ginger Snap: (watching ball float down river) Well, that's that. It's gone. Kaput. Farewell. All she wrote. So long. Goodbye.
      Strawberry Shortcake: I'm very sorry, Orange Blossom.

    • Strawberry Shortcake: Are you all right, Angel Cake?
      Angel Cake: No, I am not! Look --- Pupcake's doing better than me. (sighs)
      Strawberry Shortcake: But that's what's great about games, remember? Having fun.
      Angel Cake: This isn't fun! This is horrible!

    • Angel Cake: It's only a game
      Others: Only a game
      Angel Cake: All about having fun
      Others: Fun, fun, fun
      Angel Cake: So be a good sport
      Others: Be a good sport
      Angel Cake: And you'll get along with everyone

      All: Wanna play together
      Be a good sport
      Wanna stay together
      Be a good sport
      Berry ball or tether away or home court
      Everybody love-love-loves a good sport

      Strawberry Shortcake: When you have good friends
      Others: It's better with friends
      Strawberry Shortcake: You are never bored
      Others: Fun with your friends
      Strawberry Shortcake: They don't need to compete
      They know that being together's their reward

      All: Wanna smile together
      Be a good sport
      Laugh a while together
      Be a good sport
      Don't matter whether your tall or short
      Everybody love-love-loves a good sport

      All: You can miss the ball
      (Flip, fly, flop)
      You can hit the wall
      (Bing, bang, plop)
      You can trip and fall
      (Slip, slap, drop)
      Just pick yourself up
      And never stop
      Wanna grow together
      Be a good sport
      Brave the snow together
      Be a good sport
      In any kind of weather you care to report
      Everybody love-love-loves a good sport
      A good sport
      A good sport
      A good sport

    • Strawberry Shortcake: Fun and games
      Games and fun
      Games are fun for everyone
      Sports are good
      So be a good sport
      On a baseball field or a tennis court

      All: Fun for fun's sake
      Fun for fun's sake
      A laugh and smile
      Makes fun a piece of cake
      Fun for fun's sake
      Let's have fun for fun's sake
      Let's have fun

      Huckleberry Pie: I love games
      I love sports
      Baseball hats and running shorts
      Doors are out
      So go outdoors
      And fun for fun's sake can be yours

      All: Fun for fun's sake
      Fun for fun's sake
      Fun is fresh air
      When you're running everywhere
      Fun for fun's sake
      Let's have fun for fun's sake
      Let's have fun

      Ginger Snap: Fun doesn't care if you're big or small
      A dog or a cat, a girl or a boy

      Orange Blossom: Fun doesn't take much work at all
      All: Everyone can enjoy
      So let's have fun for fun's sake
      Fun for fun's sake

      Orange Blossom: You need no excuse
      You just start letting loose

      All: Fun for fun's sake
      Let's have fun for fun's sake
      Let's have fun
      Let's have fun
      Let's have fun

    • Angel Cake: (sitting by river; laughter continues) I can still hear it! (stands on a bridge later, the laughter not dying) I still hear it! (even later, the laughter clear as day even atop a marshmallow mountain) Still!! (voice echoes)

    • Angel Cake: (seated; hears the others laughing) What is that sound? Oh, it's them, having fun. And it's awful. (covers ears with pillows to no avail; groans and gives up) I still hear it! I can't not hear it! I have to get away from that sound! (leaves home)

    • Angel Cake: (leans against the wall with arms crossed, irritated; about the others) I hope I never have to see them again. (knock on door; finds Strawberry Shortcake on the other side and acts cheery) Strawberry Shortcake! Good to see you again! What's up?

    • Ginger Snap: (impatient) Where's that Angel Cake, huh? Where could she be? In another quarter hour, she'll be fifteen minutes late, and she has the ball!

  • NOTES (4)

    • The following exchange between Apple Dumplin' and Angel Cake occurs twice:

      Apple Dumplin': Angel Cake wanna play?
      Angel Cake: (first time around) No, thank you. I'm very busy. I have to make this positively perfect.
      (second time around) No. I'm awful busy, Apple Dumplin'. See, I'm working on a clover chain, and I want to make it just perfect.
      Apple Dumplin': Okey dokey. You make perfect, we have fun.

    • Featured songs: "Fun For Fun's Sake" and "Be A Good Sport".

    • Second appearance of Vanilla Icing.

    • This is one of two episodes released on the Play Day Surprise DVD.