Strawberry Shortcake

Season 2 Episode 22

Baby Takes The Cake

Aired Daily 8:00 PM Nov 14, 2006 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Apple Dumplin’ wants to help Strawberry & her friends with baking, but Dumplin’s just too little to be much help. In fact, she ends up making a pretty big mess of things. Strawberry’s friends think Dumplin’ is too much of a baby – maybe she should just lay down for a nap? Her feelings hurt, Apple Dumplin’ does lay down and promptly falls asleep. She dreams that she’s bigger and Strawberry and her friends are now the little babies! Apple Dumplin’ is in charge now! But the babies turn out to be quite a handful, and Dumplin’ quickly learns a lesson about taking on big responsibilities.moreless

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  • Sweet, sweet

    Apple Dumplin' returns after a not-too-long absence and wants to help her sister and the others make ice cream sandwiches but is too little and only ends up making a mess instead. What to do now? Why, none other than dream she's the same age as the other human characters. Her older form looks to me like a combination of Peppermint Fizz, Blueberry Muffin, Rainbow Sherbet, and Coco Calypso. Anyhow, the catch to her dream is that the other kids are reduced to toddlers; in comparison, Apple Dumplin' appears fifteen years old while the others are half of one. I'm not saying they are, rather they just LOOK that way.

    I am very well aware that Apple Dumplin' is a smart baby, and the dream sequence (it's easy to forget the whole thing's a dream as one watches) affirms agent_0042's note that the token toddler is smart enough for a 1-year old to be aware of and form her own opinions about the world around her. As toddlers themselves, the other kids act just like the standard model and so give Apple Dumplin' a rough time. Heh.

    According to the first song, this marks the first time anyone sees Apple Dumplin's room (the hummingbird species from Berry Fairy Tales also makes a cameo). Oh, and chicken IS meat. The order of who resembles her older form from most to least is as follows: Orange Blossom, Strawberry Shortcake, Angel Cake, and Ginger Snap. Apple Dumplin' talks in third-person as an older kid with hints of the speech impediment from HER toddler form popping up now and then. Her singing voice, a cross between young and old, is nothing short of superb. People must sing better than they speak regardless of age. I seriously detest toilet humor, but I can let it slide this time since Ginger Snap (in the dream, of course) is at an age where she can't help having accidents. I've seen worse.

    Neither Custard nor Pupcake nor any pet (not even Apple Ducklin') appear in the dream. Apple Dumplin's got an unfair advantage in that she's the only one who remembers the baking session. Aw, she made the other children cry. Seeing them upset leads to her own contributed sobs that amuses them, reminiscent of the Three Stooges short Sock-A-Bye Baby. Kiss and make up. Both songs are sung solely by Apple Dumplin' with the same voice; a rather welcome detail since I haven't quite heard her sing anything since The Cookie Song. One can barely hear her during following songs she participates in throughout the series.

    An unfair advantage, but that's still no excuse for Angel Cake's callous remark even if Strawberry Shortcake returned it. Or was Apple Dumplin's persistence greater than I thought? And again, it's easy to forget that the dream is just a dream, though it must be quite an excellent one according to the second song. Apple Dumplin' adds too much baking powder to her cake just like in two other Three Stooges shorts called An Ache In Every Stake and Listen, Judge. But instead of a deflatable cake, the oven ejects a huge mess of cake batter (inspiring a recycled background tune) that engulfs the entire house and makes its way toward the nappers. Speaking of naps, a simple "Once upon a time..." sends the toddler-turned quartet into dreams rather quickly. Reading a story always works on babies, and the feeling is mutual (i.e. Apple Dumplin' falls fast asleep as well).

    Drawing from DVD-only content, Apple Dumplin's favorite snack is - next to apples and anything apple-flavored - ice cream sandwiches. (In two ending shots, Ginger Snap's shirt turns the same color as her jacket, which she's never been shown to remove before.) "Always get an adult's permission before doing anything in the kitchen", or something like that. It's funny: The kids' parents never make an appearance, and what few adults DO appear on the show don't matter since the kids seem very capable of doing big things. Are they implying something? Are they orphans or just lonely and secretly telling fortunate kids to be grateful?

    Swell presentation. This one centered around Apple Dumplin'; now for Orange Blossom, Huckleberry Pie, and Pupcake (Here Comes Pupcake doesn't count because that one technically centered on Custard)...moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • When baby Orange Blossom, baby Angel Cake, & baby Ginger Snap says "Uh-Oh", baby Orange Blossom's Sweat Shirt turns into a t-shirt for a slight scene.

    • In this episode, when Apple Dumplin' is grown up, she still speaks in the third person.

    • In the shot where Apple Dumplin' says, "Now I help", with Angel Cake's following line, the toddler has four fingers on both hands which go back to five just as quickly.

    • Ginger Snap's undershirt turns fuchsia like her jacket twice during the remainder:

      - In the scene where she, Orange Blossom, and Angel Cake ask about Apple Dumplin' whimpering in her sleep
      - Her last appearance at the very end when they all sample the ice cream sandwiches

    • Regardless of age, Apple Dumplin' uses the same voice tone when singing both songs.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Custard: (in DVD-only introductory content) We sure are lucky to live in a house with such a good cook.
      Strawberry Shortcake: Well, you know, anyone can learn to cook. And once you learn how, it's a lot of fun. If you like, I can show you how to make some recipes. (raises her index finger) But remember to always ask a grown-up before you do anything in the kitchen.
      Pupcake: Oh?
      Strawberry Shortcake: Ovens are hot and knives are sharp and I do not want you to get hurt. So always get a grown-up to help.

    • Custard: (in DVD-only introductory content) Strawberry?
      Strawberry Shortcake: Yes?
      Custard: Can you please explain to this dog (referring to Pupcake) what a recipe is?
      Strawberry Shortcake: Why, of course. A recipe tells all the different ingredients that go into making your berry favorite food.

    • Apple Dumplin': Some things Apple Dumplin' too little to do.
      Strawberry Shortcake: For now, maybe, but not for always. And besides, there are some berry important things you can do --- like your all-time favorite.
      Apple Dumplin': What's that, Strawbewwy?
      Strawberry Shortcake: Licking the spoon!

    • Apple Dumplin': Baby Orange Blossom, put down that hose.
      Baby Orange Blossom: Ga-ga? (She heads towards the faucet.)
      Apple Dumplin': No, Baby Orange Blossom! Do not turn that on. (Baby Orange Blossom does anyway.) No, Baby Orange Blossom!

    • Strawberry Shortcake: Maybe you oughta wait over there, Apple Dumplin'. You know, working in the kitchen can be dangerous.
      Angel Cake: Yeah, it's not a job for babies.
      Strawberry Shortcake: Angel Cake!
      Apple Dumplin': (to herself) Apple Dumplin' not a baby. There's lots I can do, if they let me. I am not (yawns) a baby.

    • Apple Dumplin' (older): Will you babies sleep if I read you a story?
      Toddlers: (think it over) Ah! Yeah! Yeah!
      Apple Dumplin' (older): (grabs book and joins toddlers on couch) Okay, now… (starts reading) "Once upon a time…"
      (Toddlers fall fast asleep, snoring)
      Apple Dumplin' (older): Reading a story always works on babies. (yawns and stretches) "Once upon a time…" (yawns again and falls fast asleep)

    • Apple Dumplin' (older): You're a little too little, not big like me
      Just a little bit little, but I guarantee
      That one day you'll be big and tall
      And you'll have no cares at all

      Like me, like me
      When you're big like me

      You're just an itty too bitty, don't reach too high
      But it isn't a pity, and I'll tell you why
      Soon you'll reach the tallest shelf
      Just like I do now by myself

      You'll see, you'll see
      When you're big like me

      And won't that be
      A lovely day to see
      That day when you're all
      Big and tall like me

      When no one
      Will tell you what to do
      'Cause you'll be
      The only boss of you

      So one day you'll be grown up, yesiree
      Until then, you must wait very patiently
      When you'll run and jump and play
      A grown-up girl in every way

      Like me, like me
      You'll be just like me
      When you're big like me

    • Apple Dumplin (toddler): I'm not too little
      I'm not, I'm not
      They think I'm little
      Just a tiny tot
      But I'll show them that I'm not too small
      And I can do any-, any-, anything at all
      'Cause I'm not little
      Not too little
      Oh, no, I'm not

      Watch how I can tie my shoes
      Wait, I'll try again
      I know how to count to ten
      One, five, nine, six, ten
      I do lots of big-girl things
      Like run and jump and play
      It's plain to see
      I'm practically
      Grown up in every way

      I'm not too little
      I'm not, I'm not
      I wish they'd trust me
      To stir the pot
      'Cause I'd show them that I'm not too small
      And I can do any-, any-, anything at all
      'Cause I'm not little
      Not too little
      Oh, no, I'm not

      I know fifty rainbow colors
      Red, blue, green, and red
      I can take my big red ball
      And bounce it off my head, ow
      I pick flowers like the grown-ups do
      And roll downhill all day
      And did I mention how I love
      To run and jump and play

      Oh, I'm not too little
      I'm not, I'm not
      They treat me little
      But I'm not a lot
      If show them that I'm not too small
      They'll let me do any-, any-, anything at all
      'Cause I'm not little
      Not too little
      Oh, no, I'm not

      I can pick out my own clothes myself
      I can wiggle my own toes myself
      I can climb up on the couch myself
      Make the pillows like a kangaroo's pouch myself
      Then I can crawl inside myself
      And close my eyes and hide myself
      And dream of things to be tried myself
      I'm not too little
      Not too little
      (sigh) Oh, no, I'm not

  • NOTES (12)

    • This marks the first time we see Ginger Snap without her jacket.

    • In DVD-only introductory content, the lightning bug seen passing by looks just like the Dream Bug from Sweet Dreams. In a deleted scene, the knife Strawberry had earlier in the script looked like before the king grabbed the knife in Strawberry Shortcake and The Big Exit: A Whole Enchalida Expose

    • "Not Too Little" sounds similar to "Friendship Cake." Also, if the number is anything to go by, this is the first time we see the inside of Apple Dumplin's bedroom.

    • In "Meet Strawberry Shortcake," Apple Dumplin's first birthday was celebrated and she already seemed to be rather mature for a girl of only one-year-old. In "Baby Takes The Cake," Apple has grown more in maturity, though not size. She is now even more talkative, can form opinions of her own and has an advanced enough imagination to dream of herself as an adult.

    • During the scene where cake batter starts pouring out of the oven, we hear a tune from Ginger Snap's No-Light Night Of Fright.

    • Custard and Pupcake are present in episode reality but not in Apple Dumplin's dream.

    • Both songs are sung solely by Apple Dumplin'; her first real chance at such since "The Cookie Song" in Meet Strawberry Shortcake.

    • One of the same type of hummingbird from When The Berry Fairy Came To Stay and The Legend Of Sherry Bobbleberry appears briefly in the "Not Too Little" sequence.

    • Featured songs: "I'm Not Too Little" and "Big Like Me"

    • First time we see Apple Dumplin' as an older kid and Strawberry Shortcake, Ginger Snap, Orange Blossom, and Angel Cake as toddlers. Also, this is Apple Dumplin's first appearance without Huckleberry Pie.

    • It seems Apple Dumplin's favorite snack (next to apples and anything apple-flavored) is ice-cream sandwiches (according to DVD side material anyway).

    • One of two episodes released on the Cooking Up Fun DVD.