Strawberry Shortcake

Daily 8:00 PM on CBS Premiered Mar 01, 1980 In Season


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Episode Guide

  • Season 3
    • Lights... Camera...
      Strawberry Shortcake and Co tries to save a closed down cinema. However, the Pie Man has other plans for the cinema and tries to sabotage Strawberry and her friends' effort.
    • Hooray For Berrywood!
      Strawberry and Co. visit Berrywood.
    • Down On The Farm
      Down On The Farm
      Episode 12
      Strawberry and friends solve the mystery of disappearing farm livestock at Carmel Corn's farm.
    • Back In The Saddle
      Back In The Saddle
      Episode 11
      Strawberry Shortcake takes a job as a ranch hand.
    • A Princess Named Rap
      A retelling of the Rapunzel fairy tale featuring Strawberry Shortcake characters.
    • Sleeping Beauty
      Sleeping Beauty
      Episode 9
      A retelling of the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale featuring Strawberry Shortcake characters.
    • Where The Gem Berries Glow
      Strawberry Shortcake returns to the land of Oz to help out.
    • Toto's Tale
      Toto's Tale
      Episode 7
      Strawberry Shortcake visits the land of Oz. Pupcake can be heard narrating the story.
    • The Good Mayor
      The Good Mayor
      Episode 6
      Peppermint Fizz learns what it's like to be mayor for a day.
    • One Small Step
      Episode 5
      Ginger Snap has a dream that she builds a rocket and takes her friends on a trip to a nearby planet.
    • Around the Berry Big World
      Strawberry takes on a challenge from the Pie-Man to go around the world in 80 days.
    • The Legend of Sherry Bobbleberry
      One windy day, a tiny fairy named Sherry Bobbleberry gets blown into Strawberry's open window. She is a klutzy little thing who is convinced she will always be a major goof-up. She was on an errand for the Fairy Queen when she got blown off course. She knows it means she'll never be promoted to Fairy Princess First Class. When Sherry was being blown astray, she saw the creek rising - which means the whole fairy world is about to be flooded and needs to get back to warn everyone. Strawberry & Ginger Snap offer to help get Sherry back home. After a monumental journey (in which Sherry proves herself very self-sufficient), they reach the Berry Fairy Fields. Strawberry, Ginger, Custard, & Pupcake fall into the vines and find themselves shrinking down to fairy-size. They tumble and land in soft leaves...and see there's an amazing, thriving civilization down here. They also see Sherry's boss, Chief Periwinkle, treat her badly and won't listen to Sherry's warning about the flood. In the end, Sherry uses her special skills to help save the Fairy World from the rising floodwaters. She's hailed as a hero by all the fairies, and the Queen at last gives her the title Fairy Princess First Class.moreless
    • Strawberry's Big Journey
      Strawberry Shortcakes and her friends visit Tangerina Torta over the other side of the hill.
    • Playing To Beat The Band
      Strawberry Shortcake gets the Strawberry Jam Band together to perform at the festival.
    • A Festival of Friends
      Friends from all over the world descend on Strawberryland to take part in the first Great Friendship Festival. Strawberry thinks the festival will provide a wonderful opportunity to see the world through different eyes and believes that in spite of their differences, in the end most of the kids will be the same and like the same things. Angel Cake offers to bake the biggest friendship cake ever, but foolishly refuses help from anyone. Strawberry and her guest, Tea Blossom, get along famously - but neither will admit that they do not like each others favorite food. Instead of being honest with each other, they pretend to like what they do not, that could lead to hurt feelings. It is only after Strawberry, Tea Blossom and their pets barely survive a wild ride down the rapids of Soda Stream that they admit to having different likes. And it is only after Angel Cake's cake explodes, that she admits that she needs help. The old and new friends learn that friendship takes work, that friends need to be honest with each other, don't have to like the same things, and that one of the best and most important things about friendship is offering and accepting help.moreless
    • It Takes Talent
      It Takes Talent
      Episode 1
      Strawberry Shortcake makes a group band named Strawberry Jams to participate in a talent contest.
    • The Friendship Club
      Strawberry Shortcake's friendship letter to children around the world elicits an invitation from Crepes Suzette to visit Pearis and the Pieffel Tower. Some of the other children and Custard are not so sure that it is wise to visit a strange land - a place where people and customs are "sooooo different," but Strawberry assures them that seeing the world through different eyes is one of the best things about making new friends. Strawberry, Custard, and Pupcake make the trip. Even though Custard is not so sure that she likes Eclaire, Crepes Suzette's pet poodle, Strawberry and Crepes Suzette's friendship starts out beautifully But when Pupcake accidentally causes "disaster and calamity" in Crepes Suzette's dress shop, things begin to fall apart. The pets run away and get lost; Crepes Suzette is so upset that she refuses Strawberry's offer of help; and Eclaire is captured by a dogcatcher! Before things can be put to right, the friends must come together to rescue Eclaire and find their missing pets. Everyone learns that when friends help each other, they can accomplish wonderful things.moreless
  • Season 2
  • Season 1