Strawberry Shortcake

Season 2 Episode 14

Ginger Snap's No-Light Night of Fright

Aired Daily 8:00 PM Aug 30, 2005 on CBS
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Ginger Snap's No-Light Night of Fright
Everyone but Ginger Snap is excited about an upcoming overnight campout. Poor Ginger Snap doesn’t know how to tell them that she’s afraid of the dark.

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  • Smell that wonderful autumnal aroma.

    Strawberry Shortcake had lots of nice things to say about the other seasons, but it turns out autumn is her favorite. However shall she and the others end the summer? Answer: campout. Darn it, how come characters who don't know how to swim never learn it in my favorite shows but do in my unfavorites? Huh, Custard has learned to translate Pupcake's language. Sleepovers at each other's houses six times? That friendship is STRONG. Angel Cake looks her invitation over: Someone's excited. Ginger Snap convinces Strawberry Shortcake that no invitation came; the latter will believe the worst liars. Either way, the nyctophobic Ginger Snap - who did get but just kept hiding them - is coming.

    Will hiding in the closet work? Nope. How's about faking illness? I should say not. Ginger Snap glares at Chocolate Chipmunk, the following written on her face: "Sometimes you can be a real nuisance". Bag along some lights, everything will be okay...unless an annoying branch ruins it. (Why doesn't she hear the plops?) Strawberry Shortcake learns the inevitable and apologizes that her friend felt compelled to join. Too late.

    "Creepy, crawly night monsters!" Yikes, Huckleberry Pie is scary! How 'bout some not-so-scary stories? But the others are no help, for they desire a thrill. Ginger Snap's easier to convince about certain things than Angel Cake: The latter didn't join in singing "Fun For Fun's Sake", but the former sure did at the end of "An Itty Bitty Scare". Never mind, an extinguished fire destroyed it. No flashlights? No problem. A bicycle-lamp can provide relief...or not.

    Ginger Snap disappears to find her dropped flashlights before the others get a fire going (though Angel Cake has a say against it). The one from Cookie Corners ain't in her tent, prompting a search. "Leave it to me, the pie guy!" Ha ha! Moving on, great character development on Ginger Snap's part. Following the second song come responses to an owl's hooting which reminds me of Moe from the Three Stooges short The Ghost Talks:

    Ginger Snap: Who's there? (hooting) That's right. Who? (more hooting) I asked YOU who!

    Moe: We gotta figure a way outta here. (hooting) Hush, ya lamebrain, who do ya THINK I'm talkin' about?

    Priceless. "Maybe the creepy crawlies are as scared of me as I am of them." If only more people, especially other TV producers, would realize this simple fact. Ginger Snap makes new friends out of an owl, cricket, and frog, who help her locate the flashlights. On top of that, the rescue party ends up becoming the rescued. Owls are cute, frogs are cute, crickets are short, misunderstood beasts being given a better chance on television. No wonder this show's excellent.moreless

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    • Ginger Snap: Frightened by the dark
      Haunted by the night
      Just the thought of evening makes my tummy not feel right
      Wish I knew how come I came to be
      No more than shaky, quaky, scaredy little me
      Fearful of the trees
      Shrinking from the moon
      Startled at my shadow, even scared to sing this tune
      There's no greater shame, I guarantee
      Than being flittish, skittish, scaredy little me
      Oh, why can I be more like Huck
      He loves a scare the most
      And Angel Cake's not horror-struck
      She'd welcome any ghost
      And Orange Blossom has no fear
      Her bravery's superpowered
      And Strawberry never sheds a tear
      So why am I such a coward
      Silly fraidy cat
      Yellow-bellied bird
      A heebie-jeebie chicken who could use a friendly word
      But who would ever make friends willingly
      With such a lily-livered, scaredy little me
      If only I could me more like them
      And less like scaredy little me

    • All except Ginger Snap: An itty-bitty scare
      An itty-bitty scare
      That fright in the night
      When there's nothing really there
      There's fun in the sun
      But it never can compare
      To a spooky-ooky itty-bitty scare

      Strawberry Shortcake: Gather 'round the campfire
      Look at the smoke
      I think that's a ghost, and this isn't a joke

      Huckleberry Pie: No wait, it's a witch
      Angel Cake: It's a pumpkin
      Orange Blossom: It's a head
      Ginger Snap: It's time I ran in home and got in bed
      All except Ginger Snap: An itty-bitty scare
      An itty-bitty fright

      Orange Blossom: The lump in your throat
      At the bump in the night

      Strawberry Shortcake: There's nothing to fear
      Just stay near me and beware

      All except Ginger Snap: Of the eerie-weary spooky-ooky itty-bitty scare

      Angel Cake: Maybe if you're lucky
      A cute ghost or two
      Will sneak up behind you
      And suddenly go boo

      Orange Blossom: Or a beast in the woods
      Crawling closer, creep, creep, creep

      All except GS: Creep, creep, creep, creep
      Ginger Snap: Now I know I'll never get to sleep

      Strawberry Shortcake: The night is a place where we store all our fears
      But when friends are with friends, there's no need for any tears
      'Cause the point of these stories is to have ourselves a ball
      But when you clear away the smoke
      There's nothing there at all

      All: An itty-bitty scare
      A bitty-batty boo
      When friends stick together
      There's no night they can't get through
      So let's whip up some fun
      And a few surprises too
      With the creepy-leapy, eerie-weary, spooky-ooky, freaky-eeky
      Itty-bitty scare

    • Ginger Snap: Who's there? (owl hoots) That's right. Who? (more hooting) I asked you who!

    • Huckleberry Pie: Leave it to me, the pie guy!

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